Groupon Goods – How to Sell Your Products Groupon Goods and Other Daily Deal Sites

Announcing A Breakthrough Training Program For Physical Product Companies Interested in Getting Their Products Sold on Groupon Goods!

***Absolutely No Sales Experience or Existing Buyer Relationships Required!

Now you can learn powerful, proven strategies from an Entrepreneur Magazine, New York Times Company and MSNBC Featured Retail Expert!

Groupon Goods MBA is an Advanced, Multi-Media Sales Training Program on how to get your Physical Products sold on Groupon Goods. No Sales Experience or Existing Buyer Relationships Required!

Groupon Goods MBA was developed by Retail Sales Expert Karen Waksman. Karen has sold millions of consumer products to the world’s largest retailers and now teaches her proven time-tested sales formula on how to approach, pitch and sell to major retailers, online retailers, catalogs, small retailers, daily deal sites and more to tens of 1000’s of consumer products companies across the globe!

Over the years Karen’s clients have received millions of dollars in revenue by utilizing her time-tested sales formulas. Groupon Goods MBA will include all of the sales strategies that have worked for her clients. The same strategies that you will learn, too! No sales experience or existing buyer relationships required!

What’s Included in this Program?

This powerful program explains EXACTLY how to approach, pitch and sell to Groupon Goods Buyers!

Here’s what’s included in the program….

1) Getting Started With Selling to Groupon Goods

Most people don’t know that selling your physical products on Daily Deal Sites such as Groupon can be a legitimate additional revenue stream for your physical products business!

My clients make an extra $1K – $50,000+ a month with this one distribution strategy alone! So don’t miss out on an opportunity that can exponential grow your revenue stream – fast!

2) Benefits of Working With Them

Did you know that there over 52,000,000 active paying customers buying products on Groupon right now? That means that interacting with their audience can possibly get you in front of millions of people!

Learn advanced marketing strategies that can help legitimize your product business and add additional revenue stream to your bottom line by selling on Groupon. This powerful training program will show you how!

3) Success Stories of Companies that Generate 6 Figures or More on Groupon

Who doesn’t love physical product financial success stories :). In this program, we include an entire live video interview with one client who sells $50k+ a month on Groupon! And I also share other success stories of clients who legitimately increased their revenue by 4-5 figures monthly with Groupon during the holiday season, etc. Find out how!

4) What Types of Products Are Ideally Suited for Groupon and Other Daily Deal Sites?

Why waste your time if you don’t have too! In this program, we talk about the product types that truly make sense for Groupon Goods. Once you understand their system, you can tweak your product accordingly to ensure success. That’s what this program is all about!

5) What Makes Groupon Buyers More Inclined to Buy?

People don’t realize that Groupon actually has buyers with specific product categories their responsible for. And people don’t usually realize that reaching out to Groupon buyers in a very specific way – ensures a better return on investment! In this program, we discuss the specific tips and strategies on how to approach Groupon Buyers the right way! No sales experience required.

6) Typical Margins and Things to Consider When Working with Groupon

Most people don’t realize that selling on Groupon is very different than selling to retailers in terms of their margins, etc. In this program, we discuss exactly what you need to know in regards to typical margins, packaging, pricing, etc. needed to work with Groupon Goods. We even interviewed a Groupon buyer to help you hone in on every thing you need to know about preparing to work with Groupon!

7)  How Groupon Operates – Terms, Shipping, Delivery, Customer Service Expectations, etc.

Groupon Goods has their own unique terms, shipping, delivery, customer service expectations and more. Find out all of the details on how to work with Groupon Goods in this program! The more you know – the easier it will be for you to generate revenue for your company!

8)  What’s the Best Way to Approach Groupon Buyers with Your Product?

We walk you through an exact step-by-step sales process that works in regards to selling to Groupon Goods! Our clients have utilized these strategies to make hundreds of thousands of dollars! Our simple process is well thought out and will work for anyone at any stage of their business. There are obviously no guarantees but we will show you what works!

9)  What to Expect Once You Receive an Order From Groupon

If you work with Groupon Goods, you will have to ship your products to their customers once they order. You might also want to help market your product to support a Groupon Deal (if you want to add additional revenue to your bottom line). Learn about what to expect once you get an order from Groupon Goods and how to handle the orders once you receive them from Groupon!

10)  How to Get Repeat Orders and Referrals From Existing Clients

You don’t just want to have a “one hit wonder” with Groupon Goods…you want continued success! In this program, we walk through some examples of things you can do to get repeat orders from Groupon!

11)  Advanced Tips and Strategies on How to Get Started Today!

This program is POWERFUL and COMPREHENSIVE. It legitimately walks you through all of the core ways to sell into Groupon Goods. Even if you haven’t sold to anyone before. Our strategies work – just follow our lead and get your products in front of Groupon Goods Buyer’s – NOW!


I spend 45 minutes with a Groupon Buyer virtually asking them every possible question a person would want to know about selling to them. You will receive access to this POWERFUL audio in this training program!


Learn from someone who actually sells to Groupon on a consistent basis! In this training, we include a live video training of a Retail MBA customer who actually explains exactly what happens with Groupon when he works with them. This customers has sold over $50k a month on Groupon!


As a special bonus, we include a list of over 75 Groupon Buyer’s direct contact information! This list includes a buyer’s first name, last name, email address, corporate phone number and address. This list coupled with the advanced training program will expedite your process of getting your products sold on Groupon Goods!

**Please note that buyer’s change jobs constantly – we cannot guarantee at time of purchase that a buyer hasn’t switched jobs. But we do add additional training on what to do if your buyer is no longer on that list!**


How to Get Access to This Program NOW!

Once You Purchase, You will Receive Access to a Powerful Online Video  Training Program!

You will also get a list of Buyer’s Direct Contact information within 48 hours of purchase (we update the buyer’s contacts as frequently as possible).

Return Policy – Please note that there are no returns allowed for this Groupon Goods MBA program as we include buyer’s direct contact information and buyer’s interviews and more. This is a powerful program and anyone ready to get into Groupon will agree as well once they review the program!  Not to worry :).

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