Sally Beauty Supply

Sally Beauty Supply

Do you have a product perfect for retail stores and wanted to know more about selling to Sally Beauty Supply and Becoming a Sally Beauty Stores Vendor Through the Sally Beauty Vendor Portal?

In this short video training, we will discuss how to sell your product to Sally Beauty Supply. Sally Beauty Supply is a massive retailer with over 3,700 stores in 12 countries. They specialize in selling hair color products, hair care products, skin and nail products, and other beauty products. If you have a consumer products brand that fits into the beauty category, Sally Beauty Supply can be an excellent opportunity for you. However, there are a few things to consider when selling to them. Let’s dive into the details.

Opportunities and Challenges

1. Small Stores

Sally Beauty Supply has smaller stores compared to other retailers of similar magnitude. This means they have limited space to fit products on their shelves. As a result, they are very particular about the products they choose to stock. To increase your chances of getting your product in their stores, it is recommended to visit their stores and observe the types of products they carry. This will give you an idea of what they look for and whether your product aligns with their offerings. Keep in mind that they may initially reject your product, but don’t take it personally. The limited space in their stores means they have to be selective. However, if they do decide to carry your product, it can lead to significant sales and revenue for your brand.

2. International Presence

Sally Beauty Supply operates in multiple countries, which presents opportunities for international sales. Typically, chain stores like Sally Beauty Supply have buyers in each country where they have a presence. This means that if you can’t secure a deal with the US buyer, you can explore selling your product to the buyers in other countries where Sally Beauty Supply operates. Each buyer may have different preferences and requirements, so it’s essential to understand their audience and tailor your pitch accordingly. Selling internationally may also require packaging changes, such as accommodating different languages. Consider whether you can handle these changes and adapt your product for different markets.

3. Private Label Brands

Sally Beauty Supply offers a range of private label brands, which means they sell products under their own brand name. If you’re particular about having your brand name on the packaging, it’s okay to say no to private label or company-owned options. However, it’s worth considering that selling your product under their private label can still be a lucrative opportunity. You don’t have to sell your product to every retailer in the same way. Sally Beauty Supply may be interested in carrying your product under their brand name for a specific product category, while other retailers may prefer your branded products. It’s important to weigh the potential benefits and decide what works best for your business.

Sally Beauty Supply

Selling your product to Sally Beauty Supply can be a great opportunity for your consumer products brand. Despite their smaller stores and focus on private label brands, there are ways to navigate these challenges and secure a deal with them. By understanding their preferences, exploring international sales, and considering private label options, you can increase your chances of getting your product on their shelves. Remember, it’s not necessary to sell your product to every retailer in the same way. Each retailer may have different requirements and preferences, so be open to exploring different options.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to approach, pitch, and sell to Sally Beauty Supply, you can visit our website at We offer free webinar trainings that explain the process of pitching retailers, as well as advanced programs that cover topics like working with buyers, selling to online buyers, and navigating private label versus branded products. We’re constantly updating our content, so be sure to subscribe and stay connected with us.

Selling to Sally Beauty Supply may require some extra effort, but the opportunities they offer are tremendous. Don’t be discouraged if they initially reject your product. Keep refining your approach, understanding their audience, and exploring different avenues. With persistence and the right strategy, you can successfully sell your product to Sally Beauty Supply and achieve significant success in the beauty industry.

Thank you for watching this training, and we hope it has been helpful. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Stay connected with us at Karen Waksman Retail MBA for more valuable content and resources.

sally beauty supply

Outline of the Sally Beauty Supply Transcript Here:

When considering retailers for your beauty and personal care products Sally Beauty Supply may not be the name that comes to mind. However it’s crucial to recognize the opportunities that this retail giant can offer. In this short video training, we will delve into the details of selling your consumer products at Sally Beauty Supply. We will cover topics such as their market presence, store sizes, international prospects, private label branding options and more.

Understanding Sally Beauty  Supply

Sally Beauty Supply holds a position in the beauty and personal care industry. They have an presence with stores in 12 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico and several European countries. Their product range encompasses hair color products, hair care items, skincare essentials, nail products and various other beauty items.

It’s important to note that while Sally Beauty Supply enjoys a market presence their stores are relatively smaller compared to giants, like Walmart.This has implications, for entrepreneurs who want their products to be sold at Sally Beauty stores. The smaller size of the stores means that there is space to accommodate new products. As a result Sally Beauty is more selective when it comes to choosing which products to feature in their stores.

Dealing with the Challenge of Smaller Stores

For entrepreneurs who are looking to sell their products at Sally Beauty Supply, the smaller store sizes present a challenge. It is crucial to create products that not meet their criteria but also stand out as must haves for their customers considering the shelf space. If your initial pitch is rejected don’t lose hope. Sally Beauty Supply’s selectivity is simply a consequence of their space. Does not reflect the quality of your product.

To overcome this challenge it is recommended that you visit Sally Beauty Supply stores in your area and analyze the types of products they currently carry. This will provide insights into their preferences. Help you understand what kinds of products align with their brand. Having an understanding of their target audience and product assortment will greatly improve your chances of getting your products on their shelves.

International Opportunities with Sally Beauty Supply

One unique aspect of selling to a retailer like Sally Beauty Supply is the opportunity for expansion due, to its presence.
They have stores, in countries and their buyers are located in regions. Each buyer is responsible for selecting products that suit the market they cater to. This provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs.

If your initial attempt to sell your product to Sally Beauty Supply in one country doesn’t work out consider trying in a region. The buyers in each location may have preferences and requirements which increases the chances of finding success for your product in another market. Make sure you’re ready to adapt to differences like language and packaging regulations.

Selling internationally can be a game changer if your product can easily adapt to markets. It allows you to expand your customer base and potentially receive orders from countries, which boosts both revenue and exposure.

Private Label versus Branded Products

Another important thing to consider when dealing with Sally Beauty Supply is their use of label brands. Of using the manufacturers brand private label products are sold under the Sally Beauty brand name itself. This strategy gives the retailer control over the product and its branding.

Although many entrepreneurs prefer their own brand prominently displayed on their products Sally Beauty Supplys focus on private label branding shouldn’t necessarily discourage you from pursuing a partnership.If the buyer insists on a label agreement and you are open, to it it can be an option.

Under a label agreement your brands name won’t be displayed on the packaging. Your product will be exclusively available under the Sally Beauty Supply brand. This can still be an opportunity. You can continue selling your own branded products through other channels.

Key Takeaway

Selling your products to Sally Beauty Supply is an opportunity for entrepreneurs in the beauty and personal care industry. With their presence in the market reach and commitment to offering high quality products to customers they provide a significant platform for product exposure and sales.

When approaching Sally Beauty Supply it’s crucial to understand their requirements and challenges. These may include store sizes and their preference for private label branding. By conducting market research adapting to differences and being flexible in your approach you can enhance your chances of forming a partnership with this prominent retail giant.

For guidance on how to approach, pitch and sell your products effectively to Sally Beauty Supply I recommend exploring the resources available, on the Retail MBA website.Their webinars and advanced programs offer guidance on how to present your products to retailers collaborate with buyers and handle the intricacies involved in differentiating between private label and branded items. It’s important to keep in mind that achieving success, in selling to Sally Beauty Supply is possible, with the strategies and a determined mindset.

sally beauty supply
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sally beauty supply

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