Retail Buyer List – How to Find a Retail Buyer List!

Retail Buyer List – How to Find a Retail Buyer List!

How do you find a retail buyer list? Do you have to pay for this list? Or can you get this list for free?

You cannot call a chain store and ask for a buyer’s name. They will not give you this information!

That is why in this short training video, I explain how to get a buyer’s name and contact information.

And transcript for this video is listed below. 

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Retail Buyer List

Retail Buyer List

Transcript for this Video Here:

Retail Buyer List – Today, I cover a topic that comes up all the time about getting a retail buyer list in my workshops and seminars. People always ask me, “Karen, I know you’re a big proponent in going after major retailers yourself, doing the work yourself and getting stuff into stores. Okay. That’s wonderful. But how do I get access to buyers’ contact information?” Well, if you’ve ever called the major retailer and asked for a buyer, they’re not going to give you that information. It just doesn’t happen that way. They’ll actually redirect you to something called a vendor department. In a future video, I will actually explain that in more detail. But just so you know, they’re typically not going to give you that information.

So what do you do? How do you get that information? Well, just so you know, there are companies out there who’ve done the work for you. There’s a company called the Chain Store Guide. That’s one example. It’s the Chain Store Guide. They have basically gone out and found all the names and contact information of the buyers that you’re looking for at all the major retailers. I think their website is, That’s just one company. Another company is the Salesman’s Guide. They have a very similar concept. It’s basically they go out and they find all the buyers’ names and then you just buy this information. Yes, it does cost money, but it’ll save you so much time and energy and they have the information there for you.

Another company is called Infomax. There’s a whole variety of these different companies. So just so you know, there is information out there available to you. So my recommendation is to go out and to purchase these lists. It’s either in book form or an email form or in database form and so forth, and get access to that information.

Now, one thing I tell people, if you’re kind of tight on cash and I know a lot of people who have products getting out into the market can have some challenges financially, what I tell them to do is go to your local library and see if they have these books available for you. It’s kind of a helpful tip. Not all libraries offer this information, but there are a lot that do, a lot of the bigger cities typically have the Chain Store Guide or the Salesman’s Guide available for you. You can just go there and really just feel it out, take a look at what they have available and then go from there and save yourself a lot of money. So that’s just some great tip there.

So ultimately when you’re looking at these lists, one thing, I just really think that you should know, make sure that you pick lists and you buy whatever it is that you buy, the buyers’ names and so forth, make sure that they have been checked out within the last year. You don’t want any lists that are more than a year old. Just so you know, major retail buyers change jobs a lot. They changed jobs consistently. So anything over than a year will not be very valuable to you because you’ll notice that a lot of the buyers’ names aren’t going to be accurate. So that’s another helpful tip.

So anyways, I hope this provided for you. Go out and just get the information from a company that’s already done the work for you, or go to the library and get something for free. Anyways, I hope this provided value and please keep looking out for the videos that I create. Thank you so much and have a great day.

Thanks so much.

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