How to scale from E-Commerce into Retail (and why you're losing money if you don't)

How to Scale from E-Commerce into Retail

How to Scale from E-Commerce into Retail (and why you’re losing money if you don’t)

In this short video training, we will explore the significance of expanding your business from e-commerce to retail. Why it is crucial, for achieving success. Many e commerce sellers feel apprehensive about venturing into the realm of chains. I assure you that it is not only feasible but also highly advantageous. With two decades of experience in selling products to chains and educating numerous product companies worldwide I can confidently assert that retail offers the best avenue for generating revenue for your physical product company particularly if you are a startup or a new business.

The Advantages of Selling to Retail Chains

Retail chains are constantly seeking products that can drive sales and captivate customers. They have an appetite for high converting products. By supplying to chains you can tap into their existing customer base. Leverage their marketing initiatives to reach a broader audience. Here are some reasons explaining why venturing into retail is the strategy, for scaling your product and expanding your business;

Generating Revenue; By supplying your products to a few chains you have the potential to generate millions of dollars. Through diversifying your efforts and branching out into the realm of retail you can establish a revenue stream alongside your e commerce business.
If you ever plan to sell your business having a presence, in the market will make it more appealing to potential investors. By showcasing distribution strategies, including retail you demonstrate stability and the potential for long term success.

Relying solely on e commerce platforms like Amazon can be risky. Changes in algorithms or disruptions in the marketplace could negatively impact your business. By diversifying your sales channels and incorporating retail you can mitigate this risk. Establish a reliable and sustainable business model.

Now that we understand the advantages of selling to chains lets explore approaches for pitching your products to them. At Retail MBA we offer training and resources that can help you navigate the landscape. 

Here are some key steps to get started:

1. Research; Identify aligned chains that cater to your product and target audience. Look into stores such, as Macys, Walmart, Kroger or other grocery stores known for carrying products.

2. Pitching; Create a pitch that highlights the selling points of your product. Emphasize how it can benefit both the chain and its customers.

Make sure you have samples, product information and any relevant marketing materials ready.

Building relationships, with buyers is crucial. Attend industry events join trade associations and use platforms to connect with buyers. It’s essential to establish trust and rapport with buyers as this significantly increases the chances of getting your products on their shelves.

When you secure a meeting with a chain buyer be prepared to negotiate terms and pricing. Familiarize yourself with the retailers requirements such as packaging, pricing and delivery logistics. Stay flexible and open to making adjustments that meet their needs. Once the deal is finalized, work closely with the chain to ensure a sales process and ongoing success.

At Retail MBA we provide resources and support to help you navigate the landscape successfully. Visit our website at for information on approaching, pitching and selling your products to retailers, like Macys, Walmart, Kroger and more. We offer events, coaching programs and training materials designed to assist you in expanding your business through retail.

Discover how to transition from eCommerce into the world of retail today!As an e commerce seller it’s important to consider expanding your business into chains to scale up and maximize your revenue potential. Selling your products through chains offers advantages, including generating more revenue attracting investors and reducing risk. By diversifying your distribution strategies and including retail, as a channel you can establish a sustainable business model.

Getting Started

Here at Retail MBA our primary focus is helping e commerce sellers successfully enter the market. We offer training and resources that equip you with the knowledge and tools to approach, pitch and sell to chains. To learn more about how we can support you in achieving success in the industry simply visit our website at

Should you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are committed to providing assistance as you strive to grow your business through endeavors. Stay tuned for our video where we will continue sharing insights and tips, on selling products through retail chains. Thank you for watching!

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Transcript Outline on How to Scale eCommerce into Retail

Let us get into into the subject of transitioning from ecommerce to retail and understand why it holds immense importance for your businesss profitability. Many ecommerce sellers often find themselves confined by the belief that selling to retail chains is an enormously challenging task. However with almost two decades of experience in selling products to reputed retail chains and having educated tens of thousands of product companies worldwide on how to penetrate retailers like Walmart, Macy’s Home Depot, Kroger.

And more successfully I can assure you that focusing on retail presents the most favorable path for generating revenue in a physical product company – especially for startups and new businesses. Retail chains persistently seek novel and innovative products that bring in high conversion rates and sell decidedly well. When a product is purchased by a retail chain market player their decision could stem from various underlying reasons. Therefore if expanding your product line up while propelling substantial business growth is your objective you must prioritize placing emphasis on the realm of traditional brick and mortar retailers. Leaving out or overlooking opportunities presented by established retail chains means bypassing potential profit avenues.

Diversifying Efforts

By diversifying efforts within this landscape while simultaneously nurturing your e commerce footprint your business expands significantly. Firstly achieving even one or a few chain store accounts can unlock the potential to yield millions of dollars in revenue. So why not explore this aspect of your business alongside the continued growth of your e-commerce foundation? This strategic decision can significantly elevate overall revenue numbers.

In addition. Establishing retail accounts adds significant value should you ever wish to sell your business in the future. Investors prefer businesses that showcase a reliable infrastructure and demonstrate an understanding of diversified distribution strategies. Relying exclusively on e-commerce platforms like Amazon involves inherent risks.

As changes in algorithms or other variables beyond control may exert a profound impact on business performance. Integrating retail into your overall distribution mix allows for the creation of an attractive and robust business proposition for potential investors. It is important to acknowledge that most of your competitors may not be contemplating establishing relationships with retail chains either.

Traditional Retail

They might be incredibly focused solely on their e-commerce operations while bypassing the potential lucrative opportunities available within traditional retail. By capitalizing on retail expansion you gain a competitive edge while simultaneously tapping into revenue streams others may overlook. In case you happen to be a e-commerce seller on the look out for possible expansion into traditional brick-and-mortar shops then learning how retailers can be effectively approached ,properly pitched, and adequately sold-to becomes quite critical in order achieve ultimate success. At Retail MBA what we diligently strive doing is cover up all bases so nothing remains unknown which simply allows sellers have strong control over whatever they are getting themselves into from scratch.Being the one-stop solution provider, you can access our diversified training courses featured with insightful contents and tailor made resources for your benefit.

Aimed at proficiently navigating around the uncertain world of retail, making sure that prompt access to potential buyers doesn’t go amiss.

Our event lineup which comprises of live presentations and interactions is another thing that can be accessed by all, this helps not only expand your industry knowledge but also allows networking on a different level by interacting with professionals from within the field.
Scaling up in within the retail industry is one of those tasks which is bound to give any eCommerce entrepreneur trepidation as they take their first steps but at Retail MBA we make sure that not only offer you emotional support but consultation and an unending commitment throughout the entire process. Take a tour around our website to get an insight into various products offered; while browsing through online offerings, kindly leave aside whatever questions or opinions you have in the comment section below since helping your business grow within this domain remains our numero uno priority . Also remain tuned as future videos will bear rich information about everything in hand.Thanking You once again for your valuable time and interest.

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In this training, I will discuss some of the things to think about when approaching a retailer to sell your products and become a vendor. Hope it helps! 🙂

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