marketing strategies for retail stores

Marketing Strategies for Retail Stores

What are the best practices for marketing my product to retail chains online?

In this short video training, we will explore methods, for marketing your product to retail chains. If you have a high quality consumer product and are seeking to promote it to chains this guide will provide you with insights on how to successfully market and expand your brand presence online.

Marketing Strategies for Online Retail Chains

When it comes to selling your product through a chain there are several approaches you can consider. One option is directly selling your product through the chains website, such as or Walmart Marketplace. For the purpose of this article we will focus on Walmart as an example. These strategies can be applied to retailers as well.

Selling on

If you intend to sell your product on it is advisable to connect with the buyers for curating the websites product offerings. These buyers possess the authority to make purchases for the website, which receives millions of visitors. By having your product featured on their site not do you gain the opportunity for purchase orders but also exposure to a vast audience.

Walmart Marketplace

Furthermore Walmart has introduced Walmart Marketplace—a platform to selling on but, with differences.
To list your products, on Walmart Marketplace you simply need to fill out a form on their site. However it’s important to understand that this is different from selling to a buyer on While it can be exciting to have your product featured on there are some complexities involved with the marketplace. The products listed on the marketplace don’t come directly from itself; they come from companies that have completed the form on the Walmart website.

When working with the marketplace you won’t receive purchase orders like you would when selling directly to a buyer. Nonetheless it can still be an option for promoting and selling your products through channels especially if you’re interested in generating revenue online. Walmart Marketplace is essentially an initiative by Walmart to compete with Amazon by offering sellers the opportunity to showcase their products on their site. It’s worth noting that Walmart Marketplace charges fees for its services whereas selling directly to may result in gains.

When it comes to marketing your product through chains the approach will vary depending on the retailer and how they’ve organized their online market. If your aim is profitability it’s advisable to explore options like reaching out to the buyer responsible for or engaging with the buyer responsible for physical stores, at Walmart.
Selling your products to brick and mortar stores can be quite profitable as they typically require quantities to be purchased upfront. However if you’re not particularly interested, in stores you can still consider selling through Walmart Marketplace as an option.

It’s worth mentioning that if your product doesn’t perform well on Walmart Marketplace the buyer may choose not to feature it on their website for purchase orders. Ultimately deciding how to market your product to chains is a business decision that depends on your goals and priorities.

There’s a growing trend among retailers to establish their marketplaces in an effort to compete with Amazon and expand their presence. Home Depot and other retailers have followed suit by creating their platforms. This trend aims to level the playing field and provide revenue streams for retailers.

If you’re interested in exploring marketplaces there are plenty of training resources on platforms, like YouTube and blogs. For instance Retail MBA provides training and coaching on navigating the market and selling to retail chains. They offer training series and events that can help you stay ahead of the competition and succeed in either the physical store market.
It’s worth noting that even though the online realm is expanding there are still individuals who prefer to do their shopping at stores. Certain product categories also tend to fare in brick and mortar establishments compared to platforms. It is important to acknowledge and respect the market by taking into account the preferences and behaviors of consumer groups.

To summarize effectively marketing your product through chains necessitates understanding the particular setup and preferences of each retailer. Depending on your objectives and priorities you have options such, as selling on the retailers website or collaborating with their marketplace. It’s advisable to stay attentive, to the growing trend of marketplaces and explore resources in order to remain ahead in the changing landscape of retail.

marketing strategies for retail stores

Transcript for “Unleashing the Power of Online Promotion for Retail Chains: A Strategic Guide by Karen Waksman”

In the changing world of retail chains, Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA, offers valuable insights, on how entrepreneurs can effectively promote their products online to expand their brands. This comprehensive guide delves into the practices for marketing consumer products to chains with a particular focus on leveraging online platforms. Waksmans expertise shines through as she navigates the complexities of promotions providing entrepreneurs with practical strategies for achieving success.

Understanding Online Marketing for Retail Chains

Waksman begins by addressing a question; how can one market products to buyers online? She emphasizes the importance of tailoring strategies based on each retailer drawing parallels with the example of Walmart. Like retail giants Walmart operates both physical stores and an extensive online presence offering entrepreneurs various avenues to explore.

Direct Engagement with Buyers

One strategy highlighted by Waksman involves engaging with buyers who specialize in online markets. For instance in the case of Walmart there are dedicated buyers for curating products for the website. This presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to secure purchase orders and showcase their products to millions of shoppers. Waksman emphasizes understanding the difference between selling to buyers on platforms versus other methods such, as participating in marketplaces.

Walmart Marketplace, vs.

In this discussion Waksman explores the differences between Walmart Marketplace. Selling directly on While both platforms offer visibility the former requires entrepreneurs to complete forms in order to have their products listed, similar to the process on Amazon. On the hand collaborating directly with a buyer from involves a structured business relationship. Entrepreneurs receive purchase orders gain positioning and are recognized as Walmart products than just being part of the marketplace.

Choosing Between Marketplace or Direct Sales

This conversation brings up a point. Deciding between Walmart Marketplace and direct sales to depends on the business goals. Waksman presents an argument for pursuing sales to Walmart buyers if generating substantial revenue is the main objective. Physical stores like those operated by Walmart present an opportunity for entrepreneurs who’re willing to invest in significant quantities of product upfront. However for those prioritizing a presence participating in marketplaces can still be an option.

The Emergence of Retailer Marketplaces

Waksman sheds light on the growing trend of retailers entering the marketplace arena in order to compete with industry giants like Amazon. Home Depot and several other retailers are venturing into this space creating additional revenue streams for entrepreneurs. Waksman encourages entrepreneurs to explore these marketplaces while emphasizing how crucial it is to stay informed, about each retailers initiatives.
Leveling the Playing Field

As retailers expand their presence Waksman envisions a balanced competition, with Amazon. While Amazon has long been a player traditional retailers have a loyal customer base and an established following. As these retailers make progress in the marketplace entrepreneurs can take advantage of revenue streams.

Retail MBA Training and Coaching System

Waksman emphasizes Retail MBAs training and coaching system which’s a resource for entrepreneurs aiming to excel in the realm of retail chains. From approaching buyers to mastering the intricacies of both physical store markets Retail MBA provides knowledge and strategic guidance.

Embracing Opportunities in the Changing Retail Landscape

Karen Waksmans insights act as a guiding light for entrepreneurs navigating the world of retail chains. By understanding the differences among platforms and making well informed business decisions Waksman empowers entrepreneurs to seize opportunities and maximize their success. As the retail landscape continues to evolve incorporating promotion becomes an essential element, in expanding consumer product brands.


marketing strategies for retail stores
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marketing strategies for retail stores

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marketing strategies for retail stores