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hobby lobby wholesale suppliers

Hobby Lobby Supplier

Beginning as a picture frame business in 1972, this chain now operates more than 1,000 stores with an excellent cash position and operating within the craft supply industry.

Hobby Lobby, owned by evangelical Christians, sued the federal government over its mandate that requires them to offer birth control coverage to employees despite this going against its religious convictions.

Company Overview

Hobby Lobby was established by David Green in 1972 as a privately owned company with more than 969 stores across the US, selling arts and crafts supplies, home decor products, fabrics and party supplies. Known for their conservative Christian values and involvement in legal battles to uphold them.

Hobby Lobby made waves in 2014 when it won a landmark Supreme Court case that permitted them to deny birth control coverage to employees on religious grounds, setting an precedent that allows private companies with five or fewer owners to refuse offering certain medical benefits to employees.

Hobby Lobby, founded in Oklahoma City and with over 88 million shares outstanding and an annual revenue exceeding $5 billion, ranks on both Fortune 500 and Forbes 100 lists of large US public corporations; additionally it is one of the world’s premier craft retailers.

As a supplier to Hobby Lobby, you can expect a company dedicated to ethical business practices and compliance with laws and regulations. They have established a Code of Conduct which all vendors and subcontractors must abide by as well as a stringent sourcing standard which prohibits purchasing products produced with child labor or forced labour.

Hobby Lobby products must comply with federal and state environmental laws during production and shipping, with its Zero Tolerance Policy regarding any toxins in its products.

In October 2018, the company settled a products liability suit filed by California’s Air Resources Board against an aerosol floral coating containing asbestos for $4,920.

This company seeks to establish highly efficient and effective vendor relations. This will enable them to better serve their end customers. In turn, the company expects full understanding and compliance with its policies and processes for ordering, receiving, refurbishing, raumenting and distribution to their Didztribution Centers and Storedz.

Products & Services

Hobby Lobby is a large chain of arts and crafts stores as well as home furnishings stores headquartered in Oklahoma City with over 8 1/2 million square feet of manufacturing, distribution and office space. Their retail stores feature fabrics, paint and craft supplies in addition to home furnishings and framed art. Their website provides customers with various online shopping options.

This company targets women between the ages of 20-30 with middle-class incomes as its target market. Products are purchased from trade shows and trend analysis in crafting industry, and its purchasing department travels annually to various national craft conventions as well as manufacturers facilities to gain an understanding of what its competitors are offering.

The chain provides several services for its customers, including design and decorating advice as well as direct purchasing from warehouses. Customers also have the option to pick up orders at one of its nearby stores. Seasonal products available at its stores include St. Patrick’s Day-themed miniature gnomes as well as Easter egg dress-up kits for kids; it has an abundance of Christmas decorations!

Hobby Lobby currently operates over 750 stores throughout the U.S. and runs an on-site manufacturing plant which produces store fixtures, candles and scented products as well as art canvasses and picture frames, product packaging facilities as well as being home for its employees (more than 4,000 of whom work there!). As one of Oklahoma City’s top employers, Hobby Lobby employs one of its largest workforces today!

Hobby Lobby’s sourcing process involves reviewing product quality, cost and compliance with local laws and regulations before conducting an in-depth environmental and social responsibility impact analysis on each item purchased.

The company’s supply chain is intricate, consisting of numerous vendors and distributors. To ensure compliance with its stringent standards, Hobby Lobby Redzrondzibilitu Standarddz, it must ensure all its vendors meet them all.

Customer Service

No matter if you pitch directly or have someone represent you, the key to Hobby Lobby buying process success lies in understanding their buying criteria and process. They want products that will appeal to their customers while fitting well on their shelves; if unsure if your product fits this description, spend some time at your local Hobby Lobby store looking around – if your product would compete with products already present there it is unlikely it will be accepted.

If your product is purchased by a buyer, it is essential that you understand their ordering, receiving and distribution processes in order to foster an efficient and beneficial business relationship with them. A clear understanding will allow for efficient management relationships within companies.

Hobby Lobby stores offer an assortment of arts and crafts supplies, picture framing products, jewelry making materials, fabric and baskets for crafting projects. In addition, the company also sells home decor, holiday decorations and furniture. Their aim is to foster close working relationships with all vendors for mutual success and ensure customer satisfaction.

Hobby Lobby has been embroiled in many legal proceedings due to its religious views, most notably being granted an exemption by the Supreme Court from providing health insurance coverage for birth control under Affordable Care Act requirements. Furthermore, Hobby Lobby also made headlines due to their collection of thousands of looted artifacts from Iraq that later came under scrutiny by authorities.

Before submitting any paperwork to Hobby Lobby, it’s wise to consult a lawyer in order to avoid getting yourself embroiled in legal battles. Boto’s legal experts can guide you through this process and ensure your product lands on their shelves in an organized fashion.

Hobby Lobby buyers will almost certainly increase your product volume significantly, so be prepared to increase production as necessary if necessary. It is also wise to be wary of contracts which stipulate penalties for delays in shipping or production.

Contact Us

Oklahoma City-based arts and crafts chain Michael’s Craft Stores are known for offering trendy home decor merchandise. Their high-quality products and competitive prices appeal to a broad spectrum of customers, while supporting Christian charities and playing inspirational music is part of its business model. Unfortunately, Michael’s has also been plagued with allegations against its Green family regarding discriminatory employment practices as well as illegally smuggling artifacts from Middle Eastern nations into its stores.

Hobby Lobby was established as a home business by David and Barbara Green when they took out a $600 loan to start making miniature picture frames at home. Once their store opened in 1972, their products and services grew considerably: now including everything from framing supplies to fabrics, floral arrangements, wedding decorations, craft classes in-store as well as hosting an annual convention.

Hobby Lobby offers its own merchandise line as well as products from other companies through a distribution center, helping reduce inventory storage needs at individual locations while offering lower prices to customers and freeing up more space for product offerings.

While its leaders have been criticized for infusing religious values into their business, many consider these values essential to its success. For instance, it closes its stores on Sundays so employees can spend time with their families; additionally, higher than average wages ensure their well-being.

Hobby Lobby remains one of the largest arts and crafts chains in America despite all of the controversy that surrounds it. Owned privately by the Green family, which has donated millions to various Christian groups. Furthermore, Hobby Lobby funded the Museum of the Bible in Washington D.C.

Hobby Lobby makes applying to work there easy with their website offering online application forms and email addresses for potential candidates, along with phone numbers where staff will gladly help find you a position best suited to your skills and qualifications.

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hobby lobby wholesale suppliers

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