People's Opinions of My Products

People’s Opinions of My Products

People’s Opinions of My Product Are Starting to Wear Me Down, Should I Give Up?

I’ve met tens of 1000’s of product companies over the last several years and I can’t even tell you how many times people have told me that they are worn down and frustrated with everyone’s opinions of their product. They believe in their product but then others don’t. So they get confused as to whether to keep spending money on their product and thoughts of giving up start tormenting them. At that point, they usually reach out to a ‘retail expert’ like me and ask for my opinion. And here’s what I say to them…welcome to entrepreneurship! 🙂

Starting a business is not easy…trust me I know first hand. You start out with a vision and then you put your heart out there. And then all of a sudden opinions and insults show up everywhere! What is that?? All you want to do is actualize your dream of bringing your brilliant product idea to market, but then you start questioning yourself when issues come up.

Maybe the patent lawyer screws up with your patent application or your manufacturer sends you samples that are horrible or ‘experts’ are telling you that your products suck. Bringing a product to market can be scary and confusing and frustrating and I completely get why people quit. But if I can give you any advice its that you shouldn’t quit. Hold on. Even if people are not reacting the way you hoped about your product or you are not selling as much as you had hoped – hold on.

You know conceptually that people who don’t quit tend to win. Even when all of the odds are against them. Sometimes it’s really a matter of your state of mind. Maybe you are too close to the project? Maybe you have so much anger and frustration related to your product because of how difficult it’s been that you can’t see an angle that someone else can see? Sometimes you are just one tweak away from success…remember that!

The one commonality I see of people who are not doing well with their product is their mindset. They typically live in a state of fear. They are not clear and calm and that’s when people’s opinions start getting to them. On the other hand, I can usually tell who is going to do well with their product – these people are positive and focused and won’t give up no matter what. So the real question is…what are you doing to calm your mind during this process? Are you listening to positive self help cd’s or reading good books to help you center yourself? I’m telling you…the product is not just your issue…it’s probably your state of mind as well.

Don’t believe me? How many ridiculous products are on store shelves today? Products that you just laugh at when you see them. They are everywhere!! So don’t tell me that you don’t have a shot of putting your products in stores. People do it every day! And buyers are hungrier then ever for new products, so I can’t believe someone won’t give you a shot if you really believe in your product. The trick is to price and package and come up with a really good story as to why your product should be in stores. Or maybe you figure out that if you changed the product slightly people would buy. Who knows. Obviously there is other stuff you need to do to ensure success but I’m hoping you get my point. You’ve gone this far…finish what you started!

Let me ask you a question…How mad would you be if you quit and then someone got a similar product out to market soon after? I guarantee that would make you mad! The one thing I’ve learned in entrepreneurship is that people tend to quit one step short of success. Don’t be one of those people. Keep seeking answers and you will find a way. Inquire and ask for help and if you run across negative people just smile and walk away. I’ve talked to ‘Experts’ who admitted that they were wrong about a product later. So don’t take everything for face value. Your job is to focus on what you want and find people who can help you get there. That’s it. So bottom line – don’t give up no matter what opinions come your way!

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman

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