How to Sell to Convenience Stores

How to Sell to Convenience Stores


In this short video training, we will explore the process of getting your products sold at convenience stores such as 7 Eleven! As the founder of Retail MBA, I’ve had the privilege of teaching product companies about selling to retailers for the last 13 years and I’m here to assist you in maximizing your products profitability with Ace Hardware now!

The Influence of Franchise Ownership

When targeting 7-Eleven stores, it’s important to note that they are predominantly owned as franchises. This means that individual store owners have the responsibility of choosing which products to stock in their own store. Even if a 7-Eleven owner possesses multiple stores, they still make purchasing decisions independently for each store!

This stands in contrast to chain retailers such as Walmart, where corporate buyers typically dictate purchasing decisions across all their stores. With the franchise structure within 7-Eleven for instance, they offer an opportunity for product companies to directly approach store owners and present their offerings to them on an individual basis. This means that you can potentially visit a 7-Eleven store with your product and try to get them to buy it on the spot!

When it comes to 7 Eleven stores, it’s worth mentioning that there are two types; individually owned and corporate owned. However the majority of these stores are owned by individuals, which presents an opportunity for product companies to tap into this market.

Convenience Store Industry Distributors

In the convenience store industry, distributors play a key role. These middlemen act as intermediaries, between you and the retailers. They can assist in setting up accounts and distributing your products to stores. Working with distributors allows you to reach a wider network of convenience stores!

The advantage of working with distributors, is that they already have established relationships with store owners. They can utilize their connections to ensure your products get in front of the right people. It’s important to note that working with distributors often involves a fee. The convenience and broader reach they offer, often make it worthwhile when selling to convenience stores.

However, it’s important to acknowledge that working with distributors also has its challenges. They can be quite busy. May not always respond promptly to your calls or inquiries. So
establishing a rapport with a distributor and piquing their interest in your product can be quite intricate. 

However, with the understanding of how distributors operate, it is indeed possible to collaborate with them in order to have your products stocked in convenience stores like 7 Eleven with their assistane!

Selling at Convenience Stores

Having your products available at 7-Eleven outlets can present an opportunity for companies manufacturing goods. The structure of 7 Eleven as a franchise, allows for engagement with store owners providing you with the chance to directly pitch your offerings. Moreover, partnering with distributors can contribute to expanding your market presence and ensuring that your products reach a network of convenience stores!

Distributors possess established relationships with store owners. Can assist in establishing accounts and managing the distribution of your products. While working alongside distributors may pose some challenges it is feasible to overcome these hurdles and achieve collaborations.

Keep in mind that convenience stores such as 7 Eleven offer prospects for product companies. Make the most of the franchise structure by considering outreach to store owners. Alternatively explore the possibility of collaborating with distributors to tap into a network of convenience stores.

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How to Sell to Convenience Stores

How to Sell to Convenience Stores

Welcome to this informative training session led by Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA. With a wealth of experience in teaching product companies from around the world how to sell their products to retailers Karen is here to share valuable tips and strategies for getting your products sold at 7 Eleven stores. If you have a product that would be a great fit for convenience stores. This training will provide you with the support you need to achieve success and maximize your profits. Lets’ delve into the world of 7 Eleven! Understanding the Franchise Structure

Franchise Owned

One significant advantage of targeting 7 Eleven stores is that they are typically owned by franchisees. Unlike larger retail chains with corporate buyers individual owners or store managers are responsible for purchasing products for their specific stores. This unique structure presents an incredible opportunity for product companies looking to enter the convenience store market.

By directly approaching individual 7 Eleven store owners and showcasing your product you have the potential to secure a lucrative distribution deal. Navigating the Meeting and Ensuring Success

While approaching 7 Eleven store owners individually can be fruitful there are important factors to consider in order to increase your chances of success. You must effectively communicate the value and benefits of your product during the meeting. Learning what to say and how to present your product in a compelling manner is crucial.

It is also essential to understand the specific needs and preferences of 7 Eleven stores so that you can tailor your pitch accordingly and address any concerns that store owners may have.

The Role of Distributors in the Convenience Store Market

In the convenience store market distributors play a vital role. These third party intermediaries have established relationships with retailers and can assist you in navigating the complexities of reaching individual store owners. Distributors can help you set up accounts manage distribution and expand the reach of your product. While working with distributors can be advantageous.

It is important to learn how to approach them and understand their requirements. By building a successful partnership with a distributor. You can significantly enhance your chances of getting your products into 7 Eleven stores. When endeavoring to target convenience stores such as 7 Eleven it is crucial to acknowledge the potential challenges that may arise along the way.

Distributors play a beneficial role; however. Engaging with them may prove difficult at times as they might not respond promptly to communication attempts. Consequently enhancing ones’ ability to captivate their attention and effectively communicate the unique value of the product becomes pivotal.

Moreover, with competition being fierce within the convenience store market, it is essential to differentiate ones product and convincingly articulate how it will drive sales and profit for 7 Eleven. To conclude.

Securing Distribution Deals

Securing distribution deals and boosting sales potential by having your products sold at 7 Eleven stores can prove highly lucrative for product companies. In order to accomplish this it is essential to gain an understanding of the franchise structure directly communicate with individual store owners and compellingly exemplify the value your product brings. Leveraging distributors can also help navigate the convenience store market while expanding your reach to multiple 7 Eleven locations.

Karen Waksman offers valuable insights based on her extensive expertise and experience in this field.
As you put into practice the strategies and tips shared in this training program persistency becomes key as well as adapting your pitch to meet 7-Elevens’ specific needs. Continuous learning and refining of your approach are also highly encouraged. For further guidance on selling to retailers. Make use of Retail MBAs resources such as upcoming webinars and individual videos. Engage with Karen Waksman and fellow members of the Retail MBA community through sharing experiences and leaving comments. By staying connected with industry experts in this way you will be able to successfully navigate the highly competitive world of convenience store sales while turning your dream of having your products sold at 7 Eleven into a profitable reality.

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