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CPG Consulting

How CPG Consulting Can Help You Overcome Brand Challenges

CPG brands must drive revenue with impactful pricing strategies. From price increases and loyalty programs to discounts, top companies use pricing as a strategy for driving volume growth.

Leading CPG teams pursue innovation on various fronts: optimizing current processes, innovating incrementally and crafting breakthrough ideas. Digital tools, like electronic lab notebook systems to organize research and predictive analytics can free up talent to focus on more creative endeavors.

Product Development

CPG companies face many challenges when it comes to product launches, operations optimization to meet volume and NPI goals, or differentiating consumer relationships through brands. Our experience helps CPG leaders navigate these complexities with actionable insights to tackle these hurdles effectively.

We work closely with you to develop strategies that leverage data and technology for digital growth of your brand, such as establishing presence on an e-commerce platform or making sure products appear prominently when searched on internet retail platforms.

Our experts can also assist in creating a digital roadmap tailored to the vision and priorities of your company, which allows us to build, test, and measure its growth so as to provide value to consumers while meeting KPIs.

Agile processes can also assist with accelerated product development and delivery, typically by creating small teams with diverse skill sets to drive innovation – typically including a product owner who directs them on a continuous basis and representatives from design, packaging, process technology and consumer insights functions – in order to help avoid project dilution or scope creep that would delay innovation efforts.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy for consumer packaged goods companies requires an infusion of consumer insights and innovative marketing in order to set them apart from their competition. From building brand loyalty through digital channels to providing value to consumers in unexpected ways or building customer connections in meaningful and authentic ways – experience in the CPG industry has taught us that these challenges are both real and increasingly complex.

Setting up and running an effective marketing campaign can be daunting for any business, but especially so for CPG brands with strict deadlines and budget constraints. Working with an experienced consulting firm familiar with CPG campaigns may help avoid costly errors and deliver the results desired.

Revenue Management Labs is one such firm, which specializes in helping consumer packaged goods brands increase profitability through supply chain strategies. Their team employs an integrative approach to develop pricing strategies that increase sales while decreasing inventory risk; Revenue Management Labs has successfully helped many CPG companies realize significant results and can do the same for yours.

Cave is another top-ranked agency, specializing in creating customized campaigns to accelerate brand expansion rapidly among their target audiences. They achieve this through using an approach tailored towards client satisfaction that provides a superior return on investment (ROI). You can learn more by visiting their website here.

Market Research

Market research can be invaluable to any CPG company, whether new or established. Not only can it identify your audience but it can also aid product development, marketing strategies and sales growth. With proper market research methodologies you’ll be able to understand customers’ specific needs and preferences and build stronger competitive advantage for yourself.

An effective market research company can be invaluable when navigating the ever-evolving CPG industry. They will keep up to date on all of the trends, opportunities, and challenges your competitors are encountering; and recommend strategies for your brand that remain both competitive and authentic.

CPG market research companies not only conduct surveys and focus groups, but they can also perform product testing with eye-tracking software to observe customer interactions with your products and how they are displayed on store shelves. Furthermore, they can make suggestions on improving both website design and product positioning.

KS&R is an international custom market research firm offering their services to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies across various sectors. They specialize in healthcare (pharma and device), technology, consumer goods, e-commerce, transportation and professional services – among other fields – with international experience in over 100 countries and 50 languages and clients that span both large and small brands alike.

Marketing Strategy

CPG brands must generate demand and get products into consumers’ hands quickly. Traditional surveys and social feedback may take months to analyze; digital marketing provides an efficient means of quickly connecting with enthusiastic buyers. Companies have even taken to inviting users into product co-creation experiences like Frito Lay’s popular “Do Us a Flavor” contests as part of this approach.

Search Nurture, an award-winning CPG consulting company, can assist your marketing campaigns to build brand recognition and engage your target market. Using innovative approaches combined with cutting-edge technologies such as Salesforce and other tech stacks, Search Nurture utilizes these strategies to increase brand visibility and drive conversions – the company counts Fortune 500 companies among its client list as well as top digital agencies.

Digital marketing for CPG companies demands both scaleability and optimization in order to reach the right people with your products. This can be accomplished via paid ads such as Facebook Ads, TikTok videos and influencer marketing; alternatively SEO may help rank higher in search results to reach customers most likely to buy your products.

Pixelhop is a digital marketing firm that specializes in consumer packaged goods brands and has helped them expand their businesses with innovative digital services that focus on this industry. Their team of digital experts are adept at managing end-to-end campaigns with quick results.

Pricing Strategy

CPG manufacturers that remain profitable through this decade will have established a robust framework for growth by developing disciplined strategies that account for uncertainty, consumer demands and organization agility. Rethink pricing strategies in order to maximize profitability and build brand loyalty if you wish for success!

Long-term price increase effectiveness will diminish in response to rising interest rates, persistent inflation and mounting cost-of-living pressures. Finding ways to accommodate income-constrained consumers while growing revenue and protecting margins will prove difficult; short-term tactics like price increases, promotion reductions or package downsizing won’t work effectively without first considering their effect on brand relative elasticity curves, market trends or competitive positioning as part of an overall portfolio plan.

An essential aspect of success will be to leverage cutting-edge technologies to make more precise pricing decisions and enable effective merchandising strategies across retail channels. Our solutions help you leverage data and predictive analytics to optimize pricing across a range of dimensions – product, channel and geography. We can also assist in developing a reliable process for monitoring sellers’ compliance with Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP), while upholding your product positioning efforts. This approach aims to deliver improved bottom-line results and speed product launches, as well as greater inventory visibility, automation of supply chains and optimization of route planning/last mile delivery efficiency.

Natural CPG

Consumer packaged goods industries are highly competitive environments with limited shelf space – brands must find ways to stand out on shelves by adopting disciplined strategies that account for uncertainty, demand for consumer-centricity and organizational agility.

CPGs must recognize and anticipate the rise in popularity of natural products as an emerging trend, in light of consumers embracing more health and wellness-based products with organic ingredients, reduced chemicals and an emphasis on transparency. CPGs should take note of this shift in demand to stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Customer segmentation allows CPGs to target specific customer groups and increase brand loyalty, while also helping CPGs better understand their internal sales data, so they can make better informed decisions based on current market trends and needs.

Building world-class accounting and finance departments is of vital importance to any CPG company. These departments are charged with providing insights that support company decision-making – this may involve understanding its business model, complying with financial and tax regulations, or analyzing granular sales and margin performance metrics.

As a premier CPG consulting firm, emerge assists natural, organic and specialty brands to bring their product to market through all classes of trade. We offer services such as developing growth strategies, writing sales and marketing plans, budgeting pricing distribution building broker selection management as well as US market entry planning to name just a few.

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