Retail MBA’s NEW Manufacturers Rep Program

Have Karen Waksman (Founder of Retail MBA) and Her Team Reach Out to Your Top 12 Major Retailers on Your Behalf!

Founder and CEO, Retail MBA

Karen Waksman (Founder of Retail MBA) and her team will reach out to your top 12 dream retail chains on your behalf over a 6 month period! Karen has over 20 years of sales experience and has taught 10’s of thousands of products companies across the globe how to sell to chain stores! She will support you in actualizing your dreams of getting into the world’s largest retailers!

What's Included in this Program?

  1. Distribution Strategy – Karen will determine the best retail distribution strategy for your product type. She will help your company determine the top 12 retailers to ensure the biggest ROI for you and your business. This is her expertise!
  2. Sell Sheet Training / Review – She will guide you to create ideal sell sheets for retail based on distribution strategy even beyond what has been created so far.
  3. Buyer Contact List – Karen and her team will find buyer contacts information at these top retailers – and will contact more than one buyer at a retailer if it makes sense for your product type. She will find your angle with retail!
  4. Create a Pitch For You – Karen will create a perfect retail pitch for buyers that you can use even after the program! The words you use in a pitch can mean the difference between you making millions of dollars or not. Let Karen help you!
  5. Reporting – You will receive a report outlining exactly what transpired with retail buyers as Karen approach’s them for you.
  6. Buyer Relationships – If a chain store buyer shows interest in your product, Karen will hand the account back over to you and your team. You get to keep the buyer relationships!
  7. Commission FREE – Karen will not take a commission for any units sold – you can save $100’s of thousands of dollars on this program! This is unheard of in the retail industry!
  8. Bonus Coaching Session – If /when you get a buyer interested in your product through this program, Karen will hand the account over to you and provide additional training to ensure you take over the account appropriately!

Cost For This program!

Cost for this program is $2497 Per Month for 6 Month Minimum

With a One Time Setup Fee of $4997 (One-on-One Coaching Calls Included)

You will be charged the set up fee immediately after sign up and the monthly program starts 30 days after initial payment / set up. So we have time to work with you and prepare your product for chain store success! No refunds available for this program.

Karen Waksman and her team will reach out to various retailers every month until all 12 retailers have been reached on your behalf! And we will continue to reach out to these retailers during the 6 month time frame.

What Are The Prerequisites to Join This Program?

This Program is For Companies Who Are Ready TODAY to Sell to Retail Chains

You Will Need…

A Product READY to Sell to Retail Chains!! This includes…Packaging, Pricing, Shipping, Manufacturing, Funding Figured Out Prior to Joining This Program. We will Help Develop Your Pitch, Distribution Strategy and Help You Adjust Basic Aspects of Your Product – But This is not an Extensive Coaching Program. Please Contact our Office at 415-404-9540 to learn more about our other coaching and training programs if you are not quite ready for retail!

​How to Get Access to This Program NOW!

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**Client understands that there are NO guarantees that product will sell in stores with this Done-For-You Service!