Wholesale Retail

Wholesale Retail

Do you want to sell wholesale retail but don't want to go bankrupt? Karen Waksman, founder of Retail MBA will give you tips and strategies on Wholesale to Retail and how to NOT go bankrupt!

Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA has been assisting individuals, in getting their products into chains since the early 2000s. In this short video training, she shares her proven sales methodologies and highlights the top five reasons why people face financial challenges when selling wholesale retail!

Reason #1

When collaborating with a chain store they typically provide you with paperwork for review. This documentation outlines their requirements, including shipping logistics and other crucial details. Unfortunately many individuals become so enthused about the opportunity to work with a chain store that they overlook reading the print. This oversight can lead to issues if the deal goes through. They commence selling to the retailer without fully understanding the terms.

Reason #2

It’s important to consider your relationship with a buyer who expresses interest in purchasing your product in quantities. Before accepting such an offer it’s essential to assess whether you have resources in case your product doesn’t sell as expected. There are strategies and approaches that can be employed here. Maintaining control, over the retailer relationship is paramount.

Reason #3

When your product is selling well and generating revenue it’s crucial not to get overly confident. It’s always wise to have a contingency plan, in case unforeseen circumstances arise and the product stops selling.

Reason #4

If a buyer requests a clip strip program it’s essential to grasp the implications of this arrangement. A clip strip involves placing your product on a strip within a store. However if the retailer experiences a month and misplaces the clip strip in a location sales may suffer. Having a strategy in place is vital in case such an event occurs.

Reason #5

It holds importance to inform your friends and family about your product and support its sales through chain stores. Failing to do may result in losing their interest if the initial launch falls short. Conversely as you start achieving success assisting them with business growth becomes crucial; otherwise it might have effects.

Wholesale Retail

Understanding the challenges when working with chains and being prepared for any unexpected obstacles is key.Karen Waksman and Retail MBA provide training, live events, personalized services,, in depth classes and coaching sessions aimed at supporting your business endeavors.

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Outline of "Wholesale to Retail - How to NOT Get Bancrupt Selling Wholesale to Retail" Transcript:

Hello everyone! My name is Karen Waksman . And as the founder of Retail MBA. I wanted discuss some familiar reasons why people face financial problems while working with retail chains. When wanting to sell your consumer product to retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Macys or Kroger understanding how business partners work together and avoiding bankruptcy is a necessity. In the following text we will show these tactics. Before we go deep into the problem . Lets’ assemble some knowledge- I started selling products as a manufacturers representative back in the early 2000s and now have shared my expertise with over one hundred thousand aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. By assisting individuals in getting their products onto major store shelves . I am sure that passion shows.

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Now then lets start by diving into common reasons why traders face financial hardship when cooperating with big chain stores. 

Reason #1: Failure to Review the Paperwork

When entering into partnership with retailers such as Bed Bath & Beyond it is key for individuals to carefully examine provided paperwork. Contracts and documents thoroughly explain conditions of partnership agreement which one must consider before agreeing up front . Unfortunately many people overlook key elements of these fine print when excited about opportunities presented by major retailers; but this can lead them down dangerous path without making any profit even losing money due unexpected charges and penalties outlined in agreement like chargebacks for unsold products or inadequate shipments. Hence it is essential to read and clarify each detail of contract before making any commitment.


Reason #2: Selling Excessive Initial Inventory

Another reason people encounter financial issues lies in over selling too much product without realizing their personal limit beforehand. Sometimes. Potential buyers express interest in ordering a large amount of your product. While it may seem like an opportunity. Its’ important to approach it with caution and care about building a lasting relationship. Consider factors such as consumer demand and your ability to supply such a large order if the product doesn’t sell as expected.

Its crucial to balance their request with your businesss financial capabilities and suggest a more reasonable initial order quantity. Gradually increasing sales volume over time can be a more sustainable approach to building a strong foundation with the retailer. 

Reason #3: Overconfidence and Lack of Contingency Plans

One common mistake is becoming overconfident in your success after initial sales success with a retailer. While substantial profits may make you feel invincible. The retail landscape is ever changing.

Which makes any market fluctuations or external factors capable of causing significant drops in sales. To ensure long-term success its crucial to remain vigilant and have backup plans ready for any downturns in the market. 

Reason #4: Inadequate Preparations for Special Programs

Retailers sometimes offer special programs like clip strip placements that can maximize product visibility and sales. These opportunities are lucrative but also come with potential risk if not planned well ahead of time. For example if the clip strip isn’t placed properly or other unexpected challenges arise this program could lead to significant losses. Preemptively considering potential issues and having contingency plans in place can help minimize financial impacts when things don’t go according to plan.

Reason #5: Neglecting Marketing and Promotion Efforts

Entrepreneurs often believe that once their product hits the shelves at major retailers. Promotion will take care of itself without additional effort needed on their part. However, this assumption is often not true with Wholesale Retail – relying solely on retailers will most likely lead to disappointment because marketing requires sustained attention and effort from all parties involved – including yourself! To ensure that your product is successful. Its’ important to proactively promote it and generate consumer demand. You can do this by reaching out to your friends, family, and other networks to increase awareness and drive sales.

If your product underperforms during initial testing or if sales start to stagnate the retailer may lose faith in its potential resulting in a significant financial setback. Therefore. Its crucial to implement effective marketing strategies and actively support your products growth within the retailers stores. At Retail MBA. We offer comprehensive training and guidance to help entrepreneurs deal with the challenges of working with major retailers. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to avoid common pitfalls and increase your chances of success. Our programs cover a wide range of topics such as retail strategies, live events, done for you services, master classes, and coaching.
With our support. You can confidently pursue opportunities with chain stores while safeguarding your financial stability.

We’re committed to seeing you thrive financially while enjoying a fulfilling life.
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In this training, I will discuss some of the things to think about when approaching a retailer to sell your products and become a vendor. Hope it helps! 🙂

Karen Waksman,
Retail MBA

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