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Wal-Mart’s Get on the Shelf

Walmart get on the shelf contest

Wal-Mart’s Get on the Shelf Contest for Inventors

If you have a product that you think would be perfect for Wal-Mart then consider entering their Get on the Shelf contest for inventors!

Wal-Mart has developed a contest whereby the winner receives a purchase order from them…cool! You can enter to win by checking out their website. The contest is mostly geared for small product companies and inventors.

You basically fill out a form on their website and attach a video of your product. If you are chosen for round two of the contest, you will have to get people to vote for your product – the most votes win!

Here’s the deal with these contests though, you are up against thousands of applicants.  So you are going to have to get creative on the best way to win this contest. I know this is a little sneaky, but maybe hire an awesome internet marketer to drive traffic to your page on the Wal-Mart site? Do what you gotta do to get eyeballs to their website! That is probably one of the reasons they are doing this contest in the first place :-).

Either way, the exposure for your product while in this contest could be awesome for you! At least people will know what you’re up to. Yay!

By the way, the contest winner get’s their product on not Walmart stores! The reason I mention this is because you need to make sure you have great pictures of your product. People will not have the ability to touch and feel your product like they would in stores, so awesome pictures of your product will help you! Some products don’t photograph well. If this is your product, then this might not be an ideal contest for you. It’s your call! I just thought it was important to mention.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share this information about this contest because I know many of you are dreaming of getting a purchase order from Walmart. I hope this helps!

All the best,


Karen Waksman

Retail MBA

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Walmart Vendors

Walmarts Contest Winners - Inspiring Stories of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Walmart the worlds retailer has always been a champion of innovation and a supporter of businesses. In 2012 they launched the “Get on the Shelf” contest to discover and promote groundbreaking products from aspiring entrepreneurs. This exciting initiative provided contestants with an opportunity to have their products sold in both stores and online at Walmart. Throughout the years this contest has uncovered success stories propelling aspiring entrepreneurs into established suppliers, for this giant. In this article we will explore the journeys of some of Walmarts “Get on the Shelf” contest winners. How this initiative has played a pivotal role in their path to success.

The Origin of the “Get on the Shelf” Contest

The inception of the “Get on the Shelf” contest was born out of Walmarts dedication to fostering innovation and supporting businesses. By tapping into a pool of talent Walmart aimed to bring fresh and distinctive products to its customers. Through providing a platform for businesses to showcase their innovations Walmart aspired to strengthen its supplier base, with consumer innovative offerings.

The Mechanics of the Contest

The “Get on the Shelf” competition was created to provide a platform for participants to submit their product ideas and have a chance to win. The entry process was quite simple; contestants had to create a video explaining their products concept advantages and how it could impact consumers. These videos were then uploaded to Walmarts contest website, where they were evaluated by both customer voting and an expert judging panel.

The Impact, on Contestants

Participating in the “Get on the Shelf” contest offered contestants an opportunity to gain exposure. Developing the video pitch encouraged participants to refine their business presentations, which’s crucial for entrepreneurship. Even those who didn’t win still benefited from visibility as their products reached Walmarts customer base. For entrepreneurs this contest served as a springboard, for their businesses. Opened doors to other retail opportunities.

Success Stories of “Get on the Shelf” Contest Winners

Success Story #1 – Pork Barrel BBQ

Pork Barrel BBQ is one of the winners of the “Get on the Shelf” contest, founded by two entrepreneurs named Heath Hall and Brett Thompson.
Their love, for barbeque inspired them to develop a range of high quality BBQ sauces and spice rubs. The opportunity to sell their products nationwide at Walmart stores thanks to winning the contest greatly accelerated their business growth. Their inspiring success story serves as motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Success Story 2 – Tipsy Elves

In 2013 Evan Mendelsohn and Nick Morton the founders of Tipsy Elves, an fun clothing brand emerged victorious in the “Get on the Shelf” contest. Renowned for their holiday themed sweaters and accessories winning the competition propelled Tipsy Elves to heights. They expanded into apparel categories due to increased exposure and credibility gained through the contest. Today they are recognized as a brand.

Success Story 3 – Lollacup

Lollacup, a cup designed by Hanna and Mark Lim to aid babies in transitioning from bottles emerged as a winning product in the “Get on the Shelf” contest. As parents struggling to find a cup for their daughter winning this competition was pivotal, for them. It allowed them to introduce Lollacup to a market that included Walmart customers. The product quickly gained popularity among safety parents looking for children’s products.

Success Story 4 – A Brighter Future

Better Life, a brand that specializes in eco cleaning products emerged victorious in the “Get on the Shelf” competition capturing the hearts of conscious consumers. Co founded by Tim Barklage and Kevin Tibbs this brands dedication to using ingredients and delivering cleaning solutions struck a chord with customers. With Walmarts support Better Life was able to expand its reach and introduce its products to an audience.

Get on the Shelf Contest

Walmarts “Get on the Shelf” contest has truly been a game changer, for aspiring entrepreneurs offering them a platform to showcase their products. This competition has not brought forth groundbreaking ideas. Has also provided small businesses with an opportunity to thrive and flourish. The success stories of Pork Barrel BBQ Tipsy Elves, Lollacup, Better Life and countless others stand as evidence of the impact this initiative has had on both entrepreneurs and the retail industry as a whole. With Walmarts support and encouragement of entrepreneurship through initiatives we can expect a bright future, for inventive product creators and the customers who benefit from their creations.

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