Auto Zone Supplier – How to Sell to Auto Zone and Be an Auto Zone Supplier!

Auto Zone Supplier – In this quick training we will be discussing how to sell to Auto Zone and become an Auto Zone supplier!

autozone supplier - how to sell to autozone and become an auto zone supplier

Auto Zone Supplier – How to Sell to Auto Zone and Become an Auto Zone Supplier!

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Hi everyone, it’s Karen Waksman, Founder of Retail MBA. Today I want to talk about becoming an  Auto Zone Supplier. Some of you have products that are perfect for the auto aftermarket industry, and you want to get your products into those types of stores, obviously, so you want to know about becoming an Auto Zone Supplier. What can I tell you about Auto Zone?

First of all, I’d like you to know that this particular retail chain is massive. They have like 5,800 stores or more. That’s massive. That’s some serious buying power. Usually they have a corporate buyer amongst other things, but ultimately they can, if they are interested in your product, you can make a lot of money. The problem with these different auto retail chains is that they tend to be smaller, because they’re so massive, everybody wants to sell to them.

How do you differentiate yourself? What do you do? How do you get your products in front of them? One thing that most people don’t realize is that trade shows can be a magical way to get your products into retail chains. Now I teach all sorts of other ways to get into stores, but if you are interested in a retailer like AutoZone, and you are in a highly competitive market, you might want to check out a trade show called SEMA, S-E-M-A; SEMA Show. It’s, I think, in late October. I think it varies a little bit, but it’s in late October, I think. It’s called the SEMA Show. Basically if you have an auto product that’s, we call it the auto aftermarket industry, or there’s accessories, and all sorts of things for cars. This show is pretty amazing for that. They’re really, really well-known. They have a lot of amazing speakers.

Then, all of the retailers, who are interested in the space usually attend this show. I usually create videos with specific details about certain retailers and so forth, but in this case I felt really strongly to share that this trade show, if you’re in the auto industry, would be amazing for you to go. At least go just to walk through it, to get a feel for what the industry’s all about, because it’s only about accessories and so forth for the auto industry. Not everybody knows about that show, so at least definitely attend. Also, a lot of the retailers go there, so I highly recommend exploring that for this particular retailer.

Anyway, there’s so many other things I could share with you about getting your products into AutoZone. If you want to know exactly how to approach, pitch, and sell to AutoZone directly, not go to a show, not do anything like that, definitely check out my website I have a free trading program that you can sign up to with just an email address. It’s a six part training program. It’s powerful, and that’s for free. You can take a look at that and I can spend some time with you. This is just a few minute video. Also, if you want to know how to get into retail chains today, and you’re ready to go, you can definitely check out my Retail MBA training program; the full program. That’s on that website, as well, That program is 20 hours of powerful information. In a weekend you can go after retail chains and get your products in the stores.

Anyway, to take a look at those, there’s links listed below. Otherwise, I hope this provided value. Check out SEMA Show, and be on the lookout for the additional videos that I create on different retailers. I hope this helps. This is Karen Waksman, Retail MBA. Thanks so much.

Karen Waksman

Author: Karen Waksman

Karen Waksman, Founder and CEO of Retail MBA, is an Entrepreneur Magazine, MSNBC and New York Times Company go to retail expert on the subject of selling to retailers! Karen has sold millions of units of products to the world’s largest retailers and has taught 1000’s of product companies across the country on the subject of selling to retailers at places such as CES (Consumer Electronics Show), US Patent Office, Stanford University, International Home and Housewares Show and so many other places. Her goal is to empower and inspire companies to transform their businesses by providing them all of the necessary information they need in order to become chain store vendors.

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