“Top Ways to Generate Revenue With Your Consumer Product” – Training Series!

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Retail MBA Training Programs

  1.  Retail MBAHow to Sell to Wal-Mart or Any Other Chain Store Retailer (Our Most Popular Training Program! 20+ Hours of Powerful Content + LIVE Q&A Calls) 
  2. Small Retail MBA – Advanced Training on How to Sell Your Products to Smaller Retailers such as Boutiques, Convenience Stores and More!
  3. Manufacturer’s Representative MBAHow to Get the Best Manufacturer’s Rep to Represent Your Product – Includes List of Manufacturers Reps!
  4. Catalog Sales MBAHow to Sell Your Products to Mail Order and Online Catalogs For Consistent Revenue
  5. Licensing MBAHow to Get Your Products Licensed by Manufacturers and Big Corporations (with Industry Expert!)
  6. Corporate Sales MBAHow to Sell Your Products to Companies and Big Corporations for Massive Profits and Sales!
  7. Online Retail MBAHow to Sell Your Products to Major Online Retail Outlets (with Online Buyer List)
  8. Retail Marketing MBA – Advanced Retail Marketing Strategies to Ensure Repeat Orders From Chain Stores
  9. SEO for E-Commerce MBA – Advanced SEO Strategies to Get Your Products Ranked on the Top Pages of Google (with SEO Expert!)
  10. TV Sales MBA – How to Sell Your Products to HSN and QVC and Other TV Show Outlets (with HSN and QVC Expert!)
  11. Groupon Goods MBA – How to Sell Your Products to Groupon and Other Daily Deal Outlets (with Groupon Buyer Interview and Buyer Contact Lists!)
  12. Distribution Business MBA – How to Start Your Own Distribution Business and Sell Other People’s Products For Cash and Profit!
  13. Trade Show Marketing– How to Explode Your Sales at Trade Shows! (Coming Soon)
  14. International Retail MBA – How to Break into the U.S. Retail Market. No Sales Experience or Buyer Relationships Required! International Companies Only.
  15. Retail Exports MBA – How to Distribute Your Retail Products Internationally (Coming Soon)

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