Building and Garden Supply Stores

Building and garden supply stores

Building and Garden Supply Stores

Garden supply stores carry products for every aspect of gardening, from pond care products and vegetable grow bags to kitchen equipment designed to maximize harvests.

Bulk garden supplies can often be less costly and more environmentally friendly, as there’s less packaging waste.

Gardener’s Supply

Gardener’s Supply offers all of the tools and supplies needed for successful gardening projects – be it renovating flowerbeds, planting new shrubberies or cultivating vegetables in your own garden. With decades of experience providing high-quality tools and supplies at competitive prices and their dedicated gardeners committed to helping customers reach their goals, as well as online deals such as free shipping on orders over $125 they provide everything needed.

The website features an impressive variety of gardening supplies, from greenhouses and raised beds to carts, planters, and accessories. Gardeners at this company specialize in designing innovative yet practical products; working closely with customers, market gardeners, universities and suppliers they design products that address common gardening problems while working towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. It is 100% employee owned with an emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.

Gardener’s Supply offers more than just gardening supplies; they also carry a selection of seeds and plants for purchase. In addition, there is an impressive gift selection for gardeners available under $25; their helpful advice section serves both novice gardeners as well as veteran cultivators alike.

Experienced gardeners at this company specialize in horticulture and botanicals, which allows them to bring innovative products to market that make gardening simpler for all, from experienced green thumbs to novice gardeners. Their research and development department features test gardens for product testing. Plus they boast an impressive collection of garden equipment.

The Gardener’s Supply company is an industry leader when it comes to sustainable business practices and has an immense positive effect on society. Their mission is to inspire people through gardening; gardens bring peace and beauty into our lives, according to them. Furthermore, this organization stands strong for social justice by working directly with community gardeners.

Gardener’s Supply is dedicated to supporting women in the workplace. With an InHerSight score of 4.0, which is determined based on employee feedback, they strive to promote female empowerment at work. Through InHerSight ratings from working women at companies like Gardener’s Supply are collected so working women can compare experiences across companies more easily and make better career choices.

Plow and Hearth

Plow and Hearth is an online retailer that specializes in unique products for the home, hearth, yard and garden. Established since 1980, they continue to expand with an expansive product selection designed to last. Plow and Hearth has earned high customer reviews due to its dedication to quality customer service as well as attractive promotions and discounts that make their offerings more cost effective than many similar stores.

Shoppers often turn to Plow and Hearth for its wide selection of rugs and interior decorating items, particularly their selection of polypropylene and wool rugs that come in an assortment of styles and materials, including woven designs that add rustic or cottage charm; printed styles add color while others can even be machine-washed for added convenience!

This company also offers an expansive collection of fireplace accessories, such as log holders, toolsets and hearth rugs made of metal or fabric crafted to enhance the experience. Their website features an efficient filtering tool to help customers quickly locate products suitable for their homes.

Plow and Hearth offers many popular products, including their popular Wrought Iron Fences which provide an attractive way to keep pets and children from roaming freely, serve as an effective alternative to traditional fencing, come in different colors and styles, and come equipped with decorative items to complete its look.

Plow and Hearth’s website is user-friendly, frequently offering new merchandise. In addition to offering products on display, their site also provides information on how best to use and care for them, plus it allows customers to buy gift cards or e-gift certificates online.

Plow and Hearth offers an exceptional return policy: If you are not completely satisfied with a purchase, you may return it within 90 days for a full refund minus an initial $7 shipping fee, which will be subtracted from your refund amount. In addition, free exchanges are also offered; email customer service directly for help in case something doesn’t suit your taste!


Bloomscape offers an inviting and informative website, filled with Matisse-esque graphics, stunning video content and helpful plant care tips. In addition to an online shop offering plant related items like indoor plants and gardening tools as well as flowering plants and trees for sale.

Search options on this site are user-friendly, enabling you to narrow down your choices according to light requirements, maintenance level requirements and pet friendliness – saving both time and money when selecting plants for your space. Moreover, browsing by plant type makes finding just the right plant easier if you know exactly what kind of bird’s nest fern or dracaena green jewel is what you’re after!

One advantage of the site is that it provides detailed information on each plant sold by the company as well as care instructions. This feature is especially important since many houseplants purchased require constant attention to thrive successfully. Furthermore, having this knowledge provides you with an idea of what awaits your new purchase and can give an understanding of what type of care will be necessary for success.

Bloomscape provides an expansive selection of plants, making it the perfect place for those seeking an airy tropical atmosphere in their home or office. Choose from plants like pinstripe palm, marble queen pothos, croton petra monstera and majesty palm for indoor spaces that don’t receive much sunlight.

Bloomscape plants differ from those available at garden centers and box stores because they come directly from its greenhouse, guaranteeing you healthy plants that arrive fresh to your door. As a result, their products tend to be larger and healthier than many retail locations’ offerings.

Customer service representatives of this company are available to answer any queries about the plants you purchase via Twitter, email or live chat.


Lowes is an American retail company specializing in home improvement and hardware products. Their stores carry an expansive selection of items suitable for almost every home improvement or hardware need imaginable; making Lowes the second-largest building and garden supply store after Home Depot in terms of sales volume in America. Lowes is headquartered in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Lowe’s began as a single hardware store in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina in 1921 and quickly expanded. By 1960 it had become one of the country’s leading retailers and was eventually publicly traded through Lowe’s Companies Inc. In 1961 however, Lowe’s became known by their current name of Lowe’s Companies Inc.

As soon as Robert Strickland became chairman in 1978, marketing was targeted toward DIY homeowners. Stores were designed like supermarkets with seasonal and interior products displayed prominently at the front while tools and basic supplies populated the back – this made it easy for consumers to purchase multiple items in one visit and increased sales significantly.

Home Depot and Lowes provide a large selection of tools, from Kobalt, Task Force, Metabo HPT and tool storage solutions – such as Kobalt’s Task Force tool. Both stores also carry exclusive brands such as Kobalt Task Force Metabo HPT which offer tool storage solutions. These tools can be used for everything from landscaping projects to home renovations; but keep in mind they may be expensive investments which need regular upkeep and servicing.

Many people turn to local building and garden supply stores when shopping for gardening, yard care, or remodeling materials such as fertilizer, grass seed, planters and much more. Furthermore, these stores may sell mulch or soil that can help prepare their gardens prior to planting.

Lowe’s offers numerous coupons and discounts designed to attract new customers; taking advantage of these savings could save money on your next project.

Many customers are drawn to bulk buy deals because they offer significant savings, sometimes up to 16 percent or more on bulk purchases. Furthermore, these offers may help reduce shipping costs as well. Before making your decision, be sure to read over their terms and conditions thoroughly first.

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Building and Garden Supply Stores

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