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Paper Source Vendor

How to Sell to Paper Source Stores and Become a Paper Source Wholesale Vendor

Paper Source is a premier stationery store offering an exceptional selection of fine and artisanal papers, invitations, gifts, gift wrap and an exquisite card selection. Their creative aesthetic features unique color palettes and original designs.

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How to Sell to Paper Source Stores

Paper Source is a premier paperie and gift store offering an exquisite selection of fine and artisanal papers, invitations, gifts, gift wrap, greeting cards and an exclusive envelope collection. Their mission is to inspire creativity among their customers by cultivating community involvement while supporting life’s momentous occasions with stylish yet functional offerings from their creative Art & Design team. Their aim is to spark creativity as part of celebrating life’s greatest moments together! The company features its own distinct color palette along with exclusive designs created in-house to complete their creative aesthetic!

The company offers a selection of unique, high-quality products made with environmentally responsible materials such as recycled paper and soy inks. Their dedication to sustainability and ethics reflects their core values as a company while building customer trust in this age when consumers increasingly prioritize eco-friendly options and are willing to pay more for such items.

Paper Source offers their products through both retail stores and an ecommerce site; as well as through wholesale. Their wholesale program provides discounts to qualified retailers who meet minimum order quantities, volume discounts and credit card payment policies.

Affiliates earn 5% commission on qualifying sales by using links and banners provided to drive visitors directly to Paper Source website. Any visitors clicking one of these links will be marked as having visited in 30 days after clicking one of them – making any orders placed subsequent orders eligible for commission payments.


Paper Source has become famous for its vast selection of fine and artisanal papers, stationery, gifts, invitations, gift wrap, greeting cards and custom collection of envelopes and cards. Their original aesthetic and color palette foster creative exploration while cultivating a community dedicated to this form of expression – they encourage their customers to do Something Creative Every Day both online and in store!

Paper Source offers more than just paper and craft supplies; their workshops and events extend far beyond this selection. Workshops offered include calligraphy, watercolor painting, bookbinding and stamp carving classes as well as children’s art camps and skill workshops for skill enhancement. Paper Source also sells its own DIY kits that contain everything required to start creating projects from scratch.

Paper Source was further affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, leading them to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy on March 2. That delayed payments for vendors over two months and diminished Paper Source’s status as “golden account” status with many smaller paper goods manufacturers like Natalie Bowman and Alex Gagne Glover of Oh Happy Day.

Both stated their experiences prompted them to reevaluate their relationships with large retailers and modify their pricing structures in order to mitigate non-payment risk. While neither said this would alter their plans of partnership with these stores, but rather they modified criteria for doing so.

Paper Source was among those to respond quickly when COVID-19 sent shockwaves through retail as it increased financial turmoil by purchasing 30 stores from rival Papyrus early 2020, expanding its store fleet by over 20% and creating stress for discretionary retailers by cutting their cash flow.

As soon as the company entered Chapter 11, its top five executives received a combined total of $1.9 million in salary and bonuses, according to bankruptcy documents. The CEO received $552,000 plus an incentive payment of $250,000 related to Papyrus deal as well as year-end bonuses totalling another $390,000. As long as operations continue within bankruptcy proceedings, these paychecks will continue until complete sale of business occurs.


Independent designers, crafters, or artists who produce unique paper products or home decor items can become Paper Source wholesale vendors. Established in 1983, Paper Source is a premier paperie and retail store, featuring an unparalleled selection of fine and artisanal papers, invitations, gifts, gift wrap, greeting cards and envelopes that customers can use to mark life events both big and small. Paper Source locations span across the US with online storefronts available as well as wholesale divisions available for vendors.

Paper Source provides wholesale vendors with an opportunity to collaborate on creating product catalogs that complement their brand, and once approved you’ll gain access to their ecommerce website where you can view, edit, and manage products while accessing sales reports, invoices, and other vital data. Although Paper Source typically pays on time (though occasionally late payments do occur), it’s crucial that vendors understand their payment terms and procedures prior to submitting orders.

Many independent paper goods business owners realize the significance of finding one wholesale partnership as the key to expanding customer reach and earning greater revenues. That was the case for Julie Stewart, owner of Los Angeles-based card manufacturer Kiss and Punch, who spent three years trying to partner with Paper Source before finally landing a partnership agreement – its 158 stores had long been considered “golden accounts” among their peers, however their sudden Chapter 11 filing left many uncertain of their futures.

Prior to declaring bankruptcy, this retailer was generally profitable; however, a pandemic caused revenues to drastically decline and led to several store closings, leaving minimal liquidity and significant lease liabilities. Furthermore, additional costs related to its acquisition of Papyrus as well as temporary store shutdowns further reduced profits.

Even amid their financial struggles, Mohar still managed to pay out top executives a combined $1.9 million in salary and bonuses during 2019, along with bonuses tied to Papyrus deals, according to bankruptcy filings. She has sought stricter terms with the company so as to protect her own business.


Paper Source offers an exceptional range of crafting supplies, which make a delightful display. Their goal is to foster creativity by encouraging customers to “Do Something Creative Every Day.” Their distinctive aesthetic features a vibrant color scheme with artwork created in-house art teams as well as DIY kits offering everything needed to start creating.

Paper Source has long demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices through its product lineup, featuring eco-friendly materials printed with soy inks. This makes Paper Source an appealing brand among consumers concerned with environmental footprint and interested in supporting companies who share similar ideals.

Paper Source retail chain is currently suffering due to a coronavirus pandemic that has drastically decreased product sales, in addition to having a large debt load that makes meeting payments difficult. Therefore, they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on March 2, stating plans to close 11 of their stores; yet investors led by MidCap Financial have offered to buy out the company, suggesting they see value in its business operations.

While Paper Source’s bankruptcy filing may have sent shockwaves through small businesses, others are looking for ways to work with it and protect their livelihoods. Natalie Bowman of Tacoma-based party supplier Oh Happy Day was among them and had been selling to Paper Source for four years, accounting for 40% of her wholesale sales volume.

Paper Source is a stationery retailer that sells gifts, cards, gift wrap, invitations, crafts supplies and paper products of various varieties for gifts, cards, invitations, crafts parties supplies as well as crafting materials. Their inventory features various colors and textures; additionally they offer custom printing services as well. In-store workshops as well as community events take place regularly to encourage creativity – customers can learn calligraphy writing techniques as well as watercolor painting among many other skills!

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