Retail Ready Packaging

Retail Ready Packaging

What's the role of product packaging in selling to retail chains?

Product packaging plays a role in the process of selling to chains. In this short video training, we will explore the significance of packaging. How it can impact your success, in the retail industry. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an experienced seller understanding the importance of packaging is crucial for the growth of your business.

The Fundamentals of Retail Packaging

When presenting your product to a buyer it’s crucial to have packaging. Simply shipping your products in a white box or basic packaging won’t suffice. The packaging itself captures the customers attention, not the product. Therefore having attractive and well designed packaging is essential.

Irritating Buyers without Packaging

Approaching a chain store without packaging can actually irritate buyers. They need to see your packaging before making a purchase decision. Hence it’s crucial to have thought out packaging in place before approaching any chain. Many Amazon sellers may not be familiar with dealing with packaging. Its a step, in the retail industry. 

Crafting Packaging is Easy

Creating appealing and functional packaging may seem daunting at glance. Its actually quite simple once you pay attention to what stores are communicating.
Time you’re strolling through a store, like Walmart or CVS pay attention to the packaging styles used for products to yours. The way these products are packaged actually gives you insights into what kind of packaging customers prefer.

Taking Inspiration from Competitors Packaging

One approach is to analyze the packaging choices of your three competitors. If they package their products in boxes consider creating a box with the size and shape. If they opt for hanging cards ensure that your product has a component for hanging. By observing what retailers are embracing it’s best to follow their lead.

Improving Packaging

You don’t necessarily have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to packaging. Instead focus on enhancing what already exists on store shelves. Make changes in wording, colors and other visual elements that will make your packaging stand out. The objective is to create packaging that aligns with what’s successful, in the market.

Consider Retailers Requirements

Different retailers may have criteria when it comes to packaging. For instance, if you’re targeting Costco their warehouse environment demands packaging that can withstand transportation without damage. It’s crucial to do research and understand the needs of each retailer you are targeting.

Packaging for Selling Online

When it comes to selling products the importance of packaging might not be as significant since customers don’t physically see the packaging before making a purchase. However it is still advisable to have packaging specifically designed for sales. This strategic approach allows for a transition, into store sales if the opportunity arises.

In conclusion, retail packaging plays a role in selling products to chains. It is essential to create crafted packaging that aligns with successful market trends. By paying attention to the existing packaging used by stores you can develop packaging that meets buyers preferences. Incorporating your elements while taking inspiration from your top competitors packaging styles can help your product stand out on store shelves. Additionally understanding the requirements of each retailer you are targeting is vital for achieving success.

Although not as critical in sales it is still recommended to invest in creating packaging for online customers. This way you remain prepared for ventures, into physical stores.

To summarize proper packaging holds importance when selling products to chains.

Creating packaging aligning it with the existing successful market trends and catering to the specific requirements of retailers are all crucial factors. Understanding the significance of packaging and implementing strategies can greatly enhance your chances of succeeding in the retail industry.

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Retail Ready Packaging

Mastering the Art of Retail Packaging: A Strategic Imperative

In this video training, Karen discusses the pivotal role of retail packaging when aiming to sell your exceptional consumer product to retail chains. Let’s unravel the intricacies of retail packaging and understand why it’s a non-negotiable element in your journey to conquer the retail realm.

The Undeniable Importance of Retail Packaging

As Karen emphatically states, packaging is not an optional extra; it’s an absolute necessity when venturing into the world of retail chains. The stark reality is that buyers won’t entertain your pitch if you approach them without a well-thought-out packaging solution. You can’t merely ship your products in a nondescript white box and expect buyers to be impressed. Why? Because, as Karen rightly points out, customers are drawn to packaging; it’s the packaging they see first, not the product itself.

The Pitfall of Overlooking Packaging

For those seasoned in selling on platforms like Amazon, where the emphasis is often more on the product than the packaging, transitioning to the retail landscape might pose a challenge. Karen acknowledges that dealing with packaging can be a deterrent for some entrepreneurs. However, she’s quick to assure that creating effective packaging is not as complicated as it may seem.

The Packaging Strategy: Listen to What Stores Tell You

Karen introduces a fundamental strategy for crafting winning packaging: listen to what the stores are telling you. By this, she means that retailers are essentially revealing their packaging preferences through the products they accept onto their shelves. As an entrepreneur, you have the golden opportunity to mimic the packaging styles of your successful competitors.

Understanding the Packaging Blueprint

In a retail store, the packaging is more than just a vessel for your product; it becomes part of the overall shopping experience. Buyers communicate their packaging preferences through the products they choose to stock. If your competitors are packaging their products in boxes, hanging cards, or other formats, that’s your blueprint.

Karen encourages entrepreneurs not to reinvent the wheel. Instead, replicate what’s already successful but with a touch of enhancement in terms of visual presentation, color schemes, and overall aesthetics.

Packaging in Context: The Costco Example

Karen offers insights into how different retailers demand specific packaging considerations. She uses the example of Costco, a warehouse-style retailer, where products are stacked on pallets. Packaging for such retailers must be more durable to withstand the challenges of being transported and stored on pallets. Understanding the unique requirements of each retailer is vital when crafting your packaging strategy.

Packaging as a Formula: Follow the Guidelines

Packaging, according to Karen, follows a formulaic structure. There’s a specific outline and strategy behind effective packaging. The key is to adhere to the guidelines set by successful products already on the shelves. Don’t get overly creative; focus on what works, and make subtle improvements to stand out.

Tailoring Packaging for Online Sales

If your product caters to the online market, where customers make purchases without physically handling the product, packaging may not be as imperative. However, Karen suggests that entrepreneurs, even if targeting online sales, invest in quality packaging. This proactive approach allows for a seamless transition if you decide to venture into physical retail later on.

The Retail MBA Advantage

Karen’s expertise, channeled through Retail MBA, becomes a guiding light for entrepreneurs navigating the intricate path of retail. Retail MBA offers comprehensive training systems, coaching sessions, and live events to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the competitive retail landscape.

Conclusion: Packaging as a Gateway to Retail Success

In conclusion, Karen Waksman’s insights on retail packaging underscore its critical role in the retail journey. Packaging is not just a vessel; it’s a strategic tool that can elevate your product and captivate buyers. By paying attention to what successful competitors are doing and understanding the unique requirements of each retailer, entrepreneurs can master the art of retail packaging and pave the way for success in the dynamic world of retail chains.

As you embark on your retail journey, remember that packaging is not just a formality; it’s a powerful element that can make or break your retail success. With the right packaging strategy, you can capture the attention of buyers and ensure that your product stands out on the crowded shelves of retail chains. So, embrace the art of packaging, leverage the insights shared by Karen Waksman, and set the stage for retail triumph.

Retail Ready Packaging
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Retail Ready Packaging

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