Retail Strategy

Retail Strategy

How do I handle negotiations with retail chains?

Negotiating with retail chains can be a nerve-wracking process, especially if you have a great consumer product and want to sell it to these types of retailers. In this short video training, we will discuss some key considerations and strategies for negotiating with retail chains.

The Complexity of Negotiations

Negotiations with retail chains can vary greatly depending on the individual retailer and the specific circumstances. Each retailer has their own preferences, experiences, and requirements when it comes to selecting products for their stores. It can be challenging to provide general advice without knowing the specific details of your product and target retailer.

At Retail MBA, we understand the complexities of negotiations with retail chains. That’s why we have developed comprehensive training and coaching systems to help you navigate this process effectively. While we can’t cover all aspects of negotiations in this short video training, we will focus on one common area of concern: pricing.

The Importance of Pricing

Pricing is a crucial factor in negotiations with retail chains. Retailers are constantly dealing with competition from other retailers, online sellers, and new innovations in the market. They need to sell products at a reasonable price that will attract customers and generate sales. As a product seller, it’s important to find a way to offer your product at a price that is acceptable to the retailer.

Negotiating Pricing with Volume Discounts

One effective strategy for negotiating pricing with retail chains is to offer volume discounts. This means that if the retailer purchases a larger quantity of your product, they will receive a discounted price. To implement this strategy, you need to work with your manufacturer to determine the price breaks for different volume levels.

For example, you can ask your manufacturer for price breaks at 5,000 units, 10,000 units, 20,000 units, and so on. By having these numbers in advance, you can confidently approach the retailer and offer them a discounted price based on the volume they are willing to purchase.

The Benefits of Volume Discounts

Offering volume discounts can benefit both you and the retailer. For the retailer, it allows them to sell your product at a more reasonable price, which increases the likelihood of customers buying it. This is especially important for retail chains that are constantly competing with other sellers and need to offer competitive prices to attract customers.

For you as the product seller, offering volume discounts can help you secure larger orders and increase your sales volume. Retail chains are more likely to place larger orders if they can get a better price, and this can lead to significant growth opportunities for your business.

Navigating Price Negotiations

It’s important to note that every negotiation is unique, and the strategies discussed here may not apply to every situation. The specific circumstances of your product and the retail chain you are dealing with will determine the best approach for negotiating pricing.

However, having volume discount numbers in advance can be a powerful tool in price negotiations. When a buyer expresses concern about your price, you can confidently offer them a discounted price based on the volume they are willing to purchase. This shows the buyer that you are serious about doing business and can potentially lead to a successful negotiation.

Retail Strategy and Retail Buyer Negotiations

Negotiating with retail chains can be a complex process, but understanding the importance of pricing and implementing strategies like volume discounts can greatly improve your chances of success. While this article only scratches the surface of negotiation tactics, Retail MBA offers a comprehensive program called Retail MBA that covers all aspects of negotiating with retail chains. If you want to learn more about effective negotiation strategies, be sure to check out our program and master classes on

Remember, each negotiation is unique, and it’s important to tailor your approach to the specific circumstances of your product and the retail chain you are dealing with. By being prepared and having a clear understanding of your pricing strategy, you can navigate negotiations with confidence and increase your chances of securing a deal with a retail chain.

Retail Strategy

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Retail Strategy

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