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Personal and Health Care Products

In this short video training, we will discuss the techniques for selling your care and health products to retail chains. The care and health industry has experienced an increase in new companies and product offerings particularly in light of the pandemic. With heightened competition it becomes crucial to establish your selling proposition and craft a narrative that captivates potential buyers. Within this short video training, we will provide tips and strategies to navigate the landscape successfully while effectively promoting your products.

The Growing Health Category and Elevated Competition

The health category encompassing care and healthcare products has gained greater significance in recent years. Given the global concerns people are placing emphasis on their overall well being. Consequently there has been a surge in emerging companies and diverse product offerings within this sector. However it is essential to acknowledge that this also translates into intensified competition.

To truly stand out amidst a market you must discover ways to differentiate yourself from competitors. For instance if you are selling masks consider designing a style that sets your product apart from others. Seek design elements or features that’re absent, from retail store assortments. Moreover you can offer aspects not found elsewhere; perhaps targeting an audience segment or incorporating innovative packaging or additional benefits into your product offering.
It’s important to stand out and catch the attention of buyers if you want your products to be sold on store shelves.

Expanding Horizons Beyond Traditional Retailers

When it comes to selling care and health products most people automatically think of known pharmacies, like CVS and Walgreens. While these are certainly starting points it’s crucial to remember that there are retailers who also sell these types of products. Supermarkets, department stores, discount retailers and specialty stores all offer opportunities exploring.

Don’t limit yourself to just a few initial choices. Think creatively. Consider where your product could have a place. You might be pleasantly surprised by finding opportunities in locations. For instance arts and crafts stores, like Michaels stock health and personal care items. By broadening your scope and considering a range of retailers you increase the likelihood of finding the fit for your product.

Harnessing the Power of an Engaging Narrative

In a market having a captivating story is essential. Buyers are bombarded with product pitches daily so it’s important to find ways to grab their attention and pique their interest in what you offer. The words you choose and how you present yourself can truly make a difference. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the industry dynamics and create a narrative that resonates with buyers.

Competition is really tough, in the industry. It’s crucial to step up your game. Now is not the time to take a shot in the dark and hope that retailers will be interested in what you’re offering. Instead invest some time into understanding the market figuring out what sets your product apart and finding the words to convey its value. Just a small adjustment in your approach can have an impact on your success with retailers.

If you’re keen on learning more about how to get your health or personal care products into chains we have a 90 minute training session that delves into all aspects of retail operations and what makes buyers more likely to make a purchase. You can access this training for free over at We also provide support options such as DIY programs, done for you services, live events and master classes. Feel free to check out our website for details on these resources. How they can help you thrive in the retail industry.

To wrap it up successfully selling care and health products to chains demands careful planning and an engaging narrative. With competition, on the rise it’s vital to set yourself by highlighting selling points that catch buyers attention.
Consider exploring beyond retailers and exploring potential outlets for your products. It’s essential to craft a captivating narrative that effectively communicates the value of your product and investing time, in understanding the industry is crucial. With the strategy and resources you can successfully sell your products through chains thereby reaching a broader audience.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video training. I sincerely hope it has provided you with insights and sparked some ideas. If you have any questions or require assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel share this video with your friends and stay connected for valuable content, in the future.

Personal Care and Health Care Category

Transcript Outline - How to Sell Personal Care and Health Products to Retailers

Effective Strategies for Selling Personal Care and Health Products to Retail Chains

Greetings everyone! I am Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA. Today. I want to discuss powerful strategies that can help you successfully sell your personal care and health products to retail chains. Whether your target is CVS, Walgreens or other major retailers I am here to provide valuable tips and insights that will assist you throughout this process. Having extensive experience teaching product companies worldwide and consistently achieving sales success with major retailers myself my mission is to support entrepreneurs like you in their journey towards success.

Let us now explore the top strategies that will help you get your health category products onto the shelves of retail chains.
Understanding the Health Category:

The health category encompasses a wide range of personal care and healthcare products. Recent global events have caused a significant surge in demand for such items. Consequently numerous new companies have emerged offering health related products such as masks and hand sanitizers.

This increased competition within the market emphasizes the need for product differentiation in order to capture the attention of retail buyers effectively.
Product Differentiation:

When selling health category products. It is crucial to find ways to make your offerings stand out from the crowd – masks being a prime example. Consider incorporating unique design elements or innovative features that set your product apart from competitors’.

By providing something distinctive like this. You significantly increase your likelihood of catching buyers’ attention amidst fierce competition. Furthermore analyzing current store assortments can help identify gaps or areas for improvement enabling you to customize your product to better meet the needs of retail chains. Exploring Beyond Pharmacy Retailers:

While CVS and Walgreens are popular choices for selling personal care and health products.

It is essential not to limit yourself exclusively to these options. A wide range of retailers – including supermarkets, department stores, discount retailers, and specialty stores – also sell items within this category. By exploring these different outlets you discover new opportunities and can target retailers that are well aligned with your product’s unique selling points. Don’t overlook alternative retail channels like arts and crafts stores.

People may be surprised by these outlets’ interest in health related products. When presenting your health category products to retail chains. It is vital to create an engaging pitch that captures the buyers’ attention. Given the intense competition in the market.

It is crucial to clearly communicate the unique value your product brings. Emphasize its benefits, innovative features, or any aspects that set it apart from existing offerings. Even a slight adjustment in your messaging and presentation can have a significant impact on attracting buyers’ interest.
To successfully sell your health products understanding the challenges faced by retail buyers is essential.

They are bombarded with numerous product offerings on a daily basis, which makes their selection process more rigorous. By understanding the buyers’ perspective. You can tailor your pitch to address their concerns and demonstrate why your product is an ideal fit for their stores. Conducting research on buyer preferences staying up to date on industry trends and actively listening to their needs will greatly enhance your chances of closing a deal.

Selling health category products to retail chains requires a focused and strategic approach. It does not involve random outreach or relying on luck alone. Investing adequate time into thorough industry research. Comprehensively analyzing competition. And refining your strategy is key.

By investing in comprehensive market analysis. Understanding the retail landscape. And carefully preparing your approach. You position yourself for success. For those seeking further guidance and support in selling health category products to retail chains. Retail MBA offers various resources. Our 90 minute training provides valuable insights into retail operations,buyer preferences,and effective selling techniques. Vist for access to this training and gain deeper knowledge of the retail industry. Additionally. We offer comprehensive programs,live events,master classes. And do it yourself services that cater to all stages of the selling process. In conclusion selling personal care and health products to retail chains can be both challenging and rewarding. By implementing the strategies discussed in this article, such as product differentiation exploring different retail channels creating compelling pitches and understanding buyer perspectives you can significantly increase your chances of success. It is crucial to dedicate time and effort towards researching the market. Analyzing competition. And refining your approach. Throughout your journey Retail MBA provides a variety of resources to support you. Remember to stay determined, innovative, and adaptable in order to seize opportunities for your health category products to be showcased on the shelves of major retail chains. I appreciate your time and wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors!

Karen Waksman
Founder, Retail MBA

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Personal Care and Health Care Category

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