Living Spaces Vendor

Living Spaces Vendor


How to Sell to Living Spaces Stores and Become a Living Spaces Vendor

Living Spaces strives to make furniture shopping fast and simple by offering an enjoyable buying experience without commission and free design services at their showrooms.

Intercom encourages its team of more than 2,000 to establish dialogue with customers through Intercom in order to better understand their needs and establish more personal ties with them.

Become a Vendor

Living Spaces has long made furniture shopping enjoyable, easy and affordable. Their mission is to help customers celebrate life’s moments in homes they love with a selection of home furnishings from acclaimed designers such as Joanna Gaines, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent as well as customizable options like custom order upholstery at no additional charge and 3D room planning to help find just the piece for each room in their homes. They currently boast over 12 locations nationwide.

Living Spaces prioritizes providing its 2,000 strong team with the same excellent customer experience they have provided in stores over time. As more shoppers transition online for their purchases, their customers still expect the same personalized approach – that is why Living Spaces implemented Intercom throughout their business to enhance customer interactions and drive better outcomes.

Living Spaces has discovered that by reaching out to customers proactively, they are able to address common issues before they even arise. This frees up time for their support teams to handle more complex or sensitive queries. Furthermore, proactive support allows Living Spaces to focus on decreasing product delivery time for customers which ultimately increases satisfaction levels and conversion rates.

Finding your new Living Spaces has never been more hassle-free and swift! From free shipping and full service delivery to self pickup and indoor drop off – every option makes the delivery of Living Spaces quick and hassle free. Customers looking for pickup can select their date and location using the Pro Shopper app; or opt for Indoor Drop Off delivery option where orders will arrive in an area protected from weather elements like an enclosed porch or garage.

GoShare provides Living Spaces customers with an efficient delivery solution that’s fast, convenient and affordable – offering free estimates in their app, scheduling pickup times with GoShare pros who load, secure and transport items directly to their homes from Living Spaces stores. It’s the easiest way to take new pieces home from stores!

Vendor Registration

Living Spaces, established in 2003 and with stores nationwide, aims to help customers “celebrate life’s moments in a home that reflects them uniquely”, making shopping easy and fun. They provide various styles at price points that meet individual needs while offering guidance and inspiration on where to begin their projects.

Living Spaces recognized that in order to survive in a highly competitive industry, they must offer their customers an outstanding shopping experience both online and in store. Therefore, they turned to Zycada’s cloud service accelerator in order to improve dynamic content delivery.

Zycada assisted Living Spaces to identify their key metrics and understand what customers were searching for, then used machine learning to predict customer behavior and deliver content ahead of schedule – this reduced latency dramatically and catapulted eCommerce speeds; living Spaces now sees faster page loads and TTI rates with higher conversion gains and revenue gains as a result of this partnership.

Living Spaces has experienced increased reliability with their eCommerce platforms thanks to Zycada’s Last Mile Optimization solution, which solves issues that impact customer network performance, such as sudden packet losses impede online transactions and disrupt online commerce – this is common on wireless networks like home Wi-Fi but is especially threatening on cellular networks.

Intercom allows the entire Living Spaces team to feel immersed in its larger mission and engage with customers more meaningfully than ever before, engaging in over 8,000 weekly conversations that allow team members to build relationships while providing customers with an experience similar to that found in one of their physical store locations.

Living Spaces not only fosters an environment dedicated to empowering women, but they offer flexible hours and fantastic benefits too! Additionally, E-Verify (the federal program which screens newly hired employees for employment eligibility) is utilized as part of their hiring practices – they recognize it is imperative to hire qualified, diverse candidates while creating an inclusive and supportive work environment for all their employees.

Vendor FAQs

LIVING SPACES makes furniture shopping simple and enjoyable with our vast selection of home furniture and decor, whether online, in store, or at one of the Living Spaces showrooms nearby. Choose free shipping, Full Service Delivery or Self-Pickup to bring home affordable pieces that add life and personality.

Living Spaces has long prided themselves on creating meaningful in-person relationships with customers, but their growth coincided with eCommerce’s rapid rise. To thrive in the digital economy, they needed to rethink their customer experience in order to provide an equally seamless shopping experience regardless of when or how a customer shops.

Living Spaces turned to Zycada Cloud Service Accelerator to improve both their website and mobile experiences. Leveraging machine learning technology, this platform monitored customer behavior patterns online to predict what they would want next and preloaded dynamic content ahead of them, significantly decreasing latency times while significantly improving eCommerce speeds for an enhanced eCommerce experience and higher conversion rates. As a result, Living Spaces saw significantly higher conversion rates as well as overall improved user experiences across their web and mobile sites.

Living Spaces understands the importance of selecting the ideal piece of furniture is integral to creating the look and feel of any room, which is why they provide various ways for you to try out your new purchase in your own home. They have virtual rooms stocked with different styles of furniture and accessories as well as a 3D room planner which allows you to move pieces around before making a final purchase decision. You can even save and share photos from your space to get an idea of how it will look when brought back home.

LIVING SPACES uses GoShare as a modern delivery solution and will arrange for professional local delivery experts to transport your items into the home quickly and conveniently. Compared with traditional delivery services, GoShare allows for faster scheduling – scheduling can even be completed within minutes! Simply download the app, set your pick-up time and location preferences, and connect with one of their local delivery experts who will have them there within an hour!

Vendor Resources

Living Spaces strives to make furniture shopping enjoyable and easy – even after the sale. Their flexible furniture delivery options make bringing home new pieces effortless; free shipping, Full Service Delivery and in-store pickup may all be available depending on location.

Living Spaces also offers free parcel shipping of rugs, pillows, wall art and other home accessories at all locations nationwide with no minimum purchase requirement to take advantage of it. Furthermore, Living Spaces provides one year limited warranties on most furniture pieces like sofa frames and springs as well as chairs for your peace of mind.

Living Spaces team members are on hand 24/7 to assist online customers with any inquiries they have about the company or products. Intercom, an instantaneous chat software used by Living Spaces, allows staff members to respond immediately and offer tailored support based on customers’ inquiries – an essential tool that has enabled Pete and Living Spaces team members to become “more ingrained into the broader business.” It can be used both mobile devices and desktops so customers can engage with Living Spaces teams whenever necessary.

No matter whether you shop online, in store, or at one of Living Spaces Outlet Centers – items can be ready for pickup as soon as the next day! Simply add the item to your cart and select “Store Pickup.” From here, simply choose when and where to pick up your order in store.

Living Spaces’ industry-leading Pro Shopper Warranty covers your purchase against manufacturing defects in workmanship and material for one year – something all furniture retailers should provide, yet many don’t do.

Living Spaces stores boast an incredible selection of furniture and home decor items, from the latest trends to timeless classics. Their friendly non-commissioned staff is always more than willing to help find what you’re searching for – telling you about fabrics, paint colors and other details which may assist your decision process or showing how a piece may look in your own home!

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