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Sell to Hudsons Bay & Become an Hudsons Bay Vendor

Do you have a product perfect for retail stores and wanted to know more about selling to Hudson's Bay and Becoming a Hudson's Bay Vendor? Karen Waksman, founder of Retail MBA will give you tips and strategies on How to Sell to Hudson's Bay Today!

In this short video training, we will be discussing strategies for selling your consumer product to Hudsons Bay, a renowned Canadian luxury goods department store chain! Hudsons Bay holds a position in the industry as the oldest, largest and longest surviving company in North America. With a network of 85 stores across Canada entrepreneurs have an opportunity to showcase and sell their high end products through this esteemed retailer. 

During this training session we will get into the advantages of partnering with Hudsons Bay considerations to bear in mind and valuable tactics for approaching and presenting your product to this establishment.

Why Choose Hudsons Bay?

An Attractive Alternative for Premium Products.

If you are offering a end and luxurious product range Hudsons Bay can serve as an alternative to traditional boutiques. With their network of 85 stores securing a spot for your product within Hudsons Bay could potentially result in revenue growth and increased exposure.

Untapped Market Potential in Canada

One notable advantage of aligning with Hudsons Bay is gaining access to the market within Canada. Many entrepreneurs tend to overlook the potential of expanding their product reach into Canada especially if they primarily operate from the United States. However considering the close relationship, between Canada and the United States makes exploring the market an opportunity worth considering.
The shipping and logistics process, for selling in the United States is quite similar which makes it a convenient option for entrepreneurs.

Bilingual Market

It’s important to keep in mind that Canada has a market, where customers speak both English and French. When getting your product ready for Hudsons Bay you may need to consider including information in both languages. This could involve packaging hang tags or any other product details. To successfully sell to Hudsons Bay it’s vital to conduct market research and understand how similar products handle packaging.

Selling to Hudsons Bay

Online Presence.

Hudsons Bay has an presence and conducts a significant portion of its business through e commerce. If you’re interested in selling your products to Hudsons Bay it would be worthwhile to reach out to their buyers well. They have dedicated buyers for their stores since the online market has different needs and preferences compared to physical stores. Additionally testing products on their website is more convenient offering opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Approach, Pitch and Sell

If you want guidance on how to approach, pitch and sell your products effectively with retailers, like Hudsons Bay, Retail MBA provides resources and training.
Their website, offers a range of resources to support entrepreneurs in getting their products stocked in stores. Whether you require assistance, with market research honing your pitching skills or preparing your product for success Retail MBA can equip you with the tools and knowledge.

Becoming a vendor for Hudsons Bay presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to sell their consumer products. With its established brand, network of stores and online presence Hudsons Bay provides a platform to showcase and sell high end products. To effectively target both English and French speaking customers in the market tailoring your product information is crucial. Moreover reaching out to their buyers can expand your customer base. Enhance your chances of success. Retail MBA offers resources and training to assist entrepreneurs in navigating the process of approaching pitching to retailers like Hudsons Bay and ultimately selling their products through this avenue. Seize this opportunity today. Explore the potential of having your products available, at Hudsons Bay.

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Hudson's Bay Supplier - How to Sell to Hudson's Bay Stores

Outline of "Hudson's Bay Vendor - How to Sell to Hudson's Bay Stores!" Transcript:

Hello everyone! I’m Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA. Today we’re going to explore the potential of selling your products to Hudsons Bay, a known luxury department store chain, in Canada. If you have a consumer product that you believe deserves to be showcased on their shelves or website this training session will provide insights on how to navigate the Hudsons Bay market. So lets jump into todays discussion.

About Hudsons Bay

Hudsons Bay is a company and holds the title of being the oldest, largest and longest surviving company in North America. Its origins date back all the way to the 1600s. As a department store chain with 85 locations across Canada they offer a range of products including clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, electronics and housewares. Being such a established brand makes it an enticing option for those looking to sell end and luxurious items. Partnering with Hudsons Bay and leveraging their store network can potentially open up revenue opportunities.

Expanding Beyond Borders; For entrepreneurs based in the United States it may not initially cross their minds to consider retailers, outside their country. However Hudsons Bay presents an opportunity for American sellers looking to tap into the market.

The close proximity, between Canada and the United States simplifies shipping and logistics which’s beneficial for businesses. Moreover since there are French speaking customers in Canada it is important to consider providing bilingual product information to effectively enter the market.

To ensure success thorough market research and preparation are crucial before approaching retailers like Hudsons Bay. At Retail MBA we specialize in teaching entrepreneurs how to approach retailers pitch their products and make sales. Understanding the needs, preferences and packaging requirements of each retailer is essential. For instance clothing items may require hang tags with information in both English and French while products packaged in boxes offer space for details. Being proactive in addressing these considerations significantly increases your chances of securing a deal.

Taking advantage of e-commerce opportunities is also vital as Hudsons Bay has an presence that complements its physical stores. If you aim to sell your products at their stores it’s worth reaching out to their buyers well. Often retailers maintain buyers for physical stores due to the unique characteristics and demands of each market. Selling products online provides an opportunity to test a range of offerings and cater, to customer preferences. By exploring both avenues. Stores and e commerce. You can expand your sales strategies. Improve your likelihood of success.

Getting Started

Welcome to Retail MBA, where we offer resources and training programs designed to help entrepreneurs thrive in the industry. Our website, is packed with insights, on how to approach retailers pitch your products effectively and close deals. Whether you’re targeting retailers like Hudsons Bay or others we provide the knowledge and strategies you need to navigate the complexities of the landscape.

Selling your products through Hudsons Bay and becoming a Hudson’s Bay Vendor can be an opportunity for success especially if you have end or luxury items. By considering the market and leveraging Hudsons Bays presence you can amplify your chances of achieving great results. Conduct market research prepare effectively and adopt a targeted approach to increase your likelihood of securing deals not with Hudsons Bay but also with other retailers.

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