Giant Food Vendor - How to sell to Giant Food and Drugstore

Sell to Giant Foods & Become a Giant Food Vendor

Do you have a product that is perfect for Giant Food Stores and You Want to Become a Giant Food and Drugstore Vendor?

Are you interested in becoming a vendor for Giant Food? If you have a consumer product that you believe should be on their store shelves, this short video training will provide you with insights! Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA will guide you through the process of selling to Giant Foods.

How to Approach Selling to Giant Foods

Giant Foods is a known grocery chain with 169 stores primarily located in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Additionally they are responsible for operating 159 pharmacies. If your product aligns well with pharmacy offerings Giant Foods presents an opportunity for you.

Collaborating with Distributors

When it comes to selling to a grocery chain like Giant Foods it’s highly likely that you’ll need to work with a distributor. Distributors play a role by sourcing products from suppliers and streamlining the distribution process within stores. However keep in mind that working with distributors means sacrificing a portion of your revenue opportunities, around 20 30%. This compensation covers the distributors efforts. Ensures they receive a discount on your product.

Tips to Begin Selling at Giant Foods Stores Today

It is worth noting that Giant Foods also owns Martins Foods.
If you are unable to secure a deal, with Giant Foods you can explore the option of approaching Martin Foods and becoming a vendor for them instead. Once you successfully become a vendor they will provide you with a vendor number. At this point you can reach out to Giant Foods again. Inform them that you now have a vendor number from Martins. This approach has proven effective in cases with other retailers like Macys and Bloomingdales which share the same parent company.

Selling your product through Giant Foods presents an opportunity especially if it caters to pharmacy needs. It is important to note that working with a distributor might be necessary which means you will have to allocate a portion of your revenue opportunities. Another avenue worth exploring is becoming a vendor for Martins Foods since it is under the ownership as Giant Foods. Utilizing the vendor number from Martins could potentially open doors for collaboration with Giant Foods well. For guidance on approaching grocery chains, like Giant Foods, I recommend visiting Retail MBA.

When it comes to selling to a grocery chain, you will likely have to work with a distributor."

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Selling to Giant Foods; Tips and Strategies, for Success

If you’re a consumer product company looking to make a mark in the grocery industry Giant Foods is definitely worth considering. With 169 stores mainly located in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia they offer a opportunity. In this short video training, we’ll get into some tips and strategies for selling your products to Giant Foods while keeping some key considerations in mind!

Regions Matter

First things first it’s important to understand that Giant Foods primarily operates within a region. So if you’re based on the West Coast or in parts of the country you might not be familiar with this retailer or even aware of its existence. However don’t let that discourage you from exploring the possibility of selling your products through Giant Foods. They have a network of 159 pharmacies under their umbrella which opens up avenues beyond just traditional grocery store shelves.

When it comes to selling your products through Giant Foods or any grocery chain for that matter distributors play a role. While working directly with retailers is often preferable grocery chains like Giant Foods typically rely on distributors to handle their logistics efficiently. This is especially crucial, for foods and items that require sales to maintain optimal freshness.
When selling your products to Giant Foods it’s important to be aware that working with distributors may require you to allocate a portion of your revenue around 20 30%.

Working with Distributors

While it can be frustrating to give up some of your profits collaborating with distributors is crucial, for selling to Giant Foods. Retail MBA provides strategies on how to support distributors and ensure profitability after sharing a portion of your revenue. To delve deeper into this topic, I suggest visiting

Another important aspect to consider when targeting Giant Foods is their ownership of Martins Foods. This presents an opportunity for businesses looking to sell their products. If Giant Foods rejects your product you can explore the option of selling it to Martins Foods. By becoming a vendor for Martins Foods and obtaining a vendor number you can then approach Giant Foods smoothly. This strategy is particularly effective because retail buyers often hesitate when dealing with vendors and paperwork requirements. With a vendor number from Martins Foods, in hand you can streamline the process. Make it more efficient.

Vendor Numbers – What You Need to Know

Vendor numbers are simply identifiers used by retailers to keep track of vendors and their products.
Becoming a supplier for Martins Foods can establish your credibility with the organization, including Giant Foods. This approach can also be applied to retailers, like Macys and Bloomingdales which are under the same ownership.

To sum up selling to Giant Foods presents an opportunity for consumer product companies. However it is important to consider the retailers reliance on distributors and the relationship between Giant Foods and Martins Foods. By understanding these factors and implementing strategies that involve working with distributors and leveraging vendor numbers companies can significantly enhance their chances of success with this grocery chain.

At Retail MBA we provide a range of resources and strategies to assist companies in navigating the industry successfully and effectively selling their products to retailers such, as Giant Foods. To learn more please visit our website at where you can explore our collection of training materials and courses. With the strategies and knowledge businesses of all sizes can achieve success in todays retail landscape.

Giant Food Vendor - How to sell to Giant Food and Drugstore
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Sell to Giant Foods & Becoming a Giant Foods Vendor
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Sell to Giant Foods & Becoming a Giant Foods Vendor
Do you have a product that is perfect for Giant Foods Stores and You Want to Become a Giant Foods Vendor? Have you ever wondered what it would take to get a product in their stores and be included at Giant Foods? If so, you will love this short training segment on how to sell your product to Giant Foods Stores!
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