PacSun Vendor

PacSun Vendor

How to Sell to PacSun and Become a PacSun Vendor

Pacsun is a specialty retailer specializing in emerging brands and trendy fashion through the lens of youth culture. Their stores sell an assortment of clothing, shoes and accessories; models pose for them on popular locales like beaches and skate parks.

The company provides several benefits to its employees. For instance, their list of specifications and demands for entry-level jobs is short – making it easier for new recruits to go through the interview process successfully.

1. Know the Pacsun market

Pacsun is a retail brand known for selling surf-inspired apparel, shoes and accessories since 1980. Established in California’s Central Coast area in 1980, there are now more than 900 Pacsun stores nationwide offering products inspired by action sports, fashion, music and art. Customers tend to skew younger; young Californians often value fashion that expresses their laid-back lifestyle; online sales are expected to reach one billion dollars by 2023.

This company will deploy Manhattan Active Point of Sale and Omni-Order Management solutions in its stores to help customers shop easily while fulfilling online orders easily. Associates will enjoy an easy shopping experience featuring selling tools like clienteling and endless aisle functionality. Furthermore, this solution enables stores to ship orders that were picked up in store, thus decreasing split shipment rates for retailers.

PacSun is taking advantage of both microinfluencers and employees to spread its message. Employees are encouraged to wear clothing from PacSun publicly and share pictures on social media; weekly live-selling streams on TikTok have helped the company increase sales by over 40%; additionally, an app allows customers to order online and pick it up in store is being implemented by PacSun.

2. Know your product

PacSun began as Pacific Sunwear in Seal Beach, California in 1980 and has grown into a billion dollar company that caters to adventure seeking young people worldwide. A staple in Californian culture, PacSun’s reputation is for trendy yet relaxed apparel – an image they hope to maintain by hiring models with suitable experience as models for their brand. If interested in joining them as models, visit their website and look under “Careers.”

PacSun has joined forces with Manhattan Associates to expand its unified commerce vision and unlock new revenue opportunities. Their Manhattan Active Point of Sale solution will equip PacSun with an omnicart, customer-controlled fulfillment functions, clienteling tools and other essential selling techniques necessary to achieving its goals.

PacSun is taking full advantage of Manhattan software by using it for weekly live-selling streams on TikTok and partnering with Roblox to introduce user-generated content challenges and giveaways for its Pac Community. Microinfluencers, store associates and customers will all help promote these initiatives.

ThredUP is also expanding their Pre-Loved Pac resale initiative, which allows consumers to shop secondhand PacSun apparel on its marketplace. Through their partnership, retailers are able to utilize Resale-as-a-Service offerings such as digital shop and cleanout programs from thredUP for retail resale purposes.

3. Know your target audience

Establishing your target audience is essential in developing your business. Your target audience consists of consumers who are most likely to purchase your product or service. A clearly-defined target audience helps focus marketing efforts and increases chances of success.

PacSun (short for Pacific Sunwear), is an industry-leading retailer that provides an exclusive collection of relevant brands and styles to a community of young shoppers. Since 1980, this iconic California culture brand has become known for offering stylish apparel, footwear and accessories at reasonable prices. Recently they expanded their selections by including graphic tees and comfortable jeans specifically tailored to surf culture.

Step one in defining your target audience is studying the demographics of customers who already purchase your products through surveys or interviews, market research or even attending industry events or webinars to understand consumer behavior trends. Step two involves studying your competition’s target audience by studying their websites, social media pages or print advertisements as a means of differentiating between you and them – this could include studying their websites, social media pages or print ads; step three should involve attending industry events or webinars to further learn more about your competitors and discover what differentiates you from them as you work to identify their unique characteristics compared to you in order to help create an accurate portrait. Step three involves researching what makes you different than them so you can figure out who your ideal customer should be. Step four involves studying your competition’s target audiences by conducting market research to understand trends driving consumer behavior by studying demographics as well as market research to understand consumer trends driving consumer behavior trends driving consumer behaviors through surveys or interviews analyzing consumer surveys or conducting market research to analyze consumer trends that drive consumer behaviors while studying websites, social media pages and print advertisements of all possible competitors compared with one another in terms of distinguishable factors between you two. You could even attend industry events or webinars to get further acquainted with competitors compared with them!

