Small Retail Sales

Small Retailers

Small Retailers – Selling to Small Retailers or Big Chain Stores First? Some of you have been selling to small retailers for a while, however there are plenty of you who are still debating as to how to get started with your product. You are probably thinking, ‘Should I go after big chain stores first? …

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Retail Distributors

Retail Distributors

Retail Distributors – 5 Things to Know!  People always ask me how much retail distributors charge for representing their products when trying to sell to retailers. And so many other questions about working with retail distributors  And all are legitimate questions! You want to know if you can afford to even with work with a …

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Retail Consumer Product Distributor Secrets

Product Distribution

Product Distribution – How Do I Get a Distributor to Represent Me? If you’ve ever tried to get a distributor to represent your product, then you know how frustrating it can be. They don’t return your calls or you can never find the right contact person, etc. Product distribution can take a while! And although …

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Trade Show Sales Tips

Trade Show Sales Tips

Trade Show Sales Tips – How to Sell More Products at Trade Shows! People always ask me about trade show sales tips. They want to know how to sell more products at trade shows! So I thought I’d take a minute to discuss one of my favorite trade show sales tips… The basic premise behind …

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