Become a Thrifty Vendor - How to Sell to Thrifty Stores

Sell to Thrifty Foods Stores & Become a Thrifty Foods Vendor

Do you have a product that is perfect for Thrifty Foods Stores and You Want to Become a Thrifty Vendor?

Are you interested in selling your consumer product to Thrifty Foods? In this short video training, we will guide you through the steps of selling to Thrifty Foods. Provide you with the resources required to get started. Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA will equip you with information on how to introduce your product into Thrifty Foods stores.

Thrifty Foods Vendor

Thrifty Foods is a known retailer operating 20 stores in Vancouver and other regions. It is owned by Sobeys, the chain in Canada boasting over 1500 stores. When approaching a grocery chain for sales purposes it’s crucial to identify their parent company as it can potentially open doors for selling to retail chains within the corporation.

How to Become a Supplier for Thrifty Foods

When dealing with a retailer that encompasses brands under one parent company they typically utilize a software system that caters to all their chains. As a vendor you will be required to complete forms and submit your details in order to obtain a vendor number. This vendor number may also be valid for chains owned by the parent company. This streamlined process benefits both vendors and buyers by eliminating paperwork when becoming a supplier.

Additionally exploring buying programs could prove advantageous, in expanding your business opportunities.
Many grocery stores offer the option to sell products on a basis especially when dealing with items. This means you don’t have to sell your products to all of their stores; instead you can choose to sell them to one store. This is particularly advantageous, for vendors who’re new and prefer not to be overwhelmed.

When working with a grocery chain it’s possible that you’ll also need to interact with distributors. These distributors play a role in managing relationships between vendors and the grocery chain. Keep in mind that they may take a percentage of the profits as compensation for their efforts.

Becoming a vendor for Thrifty Foods presents opportunities. It’s essential to identify the company behind Thrifty Foods as this can potentially open doors for selling your products in chains owned by the same company. In cases when retailers have brands under one parent company they establish a software system that caters to all of these different chains. Additionally exploring buying programs may be worthwhile. Just remember that working with a grocery chain might involve collaborating with distributors.

If you’re interested, in learning more about selling your products at Thrifty Foods please visit Retail MBA for information.


"You can also look into local buying programs. Most grocery chains have the ability to buy on an individual level, as they are dealing with perishable foods."

Become a Thrifty Vendor - How to Sell to Thrifty Stores

Transcript Outline "Become a Thrifty Foods Vendor - How to Sell to Thrifty Foods Stores" Video Training Here...

Hello everyone I’m Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA. Today we’ll be discussing the process of selling your products to Thrifty Foods. If you have a consumer product that you believe should be available, in their stores this brief training will guide you through the steps to get started. Make sure to watch this video until the end as we’ll provide content to assist you in your journey of selling to these stores. Also don’t forget to like, subscribe and leave a comment below. We truly appreciate your support!

Lets Talk About Thrifty Foods

Thrifty Foods is a retailer that often goes unnoticed as they primarily operate in Canada. What sets Thrifty’s apart is their number of responsible stores. They have around 20 stores located in Vancouver and other areas. However it’s important to note that they are owned by Sobey’s Inc., which happens to be Canadas chain with over 1500 stores.

Selling Strategies for Thrifty Foods

When it comes to selling your products to a grocery chain, like Thrifty Foods the first step is always identifying their parent company.

This is because you can actually begin by selling your products to the Thrifty Foods chain before approaching the Soby’s chain. This approach has the potential to generate profits for you.

When you sell to a retailer that operates brands under one parent company it typically means they work collaboratively and utilize a shared Vendor Portal. As a vendor you would need to complete forms and provide information to obtain a vendor number. This vendor number can often be used across chains owned by the parent company. So if you were to approach Thrifty Foods and submit your product according to our proven methods, for selling to chain stores and if you successfully obtain a vendor number for the Canadian area from them then it becomes feasible for you to approach Sobey’s and say, “I’m already in your system as a vendor through Thrifty Foods; therefore becoming a vendor, with Sobs would be seamless.”

Why is this important? Because when Sobey’s and other big chain stores share the system it becomes much easier for you to become a vendor, without paperwork. These larger stores are often busy and reluctant to go through the hassle of filling out forms for vendors. They might even miss out on products due to the paperwork involved. However by being in their system you save them an amount of time.

It’s generally more convenient to approach chains before targeting larger ones like Sobyes and then returning to Thrifty Foods if necessary. The advantage here is that these chains usually operate using software systems for vendors, which can greatly benefit you. Course there may be requirements that need to be fulfilled but this is an excellent starting point, for selling your products to these retail chains.

Local Buying Programs

Another option is to explore buying programs if you’re willing to visit Canada and personally engage with grocery chains. Many of these chains have the capability to make purchases since they deal with foods.If you own a grocery chain it’s crucial to ensure the freshness of your food. One way to achieve this is, by establishing efficient relationships with vendors. Typically grocery chains have the option to buy from suppliers in addition to buyers who oversee all stores. This can be advantageous for you as a vendor because you don’t necessarily have to sell your products at every store within the chain. It’s understandable that some vendors might feel overwhelmed by the idea of selling to stores so offering your products to one individual store can be an exciting opportunity.

When it comes to dealing with grocery chains distributors often play a role. These distributors work closely with grocery chains. Are responsible for managing relationships with vendors. It’s worth noting that this distributor vendor dynamic is specific, to the grocery industry and may not apply universally across industries.
Don’t worry,. Its important to be prepared for the involvement of distributors when working with a grocery chain. Collaborating with a grocery store could be a way to make progress.

I mentioned this because distributors usually take a share of the proceeds. Naturally they expect some revenue, in exchange for their services. Typically they receive around 20 to 30 percent of your profits. It’s crucial to work with them as they handle the relationship with the retailer. When it comes to groceries and food efficient solutions are necessary to ensure delivery and minimize losses due to spoilage or other issues. Therefore distributors take charge of shipping, distribution and stocking in their stores.

To sum up

These aspects should be considered when selling products to Thrifty Foods or any other grocery chain. Keep in mind that dealing with a distributor is often part of the process. If you want guidance on how to navigate this we provide comprehensive explanations and proven strategies, at
Hi there! At Retail MBA we make sure to test everything we teach ourselves. We’re really excited, about the chance to assist you in getting your products into chain stores quicker and at an cost.

I’m Karen Waksman. I truly hope that these valuable insights have been beneficial to you. If you’re interested, in diving feel free to click on the links or visit our website at Thank you much for your time and consideration!

Become a Thrifty Vendor - How to Sell to Thrifty Stores

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