Selling to Retail

Selling to Retail – How Much Quantity Does a Buyer Buy?

Selling to Retail - How Much Quantity Does a Buyer Buy?

In this short video training, we will be addressing a question that frequently come up when selling products to chain store buyers! “How much do chain store buyers typically purchase?” This is a concern for aspiring sellers, who wish to break into chain stores but are uncertain about their ability to handle the required volume and quantity. 

As the founder of Retail MBA, I often come across this question in my workshops and classes. In this training, I aim to provide insights and guidance on this topic to alleviate any concerns you may have!

Understanding the Perspective of Chain Store Buyers

When considering a product, chain store buyers prioritize its potential to generate profits for their stores. If they see promise in your product, they will want to TEST it out in their stores to ensure its success first. The specific quantity they purchase will depend on factors such as the size of the retailer and the nature of your product.

Product Testing Phase

During the testing phase, chain store buyers usually start with much smaller quantities. This can range from a couple of hundred pieces to thousand’s of units. The exact number will vary depending on the retailer and the specific product being considered. For instance, they may choose to test your product in their top 50 or 100 stores! Not all of their locations!

The main objective of conducting this test. is to assess how well the product performs and determine its potential, for sales in their stores.

Expanding the Reach

If your product demonstrates performance during the testing phase and generates great sales results, the buyer from the chain store will likely increase their order quantities! This means they could potentially purchase quantities ranging from tens of thousands to millions of units depending on the demand and success of your product and the size of the retailer!

Starting Small Growing Steadily

The encouraging news is that you don’t have to worry about selling to chain stores on a massive scale at first. You can begin with test quantities. Gradually expand your business from there. This approach allows you to gauge market demand for your product and ensure that you can meet the retailers requirements as your product gains momentum.

Building Relationships with Buyers

As you navigate through the process of selling to chain stores it is crucial to engage in sincere conversations with buyers. This will enable you to understand their expectations and specific needs. It also provides an opportunity, for discussing how you can effectively scale up production and optimize your supply chain to meet their demands.
Getting your product stocked in a chain store can make a difference, for your business. One order from a chain store has the power to completely transform your life. Although the initial test quantities might be small there is potential to grow and expand your business.

When it comes to selling to buyers it can feel overwhelming in terms of meeting their quantity requirements. However it’s crucial to understand that chain store buyers usually start with test quantities to assess how well the product performs. If your product sells successfully during this testing phase you can expect the chain store buyer to significantly increase their order quantities. Starting small and gradually scaling up allows you to meet the retailers needs while also expanding your business. Remember, a single order from a chain store has the ability to change everything for you. Of panicking embrace this opportunity. Be prepared to engage in discussions, with buyers so that you can meet their demands effectively.

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Selling to Retail

Outline of Transcript - Selling to Retail - How Much Quantity Does a Buyer Buy at a Chain Store Retailer

Hello everyone! I’m Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA. Welcome, to our workshop on Understanding Chain Store Buying Quantities; A Guide for Suppliers. One common question that suppliers often ask is how much chain store buyers typically purchase. In todays session we will delve into this topic. Provide some useful insights to help suppliers effectively manage their stock when selling to leading retail chains.

Determining the quantity of products that a chain store buyer would purchase is not a task due to factors such as individual buying patterns and preferences.

Multiple Factors at Play

The quantity of products purchased by each chain store depends on factors, including market potential of the product(s) size and scale of the retailers establishment and the production capacities of the suppliers.

When approached with a product idea from a supplier buyers subject these items to testing phases before incorporating them into their existing product line. To assess the viability of a product during these tests buyers select performing stores ( around 50 100) and conduct trials there. If these trials prove successful they move on to quantities.

Product testing allows retailers to gain insights into customer responses and key performance indicators such, as revenue generation potential.

Therefore it is crucial for suppliers to strive for excellent performance results during this phase.
This allows suppliers to meet the demands of retailers or customer requests effectively.

The quantity of stock orders can vary from hundreds or thousands of units up, to millions of units per transaction. The exact order amount depends on factors such as product popularity among customers and financial estimates based on buyer research. It’s important to note that initial test orders may not be enormous ranging from a hundred to a few thousand units.

However this is news for suppliers because it means there is some flexibility in meeting the high volume demand that chain stores typically have. This flexibility gives suppliers opportunities to gather insights into how their products perform in different markets. It allows them to refine their strategies before scaling up

Testing Matters

Additionally establishing partnerships is crucial for success within these parameters. Good performance during testing translates when increasing supply levels on. Although there isn’t an answer to this question it’s essential for you to recognize how significant the initial testing phase is when starting as a supplier, in any industry including chain store retailers.
In order to achieve the results, in this period your goal should be to secure orders using ethical methods. Start by working with quantities to tune your operations and establish strong partnerships. This will allow you to gradually expand your business within a chain store retailer group without any concerns of losing control or making decisions without considering the consequences. Throughout every stage of your business growth Retail MBA is here to support you with a range of tailored resources for entrepreneurs who want their ideas to flourish into ventures while treating others with respect and sensitivity. For updates inspiring content and valuable resources that cater to your needs feel free to visit


About the Author

Karen Waksman is an industry expert who shares her extensive knowledge on seamless retail operations with aspiring business owners and suppliers. Her experience in management reflects her dedication to providing tips and tricks without ever crossing any boundaries or disrespecting anyone. Be sure to visit for information that can significantly impact your venture from the very beginning while maintaining respect, for all those involved along the way

Selling to Retail

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