Walgreens Vendor - How to Sell to Walgreens Stores

How to Sell to Walgreens & Become a Walgreens Vendor

Would you like to become a Walgreens Vendor? 

Are you interested in becoming a vendor for Walgreens? If so Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA has shared some tips on getting your products into Walgreens stores. In this short video training, she discusses strategies based on her experience in selling to retailers.

Walgreens holds tremendous buying power with its presence of over 8,000 stores! This makes it an attractive choice for product companies of all sizes and across categories.

If you’re just starting out, Karen suggests taking advantage of Walgreens local buying program. This program allows store managers to purchase products for their stores and provides an opportunity for small companies to introduce their products to Walgreens.

In addition Karen recommends reaching out to the store manager and engaging in conversation, about your product. By showcasing your product at the store level and demonstrating its success locally you enhance the chances of catching the attention of buyers from Walgreens.

Karen Waksmans insights offer guidance on how to get your products onto the shelves at Walgreens stores.A great approach for businesses to have their products available, at Walgreens stores is by making use of the buying program and reaching out directly to store managers. If you’re interested in learning more about selling to retailers I suggest taking a look at Karens Retail MBA training program.

Transcript for This Video Listed Below:

how to sell to walgreens

Learn everything you need to know to become a Walgreens vendor

So one of the questions people always ask me in my workshops or classes is “Karen, I want to sell to Walgreens and how do I become a Walgreens Vendor?” And so obviously I take 10 hours to explain how to get products into the stores with my Retail MBA program, but I wanted to give you a quick tip on Walgreens, and actually one of my students did this and and he’s ultimately gotten into their stores! 

Why you should be selling to Walgreens

What happens when you’re a small to mid-size manufacturer/product company, you’re ultimately trying to go after Walgreens, which is a monster, right? They have thousands of stores, and everybody wants to sell to Walgreens. And so sometimes, again, when you’re dealing with these larger retailers, like the big, big guys, they’re ultimately little bit harder to get into ’cause everybody’s clamoring to get into those stores and become a Walgreens vendor.

How to become a Walgreens vendor

So one of the things that you can do if you’re having challenges there is to notice that there’s another company called “Duane Reade”. And Duane Reade is another drug store, and they have a couple of hundred stores. Now, why do I mention Duane Reade? Well, Duane Reade and Walgreens are the same company. They are owned by the same company. And so one of the reasons why most people don’t get their products in the stores is because, maybe the buyer doesn’t wanna deal with all the paper work to add on a new product. It takes time for them, they get new codes.

It’s tricky to become a Walgreens vendor

It’s a whole thing for a buyer to add a new product, and so if you’ve got a newer product, sometimes they’re just kinda lazy and just don’t wanna deal with it unless you go make some money elsewhere. And so ultimately, what happens is when you’re dealing, like say a Walgreen, sometimes that’s probably the reason why they’re not going deal with the smaller guy. Doesn’t always happen, but it does happen.

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Transcript Outline on How to Sell to Walgreens

When it comes to selling products at Walgreens many people often ask me “How can I get my products on their shelves?” This is a concern, for small to size manufacturers or product companies looking to break into the market of a retail giant like Walgreens. While there are strategies covered in my Retail MBA program I have a tip specifically for Walgreens that has proven successful for one of my students. It involves leveraging another known drugstore chain called Duane Reade.

Dealing with a retailer like Walgreens can be challenging due to the competition and the extensive process involved in getting new products added to their inventory. With thousands of stores and countless sellers vying for shelf space it’s essential to understand their hesitations and requirements. Paperwork, coding and processing time for buyers are factors that may influence their decision making.

An Approach

Let me share with you this approach that has helped businesses experience growth by navigating through these challenges. However here’s an interesting strategy; Duane Reade, which is another known chain of drugstores comes into play. What many people may not be aware of is that Duane Reade is actually part of the Walgreens family. Yes they are owned by the company. This creates an opportunity, for those who want to enter Walgreens stores.

Dealing with Walgreens can sometimes be challenging because they tend to be hesitant about working with companies or introducing products. Their buyers might be reluctant to take on the workload involved in adding a product especially if it hasn’t been widely tested in the market yet. However since Duane Reade has a presence with a few hundred stores they might be more open to trying out new products and making it easier for you to establish your presence.

And here’s where the magic happens; Once Duane Reade shows interest in your product and agrees to have you as a vendor they will assign you a vendor number. This special vendor number holds significance because it works for both Duane Reade and Walgreens since they are sister companies under the umbrella.

Now armed with your vendor number from Duane Reade you can confidently approach Walgreens. Say something like this; “Hey Walgreens! I already have my vendor number, from Duane Reade.”
So it won’t be as difficult for you to try out my product in your stores. This approach can greatly reduce the perceived risk for Walgreens making them more open, to considering your product for their shelves.

This strategic approach offers benefits

Access to Two Major Retailers; By partnering with Duane Reade you gain entry into both Duane Reade and Walgreens stores expanding your market reach significantly.

Proven Track Record; Showing that your product has already succeeded in Duane Reade stores strengthens your credibility when pitching to Walgreens.

Simplified Processes; Since both Duane Reade and Walgreens use the vendor number system onboarding your product becomes a process for Walgreens.

Testing and Expansion; By starting with Duane Reade you can test how well your product performs in a market before scaling up to Walgreens.

Improved Negotiation Position; Achieving success at Duane Reade gives you leverage when discussing terms with Walgreens.

Building Relationships; Partnering with Duane Reade allows you to establish connections with buyers and gain insights into working with a larger retailer, like Walgreens.
To alleviate buyer concerns you can demonstrate your commitment and capability by presenting a vendor number from a sister company. This shows that you have the expertise to handle the logistics of supplying to retailers.

In summary while it may seem challenging to break into retailers, like Walgreens entering through Duane Reade can pave the way for your success. By showcasing your products potential and reliability at Duane Reade you can access both Duane Reade and Walgreens stores. This approach enables you to expand your market presence establish relationships and build a strong foundation for growth. So seize this opportunity to open doors to greatness with thinking and creativity. Remember, success in the landscape often involves finding paths rather than taking a direct route. Best of luck, on your journey!

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How to Sell to Walgreens & Become a Walgreens  Vendor
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How to Sell to Walgreens & Become a Walgreens Vendor
Would you like to become a Walgreens Vendor? Have you ever wondered what it would take to get a product into their stores? If so, you will love this short training segment on how do I sell a product to Walgreens!
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