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How to Become a Save Mart Vendor

The Save Mart Companies operate supermarkets throughout California and Nevada under their Save Mart, Lucky, Food Maxx and SuperSaver brands, while Yosemite Wholesale serves as their distribution center in Merced.

Save Mart Companies require all suppliers offering resale products to enroll in Repositrak to prevent delays during supplier setup processes.

Product Description

Save Mart is one of the largest regional grocers in the US, operating over 200 stores under their Save Mart, Lucky and FoodMaxx banners. Recently, Save Mart introduced SymphonyAI as a retail media network to enable product suppliers to target mobile shoppers with personalized promotions from product suppliers. Save Mart also recently took steps to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) within its business operations – using this suite of solutions from SymphonyAI to help make customer-centric decisions and collaborate more closely with CPG brands.

Savemart offers various programs to support its local communities, including food banks, youth sports leagues and adopting schools. In addition, Save Mart offers employee programs like health and wellness initiatives. Furthermore, Save Mart donates millions each year to local events such as Big Valley Classic Car Show or other fundraisers, while giving back to the environment by diverting 85% of store waste away from landfills.

To ensure The Save Mart Companies have enough inventory to serve our customers, the company utilizes an electronic data interchange (EDI) system of purchasing and allocations. Suppliers must meet certain requirements to be considered preferred suppliers; for instance if an order is allocated to one specific vendor they must give at least seven days’ notice of any service issues and document an estimated recovery date to The Save Mart Companies.

Save Mart Companies are dedicated to eliminating costly errors, so all suppliers must abide by GS1 US UPC standards when shipping products to its distribution centers and accurately scan case labels prior to sending product off for distribution. Failing to do so could result in rejections or delays in payments being issued by Save Mart.

If a company discovers an item does not meet their requirements, a cost recovery charge for its value may apply – both products delivered by NEX and those checked in via receiver scan at stores may incur this fee – this may in some cases even surpass its initial purchase agreement amount.

Product Placement

If you want Save Mart to carry your product, submit a proposal first. A representative from the company will then reach out and arrange a meeting at which you can showcase and explain its value to customers. If accepted, Save Mart may ask that various documents and contracts be completed prior to final approval of your request.

The Save Mart Companies is a regional grocery chain operating over 200 stores under its Save Mart, Lucky California, Lucky Food Maxx and Food Maxx Warehouse banners in California and Nevada. Additionally, SMART Refrigerated Transport serves all its stores with delivery services while Sunnyside Farms dairy processing plant in Turlock serves as one of its facilities.

Alongside its strong private label program, the company also boasts an expansive selection of national brands and is one of the top retailers in the US. These include General Mills, Kellogg’s, Unilever and Kraft – among many others. Their large supplier base enables them to offer competitive pricing and promotions; an integral factor for their success.

Saving Mart’s product placement strategy aims to maximize sales and profits by strategically placing products. Eye level displays typically have higher margins as shoppers are most visible. They are also easily reached without too much exertion; on sale products tend to be displayed near eye level as well.

The Save Mart Companies are currently implementing new vendor evaluation and set-up processes to meet the needs of their suppliers, while improving overall efficiency and lowering costs. As part of these efforts, Repositrak is being employed as part of their vendor setup and contract processes in order to help streamline this process, tracking invoices on time for validation while strengthening vendor relationships as well as complying with Save Mart agreements.

Product Schematics

If you are new to save mart vendoring, it is essential that you understand how your products will be presented and stored. This is particularly important with large products like computers or electronics; schematics are an invaluable way to understand their operation while helping locate any electrical-related issues present in them. As such, always have one handy when troubleshooting any products!

Suppliers offering goods for resale at The Save Mart Companies must complete the Supplier Evaluation Process documentation. This process includes signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), should any proprietary, confidential or non-public information become public during negotiations; most negotiations with Save Mart do not involve such details.

Once completing the Supplier Evaluation Process, new suppliers must be registered as approved in The Save Mart Companies Remittance system and enroll with Repositrak – this procedure is mandatory for items that require warehouse receiving such as perishable products or highly sensitive goods. If you have questions about your Repositrak account please reach out to our Repositrak Customer Support Team.

To prevent delays in payment processing, it is vital that suppliers establish their remittance and invoice systems according to The Save Mart Companies guidelines. To do this effectively, suppliers must submit an EDI 810 Invoice transaction for all deliveries; additionally, invoice numbers should match up with purchase order numbers as all payments go through our Accounts Payable Department; any discrepancies could lead to processing delays.

All UPC changes must be submitted via an Item Management Form to the applicable Customer Solutions Merchant for review before being implemented in The Save Mart Companies’ remittance and inventory systems. This includes changes to case UPC, description/POS Code/item type/supplier/broker or representative details; failure to submit these requests on time can result in order, invoice and shipment rejections.


Save Mart plans to leverage SymphonyAI technology in order to better understand shoppers’ preferences, provide customers with more tailored experiences and respond quickly to changing market dynamics, such as customer demands for organic products or changes in consumer buying patterns.

Save Mart will use SymphonyAI to leverage data collected through their existing shopper loyalty program and point-of-sale systems, enabling it to identify shopping trends across categories and locations more accurately, while testing and optimizing prices and promotions with this software platform. It expects this platform will enable them to increase revenue by expanding merchandising capabilities while giving their retail partners actionable insights.

The Save Mart Companies is committed to maintaining supplier supply chain transparency, so we do not permit suppliers to mark prices that vary from those listed at The Save Mart Companies stores; exceptions being items marked “SPECIAL”, “SALE”, or “REDUCED”.

Once we receive and approve your application, we will present you with either a standard supplier Agreement or (if an alcohol supplier) an ABC supplier Agreement which will govern all interactions between The Save Mart Companies and yourself. In some instances you may also be required to complete The Save Mart Companies Supplier Evaluation Process documentation; should any proprietary, confidential, and/or non-public information become known during this process a Non-Disclosure Agreement must also be executed prior to disclosure of such details.

To ensure timely payment of approved invoices, we utilize the C2FO marketplace to facilitate accelerated payment at rates typically less than borrowing short-term working capital. Furthermore, we strive to reduce days outstanding by deducting allowances, returns, post audits and coupon redemption bill backs from outstanding supplier payables.

To the extent permitted by law, Save MART or any of its affiliates, directors, officers, agents, vendors or suppliers shall in no event be held liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential damages (such as lost profits, goodwill loss or data loss, work stoppage or computer failure or malfunctin), that arise out of or are connected with this site, its information materials products and services made available via it or your use thereof – even if Save MART had been advised about such potential liabilities.

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