Walmart Marketplace - Selling on Walmart Marketplace Vs. Selling on!

Selling on Walmart Marketplace Vs. Selling on

Selling on Walmart Marketplace vs. Selling on

In this short video training, we will discuss the distinctions between selling on Walmart Marketplace and selling on! As the founder of Retail MBA, I’ve had the privilege of teaching product companies on how to successfully sell their products through renowned retail chains like Walmart. Many individuals express interest in selling to Walmart and understanding the differences between Walmart Marketplace and can significantly impact your chances of success.

Why Choose to Sell on Walmart?

Walmart is a retailer that boasts millions of customers worldwide. By opting to sell your products through Walmart you gain access to a customer base. However it is vital to comprehend the methods for selling on Walmarts website.

Selling on

One option for selling on Walmart involves working with their e commerce platform, known as This entails becoming a vendor within their system and having the opportunity to showcase your products on their website. To become a vendor you must engage with a designated buyer, from Walmart. Effectively demonstrate why your product is compelling. If the buyer expresses interest they will issue a purchase order indicating the quantity of your product they wish to acquire. Once your product is listed on you officially become a recognized vendor.
Being a vendor holds importance as it enables you to establish a connection, with Walmart and opens up possibilities for your products to be evaluated for placement in Walmart stores.

Selling on Walmart Marketplace

Another avenue to sell your products is through Walmart Marketplace. It bears similarities to selling on Amazon, where you can upload product photos and submit them for listing on However it’s worth noting that when you opt for selling via Walmart Marketplace, the responsibility of fulfilling the orders falls upon the company that submitted the products not on Walmart.

The Difference

The distinction between selling on and utilizing Walmart Marketplace lies in the relationship with the buyer. As a vendor on you have access to a Walmart buyer who can potentially assist in securing placement of your products in physical Walmart stores. This differs from the role of a buyer specifically assigned to review and approve products for listing on within the realm of Walmart Marketplace.

Why Become a Vendor?

Becoming a vendor affiliated with brings forth advantages. Firstly it grants you an opportunity to establish connections with both Walmart itself and their buyers. This increases the likelihood of your products being considered for placement, within Walmarts stores.Additionally if you’re already a seller, on it’s more convenient for Walmart stores to transition you as a vendor. Since you’re already in their system and have completed the paperwork the process becomes smoother.

Getting Started

Selling on and Walmart Marketplace are two approaches to selling products on Walmarts website. While opting for Walmart Marketplace might appear faster and easier becoming a vendor with offers opportunities and establishes a relationship with Walmart buyers. If you’re interested in learning more about getting your products into Walmart or other chain stores I invite you to join our webinar. During this webinar we provide insights on how to approach retailers like Walmart and effectively sell your products. Simply click the link to register for the webinar.

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Selling on Walmart Marketplace

Transcript Outline for Selling on verses Sellng on Walmart Marketplace!

Today. We’ll be exploring the topic of selling on versus selling on Walmart Marketplace. Over the past decade. I have had the privilege of training many product companies worldwide on how to sell their wares to leading retail chains like Walmart.

Naturally this is a significant goal for many product suppliers and understanding the nuances between and Walmart Marketplace can make all the difference in achieving success and revenue gains in millions of dollars. This training is aimed at providing valuable information that will help you navigate this distinction more effectively and optimize your selling strategies.

Walmarts Immense Power:

Walmart is one of the most incredible retailers globally with valuable benefits for suppliers. Boasting millions of loyal customers worldwide and a vast global presence. Walmart has become a top destination point for shoppers worldwide.

Little wonder that many suppliers aspire to have their products sold through Walmart and therein lies the importance of differentiating between selling through either or Walmart Marketplace. 

Distinguishing Between and Walmart Marketplace:

During an event with senior officials at Walmart. I saw buyers reviewing products for potential purchase. Creating opportunities for suppliers to interact with them personally and glean insights into their expectations. At one point a participant mentioned that they were already selling on “”. Unfortunately though upon further inquiry by one top buyer at the event it became clear that this individual was not recognized as a registered vendor in their system because they signed up through “Walmart Marketplace“.

Consequently this marketplace arrangement did not interest said buyer so anyone interested in operating within such an environment would need to transition from being a customer/vendor there over back to being considered as an official vendor. Understanding How The Waltons’ World Works: For clarity purposes: “Walmart Marketplace” operates similarly to Amazon where suppliers create accounts with uploads images or videos showcasing their products plus submit what they’ve got available to the platform. If exploring’s online marketplace is on your radar- it’s crucial first ensuring you have an approved account and understanding the somewhat complex functioning model for designing newer avenues selling products accessed by millions. However attractive this prospect may seem bear in mind this process doesn’t always involve Walmart itself. 

To qualify as an official vendor, a direct relationship with Walmart’s buyers is essential

Successfully convincing these experienced decision-makers that your product will drive sales performance leads to opportunities listing products on Walmart’s digital platform. Being a vendor of record matters because it signifies a more trustworthy supplier working directly with Walmart and opens pathways for physical store shelf displays.
Although many Amazon how-to-train programs suggest the best way for securing Walmart’s interest involves utilizing their online marketplace, pursuing direct relationships through the appropriate channels results in more lucrative opportunities. As a vendor of record, our clients have expanded possibilities pitching corporate buyers and using strategic maneuvers that can absolutely transform successful brand outcomes!

For those interested in obtaining valuable resources or learning more about approaching and selling to major retailers like WalMart – please take some time exploring our free webinar below. You’ll learn all about retail operations at big-box stores while discovering uncharted aspects that make an impact on well-oiled marketing campaigns for substantial profit gains! It is always such a joy to lend support and knowledge to entrepreneurs like you who are navigating the ever-changing retail landscape! It is critical for suppliers aiming to work with Walmart to distinguish between selling on versus through its Marketplace if they hope to tap fully into the remarkable rewards available through partnerships with this giant company. 

While listing products via direct access via their marketplace is beneficial—truly working closely with them by becoming a supplier vendor or establishing robust relationships can provide even more significant results! For instance, partnering up closely with one of their buyers can bring about highly coveted corporate buying opportunities or potential transitions into physical stores–both seemingly instrumental goals any entrepreneur should aim for.

Finally, always remember: boosting your chances for success in this industry necessitates focus and diligence. Therefore at Retail MBA, we strive to provide resources such as webinars or online channels where we can help enlighten suppliers about crucial strategies- all these valuable resources can be accessed readily! Thank you so much for taking the time out to consider my offer.

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Selling on Walmart Marketplace

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