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Big Lots Wholesale

Big Lots Wholesale operates discount retail stores that specialize in food, consumables, soft home, hard home, seasonal merchandise and seasonal merchandise. Established in 1967 and headquartered out of Columbus Ohio.

Columbus-based closeout retailer Big Lots Wholesale and Consolidated International and Wisconsin Toy will close their wholesale business within 90 days, shifting employees over into their retail operation.


Big Lots stores with bright white and orange signs offer a diverse assortment of furniture, mattresses, small appliances and home decor items as well as food, snacks and pet products. Closeout merchandise and unsold goods from manufacturers are often purchased here; their locations in strip shopping centers make Big Lots an appealing alternative to traditional grocery and department store chains according to analysts.

Columbus-based closeout retailer Big Lots operates over 1,400 stores in 47 states. Each location covers about 25,000 square feet – about half as large as an average supermarket – and most can be found in strip shopping centers – giving Big Lots an edge over retailers that are closing or losing customers in malls across the nation.

In an effort to attract a larger bargain shopping base, Big Lots upgraded its stores in 2001 by upgrading lighting, improving restrooms, painting storefronts and creating a new advertising campaign which conveyed that shopping at Big Lots wasn’t something shameful or disgraceful; its lower prices could save consumers 30-50% more than at name brand stores.

Big Lots expanded its furniture sales with new departments in stores and freestanding outlets; advertising stressed that shoppers seeking competitive prices and stylish goods needed to shop there because inventory would change regularly; this strategy helped increase furniture sales at Big Lots which had previously been one of its most profitable divisions. Notable competitors of Big Lots in this space include Walmart (WMT), Target (TGT), Dollar General (DG), Ollie’s Bargain Outlet (OLLI) and TJX-owned HomeGoods (HOME).


Big Lots offers an impressive selection of appliances and home furnishings at competitive prices, as well as furniture. Their discount prices make them attractive, though product quality may differ; therefore it is wise to shop around and compare both before making a decision.

Big Lot’s no-frills stores boast bright white and orange signs and offer a range of merchandise, spanning mattresses, couches, lamps to kitchen appliances and food. Their store stock includes products produced too much or discontinued from manufacturers who overproduce, while goods returned by retailers or destroyed become available at reduced costs for them to purchase from distributors or end up in the garbage. Some well-known brands such as Proctor & Gamble and Mattel as well as several small scale producers in China and the Philippines may be found here as they take advantage of closeout merchandise available from manufacturers or discontinued lines produced too much or cancelled altogether by manufacturers producing too much or discontinuing lines altogether; their stores specialize in closeout merchandise from manufacturers who overproduce or discontinued lines, while it also buys goods returned by retailers or left in trash can end up ending up as returns resulting from retailers returning goods which end up in landfill. Its inventory contains products such as Proctor & Gamble and Mattel as well as many small scale producers from China and Philippines from small scale producers to fill out its stockpaipiphiphiphiphiphilipi whose stock it carries.

Big Lots made significant investments to upgrade its stores and attract younger shoppers by improving its distribution systems and offering more items at more reasonable prices. They also created an advertising campaign highlighting how enjoyable and affordable shopping at their stores could be.

Big Lots prides itself on offering both competitive pricing and an upbeat, friendly shopping environment, which has greatly contributed to its growing popularity. Although competing against established discount chains such as Walmart (WMT), Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Target as well as TJX’s HomeGoods and Ollie’s Bargain Outlet remains stiff competition for Big Lots; nonetheless it continues to thrive and expand during periods such as coronavirus pandemic outbreaks with housebound customers redecorating or updating their homes with home goods sales that skyrocket their competition by staying open during such outbreaks and seeing strong sales of home goods sales during such outbreaks.

Home Decor

Big Lots home decor department is your destination if you want to decorate on a budget. They carry seasonal decor items, kitchen supplies, bedding and furniture among many other household essentials ranging from modern and traditional styles. Additionally, over 1,400 stores can be found across America with locations in Trexlertown and Allentown Pennsylvania; alternatively you can also shop online!

The new format being implemented at Columbus-area stores features furniture in the center and front of each store with home goods to either side, seasonal products and food being moved to the back for easier shopping experience. According to Bachmann, this change will appeal to their typical customer who seeks value while limited time allows for shopping experience. It also symbolizes their company’s desire to enhance it further for customer.

Planning before visiting Big Lots can help ensure a more enjoyable shopping experience. The store can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with its layout; therefore, take your time exploring before making purchases. Make sure to visit the clearance section to save on some of the more expensive items in-store; additionally use retailMeNot or Ibotta cashback apps for added savings of up to 2% on purchases made!


Big Lots offers electronics to fit every lifestyle. From wireless Bluetooth speakers and headphones to power cords and extension cables, Big Lots provides technology products at prices you love for work or play at prices you love! Additionally, we carry gaming accessories, TV wall mounts/remotes, mobile phone accessories as well as computer/office supplies that will help keep you productive – perfect gifts for family/friends as well as the latest gadgets to upgrade home or office at Big Lots.

Big Lots has long been recognized for providing low prices and exceptional value to its customers since its founding in 1967 in Columbus, Ohio. Today it operates 1,400 stores that specialize in offering exceptional deals to save customers money on home furniture, soft furnishings, food, consumables, hard goods and toys; as well as providing services such as community involvement training and customer service certification programs.

In 2001, the company initiated an ambitious overhaul of its stores. They upgraded brightness and friendliness of shopping experience as well as revamped inventory tracking system. Furthermore, distribution centers were expanded allowing the company to stock stores with new items while still maintaining standard lineups of products.


Big Lots Wholesale provides consumers with access to an assortment of tools and hardware ranging from basic power and hand tools, through specialty hardware pieces, cleaning and maintenance supplies and electrical items like cords, adapters, transformers as well as batteries and light bulbs for purchase. Big Lots Wholesale operates its business-to-business wholesale operations through three divisions: Big Lots Wholesale, Consolidated International and Wisconsin Toy. Buying these treasures of tools and hardware offers consumers a treasure hunt shopping experience!

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