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How to Sell to Staples & Become a Staples Vendor

Do you have a product that is perfect to sell to Staples stores?

Staples is an American office retail company that primarily sells office supplies and related products. But over the years, they have expanded into selling various items such as snacks, health and beauty products, furniture and so much more. With over 1500 stores they are currently responsible for, Staples offers tremendous opportunities to their suppliers! 

Therefore in this training segment I discuss some of the ways you can sell to Staples beyond what most people think about.

So, if you want to learn more about how you can get your products into a retail store like Staples, definitely watch my new training video on  How to Sell to Staples and Become a Staples Vendor!

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Learn everything you need to know to become a Staples vendor

Staples Vendor – Hey everyone this Karen Waksman, Founder of Retail MBA. And today I want to talk about selling your products to Staples and becoming a Staples Vendor. So if you have a great physical product and you’re trying to sell to retailers and Staples is on your mind, this whole training segment will just give you some tips and strategies on what to think about in regards to going after them. So with that said, let’s talk about Staples.

The advantage of becoming Staples supplier

They have over 1500 stores they’re responsible for. That is tremendous buying power. One chain store order from Staples can mean millions of dollars to your business and your bottom line. Just think about it. If they buy, say, 30 units of your products per store and they have 1500 stores or so. Again the number of stores vary based on the time you hear this. But ultimately, to say 1500 stores, and they have 30 units for product, I mean that can conceivably be a tremendous amount of opportunity. And I mean, if that’s around 45,000 units of your product, I’m not saying that they’ll buy for all of their stores. But think about how many units that is—45,000 units per sale for these stores. And then what if they reorder the product over and over and over again?

What you can sell to Staples

I have clients who have sold to retailers for 10 to 15 years straight. And again, it varies per retailer and so forth. But once the product sells and it converts in their stores, they tend to reorder it and so that could be tremendous business to you. The other thing to think about Staples is they don’t just buy office supplies.

  • They buy consumer electronics.
  • They buy janitorial supplies.
  • They buy furniture.
  • They buy school supplies.
  • They buy food. 

I mean, they buy so many snacks and all these different things, health and beauty products. I mean stuff you would never think to sell to an office supply store. So my recommendation is to go and to walk their stores and see what stuff is in their stores today.

It’s a little tricky to become a Staples vendor

Retailers have changed. They’re not the way they used to be. Before, it used to be very cut and dried. They would buy the only very specific things that matter to that particular retailer like office supplies and so forth. But not anymore. Now they’re filling up stores with a variety of different things hoping that the customer will not only just buy whatever they typically buy from them but add all sorts of different things. The other thing to think about with Staples is the buyer at Staples is different from the buyer at

The online buyers are typically different from the physical store buyer.

Those are two different buyers and that happens with most retail chains like Walmart and Those are different buyers.  And the way that you sell to them is a little bit different. The reason I mentioned that is because, you know, if you get rejected by Staples you can go after the buyer. And a lot of people don’t know that. And so you know, the thing to think about, again there’s so many different ways to sell to Staples.

Another thing to think about if you want to sell to Staples

 is you can sell to them through their corporate buyer which buys products for all their stores. You could sell to their online buyer which buys for their online store. Or maybe you have a private label product that you can put under their brand name. Most retail chains have a private label buyer or a company-owned buyer. And basically what that means, is that it has the Staples name on it but they typically buy from someone like you. So they buy products from a manufacturer and then they just have you package it under their name. And so every retailer has kind of a privately-owned product. And they actually have buyers specifically who buy stuff like that.

Once you become a Staples vendor other retailers will accept your products

People make millions of dollars selling to Staples

So if you’re trying to sell to Staples and they’re not purchasing from you, one thing to think about is do I care whether or not my brand is on the packaging. And if so, maybe I can reach out to a privately-owned buyer, corporate-owned buyer and so forth and see if I could put my product under their brand name. And again, people make millions of dollars with Staples but a lot of times, the private label buyer can really just buy a large volume of your product because again it’s under their brand name. So just something to think about. There’s so many different ways to sell to Staples.

