Walmart Global Selling

Walmart Global Selling

Walmart Marketplace – How to Succeed in a Global Selling Environment

Walmart marketplace can be an incredible opportunity for multichannel sellers. Unlike eBay or Amazon, its website is less cluttered and provides detailed insights into your sales performance. To begin selling on Walmart marketplace, register on their website and apply for a DUNS number.

No initial setup costs, subscription costs, or credit card fees apply – instead you simply pay a referral percentage per sale made through you.


Selling on Walmart Marketplace can be an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy, enabling you to target specific audiences with your ads while tapping into its large customer base. Plus, with their enhanced checkout process providing customers with a faster and safer shopping experience resulting in higher conversion rates for your business.

Your shipping costs could be cut in half by using Walmart’s fulfillment services, available worldwide and offering regular promotions to sellers such as waived storage fees during peak seasons. Furthermore, Walmart provides enhanced returns which allows customers to return products both in store and online – increasing customer satisfaction while decreasing shipping costs for sellers.

Walmart Marketplace boasts over 100 million active buyers, making it a fantastic platform for retailers to market their products. Furthermore, Walmart provides several tools and features designed to make selling on its platform simple for third-party sellers; such as its e-commerce analytics software that enables tracking orders.

Walmart Marketplace differs from other e-commerce platforms in that it does not charge monthly listing fees for listing products; rather, only referral fees apply when one sells and no subscription fee is necessary to use its service. Fulfillment and storage fees, based on weight/size are applied.

Walmart Marketplace has also partnered with over fifty Solution providers, who can provide services like order fulfillment, listing management and content creation. These solutions may increase your chance of a successful sale while saving both time and money – though if you’re new to selling on this platform it may take additional work to build up a strong presence on it.

Be mindful of any potential pitfalls presented by Walmart Marketplace and take steps to adhere to their rules, such as adhering to Minimum Advertised Price pricing guidelines, meeting minimum sales requirements and responding quickly to customer inquiries. You should also be familiar with their return policy procedures as well as any legal obligations you may face.


Walmart is an ideal platform for ecommerce sellers looking to expand their customer reach. Their global reach and deep discounts allow them to stand out from competitors and attract new customers; especially effective when selling in markets with high competition levels like China where strong local marketing strategies are necessary for success. Walmart has several tools to assist sellers grow sales through scalability and marketability including seller scorecards that keep them informed of metrics for inclusion in the buy box.

Price is also an integral component of scaling. While Amazon allows sellers to set their own prices, Walmart follows Price Parity and Price Leadership Rules which dictate that sellers must set their prices at or below the lowest online price – although this strategy may lead to lower margins than Amazon allows, as Walmart upholds high standards and strives to remain competitive in the marketplace. In order to increase chances of landing the buy box faster and remain cost effective sellers should use repricers in order to set more cost effective prices.

Walmart also provides sellers with a fulfillment service that picks, packs and ships orders quickly and efficiently for them – helping sellers meet Walmart’s world-class 2-day delivery promise more easily. However, due to limited availability in some countries, sellers should carefully consider all aspects of marketplace operations when choosing their fulfillment provider.

Walmart presents brands with an excellent opportunity to expand their presence and sales while simultaneously expanding market share. Walmart’s sign-up process allows for greater product identification for target audiences as well as the testing of emerging product lines – providing many established brands with increased market share growth through this platform.

Customer service

Walmart stands out among customer service providers as an industry leader in terms of fast and responsive support, offering multiple channels – such as live chat, email and phone – which are available around-the-clock. Furthermore, customers are offered free shipping with generous return windows that make returns simple for them. Furthermore, sellers can print shipping labels at Walmart stores thereby saving on processing costs; this feature is especially advantageous to small businesses that cannot afford an in-house call center.

Walmart is widely recognized for offering excellent customer service options and affordable prices. As one of the most cost-effective marketplaces online shoppers can use, without incurring setup or subscription fees and only charging a referral fee per item sold, Walmart makes selling products an efficient process. Integrating Walmart into an ecommerce website makes selling additional items simpler.

While Walmart Marketplace can be beneficial, sellers may encounter certain problems when using it. For instance, when product data uploaded is mismatched to Walmart’s database it can cause error messages or inaccurate data. Another common problem for sellers using Walmart marketplace is listing issues, including missing UPC codes caused by variations or mismatch between SKU and product type.

Walmart has implemented a new seller support feature designed to address these challenges by offering direct contact with a representative directly and quickly, offering faster response and customer experience while decreasing paperwork requirements when dealing with issues.

If an issue that you cannot resolve on your own arises, Walmart Seller Support offers help in the form of case creation. eDesk can make this easier as its direct integration with Walmart’s messaging system enables you to manage all customer messages from one central dashboard.

When raising an issue, make sure to provide as much detail as possible in order to ensure it is addressed and resolved in a timely fashion. Furthermore, prioritize your issue based on its impact and severity.

Inventory management

Inventory control is one of the cornerstones of retail business success. Effective inventory management strategies help companies reduce inventory costs and improve economic efficiency while simultaneously meeting customer demands – vital considerations for any retailer looking to maintain competitive edge in its marketplace.

Walmart utilizes an intricate set of inventory information systems that support its global operations, including e-commerce. These systems help managers make informed decisions regarding stock levels and sales trends as well as manage inventory levels by minimizing warehouse storage requirements, helping keep shipping costs down while maintaining competitive selling prices.

One of the key components of managing inventory is tracking product movement. This can be accomplished with various systems, including warehouse management software and barcode scanning systems. These track all items stored within a warehouse – raw materials to finished goods – while also helping identify any issues such as theft or damage that arise with inventory.

Walmart uses a system designed to synchronize its inventory management processes with those of its other business units, enabling it to respond rapidly to market fluctuations and changes in demand and supply. Cross-docking helps the company reduce inventory sizes by directly delivering orders directly into stores – ultimately helping it meet its business goals of lower operating costs and attractive low selling prices.

Are You Thinking About Joining Walmart’s Marketplace? There are certain requirements and an application process which could potentially keep some sellers out, however if they manage to overcome these hurdles they can reap numerous benefits such as improved search visibility and customer service improvements.

To participate in Walmart Marketplace, businesses must possess a DUNS number; this provides a unique numeric identifier for your company. Furthermore, participants must maintain both physical addresses and bank accounts in the US in order to be part of this program. Finally, prices on your listing must meet or beat those offered elsewhere on Walmart’s Marketplace; otherwise they will be delisted from participation on their platform.

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