iHerb Vendor

iHerb Vendor

How to Sell to iHerb and Become a iHerb Vendor

iHerb is an online retailer that carries products from many well-known brands as well as its own collection of items.

iHerb offers an exceptional return policy and competitive shipping rates, along with a rewards program.

This company is well-renowned for offering top-quality goods at unbeatably low prices, shipping to over 180 countries around the globe.

How to sell to iHerb.com

iHerb is an international online store offering vitamins, supplements, grocery items and health products from across the world. Additionally, they have their own line of products as well as shipping them globally to over 180 countries. With its reputation for fast and cheap service and its extensive selection of health and beauty products from around the globe, iHerb could be an ideal place for people looking to save money while getting quality health and beauty supplies delivered directly. Their website makes shopping simple.

Whoever wishes to sell their products through iHerb can create an account by visiting its website and entering an ID and password; after which instructions will be given on how to upload product listings and manage them. Once they’ve set up their account, they can begin advertising their goods on the platform while receiving payments via PayPal.

Since 1996, iHerb has been in operation and based out of Irvine, California. Operating distribution centers in both the U.S. and South Korea using light packaging to reduce shipping costs, the company also maintains a warehouse in Hong Kong to serve regional customers and employs over 500 staff who strive to bring customers quality products at reasonable prices.

Customers can shop iHerb for products by category, brand and condition on its website, as well as products from its own lines like iTested and Cleanse & Glow. Furthermore, free shipping is offered on orders of $25 or more in the US.

iHerb offers an affiliate-based program that pays affiliates a percentage of product sales they promote on its website, through social media campaigns or email newsletters. Furthermore, the website offers tools that help track affiliates’ sales and promotions.

iHerb offers consumers an easy and cost-effective way to buy quality vitamins, supplements and health foods online. Their website features a vast selection of quality products at discounted prices in multiple languages with payment options such as credit cards and PayPal available – not forgetting fast, free delivery to over 50 countries!

What are the requirements to sell to iHerb.com?

iHerb is an online retailer that provides health and wellness products to customers globally. Their selection features over 300,000 brands, in addition to offering its own in-house products. Orders of $20 or more qualify for free shipping; additionally they frequently run special sales in categories including beauty, nutrition and treating specific conditions such as hair loss or joint pain.

iHerb stands out from many e-commerce sites by not outsourcing its fulfillment to third parties; every item that ships from its warehouses comes directly from its inventory – which allows for improved quality control but means shipping times may take slightly longer than with other companies.

To ensure that all products sold by iHerb are of high-quality, the company has implemented stringent product selection and vetting processes, as well as customer service representatives who can answer questions or help people locate what they are searching for. In addition, their customer support team speaks a variety of languages like English, Simplified Chinese (both simplified and traditional), Japanese, Korean Russian Portuguese French Italian Spanish Arabic

The iHerb app is user-friendly, featuring an intuitive design that makes finding what they’re searching for quick. Available for free on both App Store and Google Play, users can quickly and effortlessly shop popular categories like supplements, sports nutrition, beauty products, groceries, baby care items and pets.

This website features an impressive selection of vitamins, supplements, herbs, and other natural products, along with a blog offering tips and advice on health, fitness, and nutrition. In addition, there’s an interactive community section where visitors can share their experiences using various health and wellness products.

iHerb provides a 60-day return policy on most products purchased, provided they remain in their original packaging and unopened. In addition, this company provides a 90-day money back guarantee on its own in-house brands.

How to get started selling to iHerb.com?

iHerb is an international online wellness retailer offering vitamins, supplements, and natural care products in over 185 countries worldwide. As an essential source for trustworthy products containing natural ingredients that meet all quality standards at low prices with easy navigation website features and frequent coupon codes and limited-time discounts across different product categories, iHerb prides itself as being a reliable one-stop shop that ships internationally.

iherb offers over 30,00 products and a rewards program where customers can participate to earn free shipping on future orders. Furthermore, customers receive a 20% first order incentive discount and frequently have promotions or deals available for certain product lines.

Although iHerb may have its flaws, such as not being Better Business Bureau accredited and having an extremely long wait before credits are processed (180 days), its many positive attributes make it worthwhile considering when marketing vitamin and supplement brands. For instance, sales and specials change weekly: their “deal of the day” runs Monday-Thursday while there’s also a weekend deal section from Friday through Sunday that keeps customers engaged with this marketplace.

These deals often provide large discounts or even freebies and trials on well-known brands, making this an excellent way to try a new brand and assess if it suits you as a regular purchase. Plus, iHerb even has an Instagram page dedicated to sales and offers so that you can check them at anytime!

iHerb is an increasingly popular destination for shoppers in search of health and wellness products at discounted prices, featuring both top brands as well as its own label items. Prices often fall 30-50% below that offered in stores or pharmacies due to iHerb’s massive sales turnover and direct cooperation with manufacturers.

iHerb has two distribution centers located in California and Kentucky that are both certified as GMP facilities, offering climate-controlled storage to keep vitamins and other supplements fresh.

iHerb has developed an expansive security program to safeguard its customers’ information. They use payment card tokenization, which converts sensitive data into random numbers and letters for maximum protection against hackers accessing personal data. Furthermore, iHerb complies with multiple global privacy regulations.

How to get approved to sell to iHerb.com

iHerb provides a large selection of supplements and wellness products from their warehouse in Irvine, California. Their low prices – often 30-50% less than stores or pharmacies – attract a great many shoppers; plus their discounts and promotions (Deal of the Day/freebies/weekend deals etc) make navigating their site simple; people can search by brand/category/condition.

It also features numerous customer reviews and testimonials to aid purchase decisions, but online testimonies must always be treated as subjective opinions; online reviews can sometimes be inaccurate. iHerb adheres to global privacy regulations by employing tokenization technology which converts sensitive data into random numbers and letters so only the last four digits of your payment card number and expiration date remain stored by them.

iHerb offers multiple shipping methods and, within the US, orders typically arrive within three days. International deliveries typically take 20 days; unlike some sellers, however, iHerb does not contract out its order fulfillment duties to third-party sellers, providing it with greater control of quality control.

iHerb offers an expansive and expeditious return policy. Customers can easily return unopened products for full refund or exchange them for something different; no restocking fees apply, and returns are processed within 10 business days of arrival.

iHerb does not permit affiliate links on written or physical materials, although some partnerships may be considered on an individual basis. Furthermore, affiliates cannot use its logo or trademark without prior approval and does not pay commissions for purchases of its own products by affiliates.

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