Licensing – How to License (“Rent”) Your Product Idea to Manufacturers and Corporations for Cash and Profits!

***Absolutely No Sales Experience or Existing Buyer Relationships Required!

What Is Licensing MBA?

Licensing MBA is a Multi-Media Training Program designed to help you breakdown what you need to know about Licensing Your Invention Idea to Manufacturer’s and Big Corporations.

So If You Have an Invention Idea, and You’d Like a Manufacturer or Big Corporation to Bring Your Product to Market FOR YOU, Then You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Wherever You are in the Process, We will Give You the Best Tips and Strategies to Help You Get Your Product Ideas Licensed!

Learn powerful, proven strategies and techniques from a Licensing Expert, and discover the entire process from start to finish on how to license your new invention idea!

What is Actually Included in the Licensing MBA Program?

The Licensing MBA Program includes:

  • Immediate Access to the ONLINE Licensing MBA Training Program
  • 5 Instructional Online DVD’s on How to License Your Product
  • Downloadable Audio Recordings of the Licensing MBA Course For Your Convenience

Check Out the Syllabus Below for More Details!

MODULE 1 – Licensing Fundamentals

  • What is Licensing?
  • How Licensing Differs From Manufacturing a Product
  • Typical Royalties and How to Get Paid
  • Negotiating Exclusive Vs. Non Exclusive Terms
  • Annual Quantity Minimums and What You Need to Know
  • The Basics of Securing a Signing Advance
  • Determining Length of Licensing Agreement
  • Quick Tips and Strategies and How to Get Started Today

MODULE 2 – Preparing Your Product For Licensing Success

  • Taking a Professional Approach to Licensing
  • Understanding Industry Licensing Guidelines
  • Vetting Product at Retail
  • Develop Working Prototype Proving Function
  • CADs and Photos
  • Researching and Filing for a Patent
  • Creating a Sell Sheet
  • NDA’s

MODULE 3 – Finding the License Contact and Pitching Your Product to Companies

  • What is the Best Way to Approach Companies  About Your Product Idea
  • How to Cold Call Companies When You Don’t Know How
  • Exact Strategies on How to Get a Meeting With a Buyer
  • What to Say to Buyers to Get Them to Buy
  • What to Do When a Buyer Says ‘No’ to Your Product
  • Additional Sales Strategies To Help You Win Business

MODULE 4 – How to Manage the Process Once a Company Shows Interest in Your Product

  • What You Need to Know Once a Company Shows Interest
  • Dealing With a Potential Face-to-Face Meeting
  • How to Prepare in Advance For That Meeting
  • Legal Aspects of the Contract and What to Expect
  • Working with Business Attorneys to Ensure Success
  • Deciding If You Should Hire a Licensing Agent to Support You
  • LLC Formation and What You Need to Know

MODULE 5 – What to Expect From a Licensing Deal

  • What You Should Expect From the Company You Are Licensing Too
  • Sales Volume and What to Expect
  • How Long Does it Take to Get Paid By a Company
  • Strategies To Ensure Success With Your Licensing Deal
  • How to Sustain Long Term Relationships With the Company
  • Pitfalls and Things to Look Out For When Signing a Licensing Deal

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You will receive immediate access to the ONLINE PORTION of this breakthrough Training Program, “Licensing MBA: How to License a Product to Big Corporations” The ONLINE PORTION includes everything outlined in the Licensing MBA syllabus listed above!


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