Become a Staples-Vendor

Learn how to approach, pitch & sell to Staples stores

If you want to learn more, definitely take a look at my website That’s I walk you through exactly how to approach, pitch, and sell retailers like Staples. If you’re a beginner, if you’re an advanced seller and any other retailer and so forth, we have a very comprehensive program. We have free training, advanced training that you could purchase, live events. We partner with retailers and so forth. Love to support you. Or just subscribe to this channel. 

Be on the lookout for the free content that we create. We’re always here to help. And please comment below if you like this training and or if you want us to answer any question for you. We’re always here to help. This is Karen Waksman, Retail MBA. And we wish you luck. 

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Become a Staples-Vendor

Transcript Outline for How to Sell to Staples and Become a Staples Vendor Today!

Staples is a recognized retailer, with a network of over 1,500 stores and substantial purchasing capabilities. If you have a quality product and are contemplating the idea of selling it to Staples this article will offer you valuable tips and strategies to navigate through the process successfully.

Becoming a Staples Vendor

Having your products sold at Staples can be a game changer for your business. Just imagine. If each store owned by Staples purchases 30 units of your product considering they have 1,500 stores that’s an order of 45,000 units! While its important to acknowledge that they might not place orders for all their stores the opportunity remains significant. Moreover if your product performs well and achieves sales in their stores there is potential for repeated orders which can provide you with a stream of business.

Diverse Range of Products Purchased by Staples

Contrary to belief Staples doesn’t limit its purchases to office supplies. They also acquire consumer electronics, janitorial supplies, furniture, school supplies, food items, health and beauty products, as snacks. It is crucial to comprehend the array of products that catch the interest of Staples since this expands the possibilities for you to sell your offerings to them.
Understanding the Different Types of Buyers

When it comes to selling to Staples it’s important to keep in mind that there are buyers, for their stores and their online platform, This holds true for chains like Walmart as well. The preferences and purchasing processes of the buyer differ from those of the physical store buyer. So if you face rejection from the physical store buyer don’t lose hope because you can still explore selling your products to the buyer. Many people aren’t aware of this option. It’s definitely worth considering if you encounter any challenges with the physical store buyer.

Various Approaches to Selling at Staples

There are avenues when it comes to selling your products at Staples. One option is reaching out to their buyer who procures products for all their stores. Another approach is targeting their buyer who specifically looks for products for their store. Additionally you can also explore the possibility of selling your product as a label under the trusted Staples brand name. Most retail chains have a label buyer who collaborates with manufacturers and packages goods under their brand identity. This opportunity can be quite lucrative since private label buyers often make volume purchases.

Key Considerations for Private Label Selling

If you’re considering selling your product as a label, under the renowned Staples brand name there are a factors worth contemplating on.
Firstly you should consider if it is important for your brand name to be displayed on the packaging. If not you may want to reach out to the buyer, for label products or the buyer representing the corporate owned line. They might be interested in purchasing your product in quantities to sell under the Staples brand. Many successful entrepreneurs have capitalized on this label opportunity with retailers like Staples.

To gain insights I highly recommend visiting the website of Retail MBA ( They offer programs, free training sessions, advanced courses, live events and partnerships with retailers. Whether you are new in this field or an experienced seller Retail MBA can equip you with the knowledge. Support necessary to approach present your product effectively and secure deals with retailers such as Staples.

Getting Started

Selling your products through Staples presents a opportunity for your business. With their network of over 1,500 stores and diverse range of products they procure Staples holds purchasing power. To optimize your chances of success in this endeavor it is essential to understand the buyers for both their stores and online platform. Additionally exploring the option of selling as a label could unlock more possibilities. Don’t forget to visit Retail MBA for information and resources that can assist you in achieving success when selling to retailers, like Staples.

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In this training, I will discuss some of the things to think about when approaching a retailer to sell your products and become a vendor. Hope it helps! 🙂

Karen Waksman,
Retail MBA

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