What is a planogram

What is a Planogram

What is a planogram and why is it important for retail chains?

A planogram is a schemic drawing that outlines how store shelves will be organized with products. It is an essential tool for retail chains as it helps them visually plan and optimize their store layouts. In this short video training, we will explore the concept of planograms, why they matter to retailers, and how they can impact your ability to sell your consumer product to these chains.

Understanding Planograms

A planogram is essentially a visual representation of how products will be displayed on store shelves. It provides a detailed layout of where each item should be placed, taking into consideration factors such as product category, size, and brand. Retailers invest a significant amount of time and effort into designing planograms because the way products are presented directly impacts their sales and overall customer experience.

The Importance of Planograms for Retail Chains

Retail chains rely on planograms to create visually appealing and organized store displays. By carefully arranging products, retailers can enhance the shopping experience for their customers and increase sales. Here are a few reasons why planograms are important for retail chains:

  1. Visual Appeal: Planograms help retailers create visually appealing displays that attract customers and encourage them to make purchases. By strategically placing products and creating an aesthetically pleasing layout, retailers can create a positive shopping experience for their customers.
  2. Product Placement: Planograms ensure that products are placed in the most optimal locations within the store. This includes considering factors such as product category, size, and brand. By placing products in the right spots, retailers can maximize visibility and increase the likelihood of sales.
  3. Consistency: Planograms help maintain consistency across different store locations. By following a standardized layout, retailers can ensure that their brand image and product offerings are consistent across all stores. This consistency helps build customer trust and loyalty.
  4. Space Optimization: Planograms help retailers make the most efficient use of their store space. By carefully planning the placement of products, retailers can maximize the use of available shelf space and avoid overcrowding or underutilization.
  5. Inventory Management: Planograms also play a crucial role in inventory management. By having a clear visual representation of where each product should be placed, retailers can easily track inventory levels and ensure that shelves are always stocked with the right products.

Impact on Selling to Retail Chains

For product vendors looking to sell to retail chains, planograms can have a significant impact on their ability to secure shelf space. Here are a few ways planograms can affect your sales efforts:

  1. Limited Shelf Space: Retailers often have limited shelf space available for new products. If a retailer has already designed their planogram and allocated shelf space to existing products, they may not have room to add new products. This can make it challenging for vendors to get their products on the shelves.
  2. Seasonal Buying: Some retailers have specific buying seasons for certain product categories. They plan their planograms and purchase orders in advance, which means they may not be able to add new products outside of these seasons. This is particularly common in categories where design elements and visual appeal are crucial, such as auto accessories.
  3. Packaging and Visual Appeal: Planograms highlight the importance of packaging and visual appeal. Retailers want products that look good on their shelves and enhance the overall store aesthetic. If your packaging is not up to par or if your products are not visually appealing, retailers may be hesitant to work with you.
  4. Professionalism and Assortment Fit: Retailers are professional organizations that carefully plan their store layouts and product assortments. They want to ensure that your product fits seamlessly into their assortment and enhances their overall offering. By presenting yourself as a professional vendor and creating packaging that aligns with their brand, you increase your chances of getting your product on their shelves.


Planograms are an essential tool for retail chains as they help optimize store layouts and enhance the overall shopping experience. As a product vendor, it is important to understand the impact planograms can have on your ability to sell to retail chains. By being aware of retailers’ design processes, seasonal buying patterns, and the importance of packaging and visual appeal, you can position yourself as a valuable vendor and increase your chances of success.

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What is a planogram

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What is a planogram