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Wholesale to Retail

wholesale to retail

Wholesale to Retail. Understanding Why Some Wholesale Product Companies Face Challenges When Selling to Retail Chains!

When it comes to selling products to chains, there are certain factors that contribute to the success or failure of product companies! As someone who frequently speaks at trade shows nationwide about selling to chain stores, I have had the opportunity to interact with volumes of product companies. Through these interactions, I have observed distinctions between the companies that thrive and those that struggle. Interestingly, these distinctions are becoming more apparent as I continue teaching on this subject! Therefore, I wanted to take a moment and share a few of these differentiating factors in hopes that it can serve as a turning point for those facing challenges in bringing their products into the market.

1) Successful product companies create plans with their objectives in mind.

In other words, they establish what they desire for their business then outline a well thought out plan of action. They thoroughly consider, research, strategize and subsequently execute their planned steps. In contrast, many individuals tend to be scattered in their approach by taking action without sitting down and developing an approach towards achieving their desired outcomes. The clearer you’re, about your goals the greater your chances of achieving results.
It’s fascinating how when you have a vision of what you want the right people tend to show up and provide the support you need. A written plan can be incredibly powerful and surprisingly simple.

By the way if anyone needs help creating a written plan I highly recommend checking out a couple of my books on the topic; “One Page Business Plan”, by Jim Horan and “Goals” by Brian Tracy. These authors aren’t affiliated with me. I genuinely think their works are fantastic!

2) Successful companies that develop products don’t give up when faced with challenges nor do they let financial constraints hinder their goals.

I’m always amazed at the number of product companies with ideas who abandon their dreams due to concerns. Its disheartening because I know product companies that faced similar financial hurdles! The only difference is that these successful companies refused to quit until they discovered a solution. Some started small selling their products through one retailer after another until they accumulated funds to fuel their business. Others sought advice from industry experts. Explored financial options available, in the product industry.

Ultimately the question that arises is; How determined are you to achieve your goals?If you truly desire something you will discover a way to achieve it. It may not be enjoyable or effortless. With a commitment, to yourself anything becomes possible.

3) Successful CEOs of product companies possess a strong passion for learning.

When I reflect on the CEOs I’ve encountered who have achieved success with their products I believe it stems from their nature and constant pursuit of knowledge that aids their triumph. They thoroughly explore resources consult experts in their fields and gather as much information as possible on strategies, for generating revenue with their products.

To position yourself for success it is vital to make decisions by taking ownership of your aspirations and acquiring the knowledge to become a success story. You don’t have to know everything. Being open minded and willing to make an effort is crucial! It’s astonishing how CEOs I come across who simply assume that they can delegate all the tasks without attempting to comprehend the process involved.
These companies often find themselves wondering why their products aren’t generating the expected revenue.

This principle applies to all aspects of business! For example if I wanted to create a website I would definitely hire a professional to handle the work. However if I truly aimed for success I would first research websites in my industry. Try to learn from their strategies. Armed with this knowledge I would then provide it to the designer so they can utilize their expertise.

The key takeaway is that continuous learning and growth are essential, for success. Relying solely on others to do the work for us will not yield the desired results. Nobody is as invested in our business as we are. Therefore finding effective ways to gather information is crucial in order to make progress.

In any case I hope these insights add value for you. Course there are factors that contribute to success or failure but these few points should, at least stimulate your thinking. So whenever you face challenges and feel like giving up just ask yourself how determined you truly are?If your desire is strong don’t give up until you achieve victory!

To Your Success,

Karen Waksman


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Wholesale, to Retail –  Factors That Influence Success or Failure

Selling products wholesale to chains can be both challenging and rewarding for companies in the product industry. Drawing from my experience as a speaker at trade shows and an educator in the field I have had the opportunity to interact with numerous product companies. During these interactions I have observed patterns that distinguish endeavors from those that encounter obstacles when bringing their products to market. In this article I aim to shed light on some of these factors that can significantly impact the success or failure of wholesale to ventures.

Strategic Planning

The Backbone of Success. One factor that sets product companies apart is their commitment to developing a strategic plan with their ultimate objectives in mind. Than diving headfirst into action accomplished entrepreneurs take the time to carefully consider conduct research and strategize before taking steps forward. By defining their business goals and laying out an approach towards achieving them they establish a solid foundation, for success.

A crafted plan enables entrepreneurs to attract the support and resources required to fulfill their objectives. Undoubtedly the importance of a written plan cannot be emphasized enough since it acts as a roadmap guiding the company towards its desired outcomes.
If you’re looking for support, in creating plans resources like “One Page Business Plan” by Jim Horan and “Goals” by Brian Tracy can be helpful tools.

Facing Challenges with Determination

Don’t Let Finances Hold You Back. When faced with adversity and financial difficulties successful product companies demonstrate unwavering determination. Many aspiring entrepreneurs with product ideas often give up on their dreams due to constraints. However it’s important to realize that successful companies encountered obstacles along the way. The key difference lies in their refusal to give up until they find a solution.

For some this may involve starting small and selling products to one retailer at a time until they generate funds to support the business. Others seek guidance from industry experts to explore options available to them. The crucial question is, “How much do I truly desire success?” When the commitment is strong enough entrepreneurs will discover ways to overcome challenges.

Eager for Knowledge

Embracing Learning and Expertise
The accomplished CEOs of product companies are learners. They are relentless, in their pursuit of knowledge that can help them succeed. They ask questions conduct research and consult experts in their product category to gain insights into generating revenue with their products.
To position oneself for success it is crucial to make informed decisions. This entails taking responsibility, for ones aspirations and putting in the effort to comprehend the requirements for achieving success. Depending on others to do the work without understanding the process can lead to outcomes. Instead entrepreneurs should proactively seek knowledge learn and develop themselves to maximize their chances of success.

In both business and life the pursuit of knowledge is a journey. CEOs must be open to evolution and adaptation in order to stay ahead in a retail landscape. By seeking out the efficient and effective methods of gathering information entrepreneurs can make informed decisions and take control of their own destiny.

Overcoming Challenges and Striving for Success

While there are factors that influence success or failure in the journey from wholesale to retail the key points discussed here provide insights. By formulating a plan persevering through challenges and embracing a mindset focused on learning aspiring entrepreneurs can increase their likelihood of achieving success.

Ultimately embarking on the wholesale to journey comes with its share of obstacles; however determination and knowledge pave the way, towards triumph.
When you encounter a situation and feel tempted to give up take a moment to reflect on your determination and ask yourself “How much do I truly desire this?” With a mindset, towards achieving success driven by planning and constant growth persist until you reach your objectives.

Always remember that success is attainable for those who’re willing to embrace the journey and conquer challenges along the path. Let these valuable insights serve as your guiding beacon as you navigate through the process of transitioning from wholesale, to success.


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