Zumiez Vendor - How to Sell to Zumiez Stores

Sell to Zumiez & Become a Zumiez Vendor

Do you have a product that is perfect for Zumiez Stores and You Want to Become a Zumiez Vendor?

If you believe you have a consumer product that would be perfect for Zumiez, this short training video will offer you some valuable insights on how to approach selling your product to Zumiez now!

Becoming a Vendor for Zumiez

Zumiez is a retailer catered to young men and women who are passionate about activities like skateboarding, snowboarding and motorcrossing. It serves as a lifestyle brand for individuals who genuinely appreciate apparel, footwear, accessories, hair products and various other intriguing items targeted towards the market.

The remarkable aspect of partnering with Zumiez is that there aren’t retailers like them catering to the younger demographic. This presents an opportunity for your product to reach that audience.

When you focus on catering to one audience and market as a retailer it’s common to receive numerous inquiries, from people wanting to sell their products in that specific market. Consequently they have seen products before yours. This distinguishes them from retailers where you might need to put in extra effort in order to secure shelf space since they have broader appeal. “Factors to Consider When Selling Your Product at Zumiez. It’s important to consider that they currently oversee 170 stores, which gives them purchasing power. So if they place an order, with your business it could potentially bring in millions of dollars. Positively impact your line.

Furthermore being a niche retailer means they tend to be more selective compared to retailers. 

As Karen Waksman explains:

“When you focus on serving an audience and market as a retailer you often receive inquiries from people wanting to sell in that particular market. You’ve seen it all. Been approached by everyone. Your focus is very specific especially when catering to a niche audience like skateboarders and related interests. It’s certainly different from retailers with appeal.”

This implies that they receive pitches from all your competitors making them more cautious, about the brands they choose for their stores. They have a range of apparel options. Prioritize what works best for their audience through private label products.

If you happen to contact Zumiez and they reject your approach don’t let it discourage you. According to Karen Waksman it’s quite common for niche retailers to reject. However this doesn’t mean it always happens that way; it just adds a bit of complexity. So remember not to lose heart!

Here are some tips and strategies, for selling to Zumiez

Zumiez encompasses brands such as Blue Tomato and Fast Times under its corporation. Although these brands have names they belong to the genre of products.

Karen Waksman suggests that if you’re facing difficulties in selling to one retailer within their organization try exploring companies owned by the corporation but are similar in nature. This might open doors for you.

Once your application gets approved you’ll need to fill out forms and establish yourself as a vendor with Zumiez. Following approval you can start placing orders and engaging in business activities with them. Eventually they will assign you a vendor number which officially recognizes your status as a vendor, within their system.
If that situation arises you can simply go back, to a Zumiez store and mention “Hey I’m already working with Fast Times or Blue Tomato and I have a vendor number. I’m already in the system.” This catches Zumiez interest because it means they can potentially onboard you as a vendor quickly since you’re already part of their system.

In cases buyers hesitate to add products to their system due to the paperwork involved and the uncertainty surrounding them. They are often unwilling to take a chance on testing out a product. However if you’re already in their system it becomes a strategy to grab Zumiezs attention because you’ve streamlined the process of working with them.

Starting your journey of selling to Zumiez offers approaches. Retail MBA provides training and coaching that guides you through communication techniques, persuasive strategies to encourage buyer interest ultimately saving you time and reducing stress. It will equip you with the skills, on how to approach present your pitch and successfully sell your products to retailers.

To learn more about this subject matter, feel free to click on the link provided below for this short video training! 

When you are a retailer and you only focus on one specific type of audience and market, you tend to get inundated with lots of people who want to sell to you in that particular market. So you've seen every product. It's definitely different than a retailer that's more mass appeal and you have to work a little harder to sell into that store because they are a niche retailer."

Outline for "Zumiez Vendor - How to Sell to Zumiez Stores" Video Training Here...

Selling your product to Zumiez presents an opportunity, for businesses that target the demographic. Zumiez, a specialty retailer offering skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross gear as clothing, footwear, accessories and hair products for young men and women passionate about these activities. With 170 stores under their belt Zumiez wields buying power. Securing an order from them can translate into millions of dollars in revenue for your business. However it’s important to note that getting your product on their shelves can be quite challenging since they are highly selective about the products they carry.

Getting Started with Selling to Zumiez

According to Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA Zumiez has encountered products. Is known for being rather particular in their selection process. They have a laser focus on their target audience. Capturing their attention can prove to be quite daunting. Karen advises entrepreneurs to explore retailers that cater to young markets with overlapping audiences. Once you’ve amassed proof of sales you can circle back to Zumiez armed with evidence that demonstrates the value of your product deserving their attention. Karen suggests not giving up on retail because your product was rejected by Zumiez initially. Instead entrepreneurs should strive towards securing placement with retailers and leverage those sales achievements as a proposition, for gaining Zumiezs interest.

One of the advantages of Zumiez is that it caters to a target audience making it a niche retailer. However this can pose challenges when trying to have your product featured on their shelves. Karen suggests exploring brands affiliated with the Zumiez corporation, like Blue Tomato and Fast Times which also cater to audiences. By becoming a vendor for one of these brands you can expedite the process of getting your product into Zumiez. Karen advises entrepreneurs to aim at becoming an approved vendor for one of these brands before approaching Zumiez and demonstrating that you are already part of their vendor system.

Selling to Zumiez

Karen emphasizes that the key to success in selling to Zumiez lies in approaching them and using language and strategies. Retail MBA offers training and coaching programs designed to teach entrepreneurs how to approach, present and sell products to retailers effectively. They provide strategies, on how to persuade buyers and simplify the process of getting your product into stores. With their guidance entrepreneurs can save time reduce stress and quickly learn how best to approach retailers when pitching their products.

In conclusion if you have a consumer product business aimed at markets selling your product to Zumiez could be an opportunity. Zumiez is a retailer that focuses on offering gear for skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross, along with apparel, footwear, accessories and hair products for youth who are passionate, about these activities. While it may require some effort to get your product on their shelves it’s important not to give up on retail and consider exploring retailers that also cater to demographics. Providing evidence of sales can grab the attention of Zumiez and partnering with one of their associate brands as a vendor can streamline the process of introducing your product into their system. Retail MBA offers training and coaching for entrepreneurs looking to approach retailers in terms of pitching and selling strategies. Their guidance can save you time. Help alleviate stress throughout the process.

Zumiez Vendor - How to Sell to Zumiez Stores
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