How to get your product in stores

How to Get Your Product in Stores

Do you have a product perfect for chain stores and want to know why buyers are not calling you back? Karen Waksman, founder of Retail MBA reveals 5 tips and strategies to help you get started today!

Are you facing difficulties in getting your product sold in stores? Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA has all the solutions. In this short video training, Karen discusses the five reasons why chain store buyers might not be reaching out to you.

Reason #1

When you make contact with a buyer their first instinct is to assess how your product is presented. If it fails to capture their interest they won’t be intrigued. Most products aren’t groundbreaking inventions; rather they’re versions of existing products. Buyers constantly seek something more appealing.

Reason #2

When individuals contemplate placing their product in stores they often have three retailers in mind. However this approach has one drawback—everyone else follows the strategy. To get a foot inside the door consider targeting retailers that haven’t been flooded with offers yet. Buyers value evidence of success. If you can demonstrate sales elsewhere it can significantly impact their decision making process.

Reason #3

Retailers are concerned about whether your product’s generating sales or not. Thanks to the internet era buyers can easily access information, about your product. Evaluate its conversion rates. If its not performing well don’t expect them to reach out to you soon.

Reason #4

Retailers are concerned, about whether your shipping methods align with their requirements. If you try to save a few dollars by opting for boat shipping it won’t be effective. It could take months for the product to reach the store causing delays.

Reason #5

Retailers pay attention to pricing. If your pricing is off they may not consider working with you. However there are ways to address and overcome pricing challenges. Don’t give up on retailers simply because they express concerns about your pricing.

How to Get Your Product into Stores

Getting your product stocked in stores can be quite challenging. It is achievable with the strategies and support. Karen Waksman and Retail MBA have been assisting individuals in this field for the 13 years helping them secure partnerships with chain stores. To learn more, about their trainings, workshops and additional resources visit

Outline of "How to Get Your Products in Stores - 5 Reasons Buyers Are Not Calling You Back at Stores!

Chain store buyers play a major role in the industry as they have the responsibility of selecting products for major chain stores. However many entrepreneurs face challenges when it comes to grabbing the attention of chain store buyers often experiencing emails and calls. In this short video training, Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA sheds light on the five reasons why chain store buyers might not be returning your calls.

Lack of Product Uniqueness

One primary reason for chain store buyers lack of response could be that your product lacks uniqueness. Over the years buyers have encountered products. Are constantly on the lookout, for something fresh, innovative and exciting. If your product fails to stand out from others in terms of uniqueness capturing their attention becomes a task. According to Waksmans insights inventors seldom create products but rather develop improved versions of existing ones. Therefore finding ways to make your product shine among competitors is crucial.

Planned Strategy

Another reason leading to unresponsiveness from chain store buyers could be a planned strategy. Entrepreneurs often focus solely on their three retailers when contemplating selling their products through chain stores.

However there is a flaw, in this strategy because many others are following the approach. According to Waksman, an way to enter the retail chains is by targeting retailers that not everyone is currently selling to. By exploring strategies that go beyond the norm you increase your chances of attracting attention.

One possible reason why chain store buyers might not be responsive is if your product isn’t selling well. Retailers want to see a demand, for your product. If its not selling they may hesitate to take it on. Waksman suggests implementing marketing strategies that guarantee product sales as a means to address this issue.

Another factor that could hinder chain store buyers response is shipping arrangements. For instance if you try cutting costs by shipping products via boat it might not align well with chain stores requirements. By the time the product arrives and reaches the store shelves it could be significantly outdated. It’s crucial to find a shipping method that satisfies both you and the retailer.

One possible reason why chain store buyers might not respond is if you fail to follow up. It’s important to remember that buyers are often busy and may not reply away. If you don’t hear back, from them it’s crucial to reach out in an courteous manner. According to Waksman its recommended to follow up three times before giving up.

To sum up, if you want to grab the attention of chain store buyers it’s essential to have a product that stands out a planned strategy, a product that sells well an effective shipping method for both you and the retailer and the willingness to follow up professionally and respectfully. By adhering to these suggestions your chances of catching the eye of chain store buyers and ultimately getting your products, on retailers shelves may increase!

How to get your product in stores
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