4. Know your brand

PacSun’s brand is inspired by action sports, fashion and music found within youth culture. Their stores carry both branded and proprietary casual apparel, footwear and accessories for young consumers. Established in 1980, this retailer now boasts over 900 retail locations nationwide.

PacSun sells both through its website and mobile apps, including daily deals, product wishlists, special promotions, and regular specials. Their mobile platform is powered by Usablenet – one of the nation’s premier mobile commerce solutions.

Their online store features images of surf, sun and fun while their social media accounts are popular with younger demographics; its Facebook page had amassed 875,551 likes as of May 21 and its Instagram account amassed over 1.1 million followers as of that day.

The retailer is also well represented on both Amazon and eBay ecommerce platforms, with an eBay store carrying products from over 27,000 brands, while their Amazon store houses 18,000 products.

5. Know your competition

PacSun offers both branded and proprietary casual apparel, accessories and footwear designed specifically to appeal to teens and young adults. Their products draw inspiration from action sports, fashion and music for an authentic California lifestyle experience. The brand is widely known for its signature style which stands out among competitors.

Website and mobile applications of Beach House feature images reminiscent of beachy surf, sun and fun that replicate its in-store experience. Furthermore, both platforms provide shoppers with an ability to share product finds through a social feed feature.

Usablenet provides best-in-breed omnichannel retailing and merchandising technology that enables retailers to deliver exceptional shopping experiences no matter the channel – whether customers shop offline or online. Usablenet solutions enable retailers to deliver a consistent brand experience regardless of customer location or device used to shop.

PacSun also uses Resale-as-a-Service (RaaS) platform thredUP’s RaaS platform, providing white labeled Resale experience such as digital shop, clean out program and cash out services to its customers. Customers are able to sell their own clothes for credit that can be redeemed in store or online at PacSun stores and websites; with over 2 million active members globally it provides access to secondhand market growth much faster than traditional retail – particularly among younger consumers looking for sustainably produced clothing solutions.

6. Know your pricing strategy

PacSun recently unveiled a pre-loved range to give clothing another life and reduce waste. Customers can trade in old items through ThreadUp and receive an e-gift card redeemable at the retailer; the new collection can be found both online and in store.

Pacsun has implemented an aggressive digital strategy in order to attract Gen Z shoppers, employing microinfluencers and store associates – known collectively as its Pac Community — as livestreamers on TikTok for product giveaways and Roblox experiments by offering virtual influencers such as Pacsun Los Angeles Tycoon as part of its summer 2023 campaign.

PacSun has also set itself the goal of decreasing its split shipment rate, in which an order that contains multiple items ships from various warehouses due to inaccurate store inventory or more than one fulfillment center. Relich indicated that PacSun plans on hiring additional employees to streamline this process while working closely with its omnichannel partners in finding solutions.

Shirley Gao, CIO for the company, is helping make this goal a reality. She recently implemented a platform that consolidates and unifies customer data across all aspects of operations – purchases, returns, call centers and operational inputs – which provides insight into such things as an average order value or whether customers frequently return online orders.

7. Know your delivery time

PacSun is a premier specialty retailer that offers an eclectic collection of emerging brands and the latest fashion through youth culture. Additionally, they partner with some of the best brands to curate collections and product collaborations that stand out. Their range includes jeans, t-shirts, shorts, shoes and accessories; delivery times depend on where and what method was selected during checkout.

Shipping times may take up to one week for domestic orders and 2-3 weeks for international ones, and customers can track their order via the PacSun tracking number included in their shipping confirmation email. The tracking service allows customers to monitor the status of their order while also getting more precise delivery dates.

Pacsun offers in-store pickup for online orders placed via its website, should you select this method when placing the order. When ready, the store will notify you and require you to present valid identification and email confirmation when picking up your order – or designate another person to collect on your behalf.

PacSun offers over 700 stores throughout the US, so it should be easy for you to locate one near you. Plus, their website even features a store locator feature for added convenience when collecting orders!

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