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Do you have a product that is perfect for JCPenney Stores and Want to Become a JcPenney Stores Vendor?

If you have a product that you believe deserves a spot on the shelves of JCPenney stores or their online platform, this informative short video training on How to Sell to JCPenney Stores will provide you with insights and guidance to get started! So lets dive into todays training session focused on selling to JCPenney.

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JCPenney Vendor

JCPenney boasts a presence with over 860 stores across 49 states in the United States and Puerto Rico. The scale of their operations is truly remarkable employing than 98,000 individuals in their stores alone. This highlights the buying power they possess.

I mention this because people often overlook the potential of selling at JCPenney. It’s important to keep them on your radar. While there may have been concerns about their future at one point they still offer opportunities. Continue to make substantial purchases. In short, JCPenney remains a marketplace for sellers.

Products Sought by JCPenney

The thing about dealing with JCPenney is that they openly disclose what types of products they are interested, in purchasing.

They purchase a total of 22 products, for women’s clothing and 21 for mens clothing and accessories. This means that they have a combined 40 products dedicated to apparel for both genders. It’s impressive that they openly share this information on their website and other platforms. Additionally they offer 15 products in the home goods category. They also have a selection of children’s apparel, family footwear, handbags and fine jewelry. Moreover they sell types of products.

It is worth considering that if you have any offerings in the realm of women’s clothing, mens clothing, accessories or related categories JCPenney would be interested in purchasing them. Their children’s department is highly. Their sales in the home goods category are significant well. In addition to their core business areas mentioned earlier JCPenney also offers a range of products.

One noteworthy development is their partnership with Sephora; Sephora now has a presence within JCPenney stores. This could greatly benefit your business if you offer beauty products or related items since there is a cosmetic section, within JCPenney stores. Sephora is currently quite popular. This collaboration has the potential to expand your business opportunities significantly.

If you’re considering approaching JCPenney I have one piece of advice, for you. If you own a business that’s either women owned or minority owned it would be beneficial to obtain the certification. For women owned businesses visit and for minority owned companies a simple Google search for minority owned business certification will guide you.


The significance of this certification lies in the fact that once you acquire it you can present yourself as a woman or minority owned company to organizations like JCPenney. They highly value suppliers with backgrounds and clienteles which means they are always on the lookout for businesses like yours. This places you in a position with JCPenney. Their commitment to diversity aligns well with their customer base.

So if your goal is to start selling to JCPenney remember that they actively seek out vendors from backgrounds. And here’s an interesting tidbit; if you happen to be a veteran owned company that could be particularly exciting for them. For women entrepreneurs it’s definitely worth exploring since their product range involves accessories and other items that align well with what companies, like yours offer.

Ultimately my intention was simply to encourage you to reconsider JCPenney as an opportunity worth exploring.If you’re interested, in learning the approach, pitch and choice of words for reaching out to JCPenney I highly recommend visiting my website On the website I provide steps and strategies to help you get started away. Additionally I offer guidance on approaching retailers to JCPenney.

Getting Started

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"The one thing that I would tell you about JCPenney if you're thinking about going after them, if you are a woman or minority-owned company, definitely get certified. "

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Tips and Strategies, for Selling to JCPenney

If you have a product and you’re interested in selling it to a chain JCPenney presents a promising opportunity for your business. JCPenney is widely recognized as one of the department store chains in the United States. With a presence of over 860 stores across 49 states and Puerto Rico they offer a variety of products such as women’s apparel, mens apparel, accessories, children’s apparel, family footwear, handbags, fine jewelry and home goods. In this article we’ll delve into approaches for selling to JCPenney by exploring what they typically purchase and providing some tips and strategies.

What Does JCPenney Look for When Buying Products?

JCPenney actively seeks out 22 products within women’s apparel category alone. When it comes to mens apparel and accessories they usually purchase around 21 items. For home goods they typically buy 15 products. Additionally they also cater to children’s apparel needs along with offering family footwear options. Notably interesting is their recent partnership with Sephora which has led to Sephora outlets being established within JCPenney stores nationwide. This collaboration offers an opportunity for businesses involved in beauty products to expand their reach.

What Are the Advantages of Selling, to JCPenney?

The significant advantage of selling your products through JCPenney lies in their buying power.JCPenney has a workforce of, over 98,000 individuals in their stores and their purchasing power is substantial. Furthermore they actively seek out vendors from backgrounds women owned businesses, minority owned businesses and veteran owned businesses. Being certified in any of these categories can significantly boost your chances of getting noticed by them.

How to become a JCPenney seller?

If you’re interested in selling your products to JCPenney the first step is to visit their website and conduct research on their purchasing preferences. Once you have an understanding of what they’re looking for the next step is to approach them with your product. Here are some valuable tips and strategies for approaching JCPenney;

Conduct research

Before approaching JCPenney it’s crucial to gather information about their brand identity target customers and specific product requirements. Take a look at their website visit their stores if possible and engage with their employees. The knowledge you have about JCPenneys values and needs as a retailer the equipped you will be when presenting your product.

Obtain certifications

For women owned businesses seeking recognition from JCPenney consider getting certified through If your company falls under the category of minority owned businesses conducting a Google search, for minority owned business certification can help you find resources.

Getting certified puts you in a position, as a supplier, which is something JCPenney actively seeks.

Crafting a pitch

When presenting your product it’s important to emphasize its qualities and the benefits it offers. Clearly explain why your product is well suited for JCPenney and how it addresses their customers needs. It’s also helpful to provide samples, data and testimonials that support the value of your product.

Don’t forget to follow up

After delivering your pitch remember to follow up. Sending a thank you email or note is a gesture. Don’t hesitate to ask for feedback. If you haven’t received any response within a week or two consider making a follow up phone call or sending another email. Persistence plays a role when selling products to retailers like JCPenney.

Consider seeking guidance from consultants

If you’re new to selling products to retailers or if you’re unsure about approaching JCPenney it might be beneficial to collaborate with a retail consultant. Retail MBA can be a resource, for learning the ropes of sales including strategies tailored for JCPenney. They provide training programs coaching sessions and even services that can assist you in getting your products into big box retail stores.

JcPenney Vendor - How to Sell to JcPenney
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Step-by-step training on how to sell to retail chains!

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We are here to expedite the process of generating revenue with your physical products and that’s what we’re all about.  Take a look at our advanced training, live events, certification programs and so much more.

In this training, I will discuss some of the things to think about when approaching a retailer to sell your products and become a vendor. Hope it helps! 🙂

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Sell to JcPenney & Becoming a JcPenney Vendor
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Sell to JcPenney & Becoming a JcPenney Vendor
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