How to Sell to Fedex Stores

Fedex Vendor – How to Sell to Fedex Stores

Do you have a product perfect to Sell to Fedex Stores? 

Are you interested in becoming an approved vendor for Fedex and selling your products through their stores? Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA has some advice to share. In this short video training, she shares the reasons why you should consider selling to Fedex the range of products they offer and provides guidance on how to approach them with your pitch.

Advantages of Selling to Fedex

With a network of over 1900 stores Fedex possesses purchasing power. It’s worth exploring this opportunity as many of your competitors may not have even thought about targeting Fedex as a sales channel.

Product Categories Sold by Fedex

Fedex offers a selection of products including office supplies, books, gift items, snack foods and even consumer electronics.

Getting Started with Selling to Fedex

Irrespective of the type of product you have selling through Fedex can be highly beneficial. Given their buying power and the fact that your competitors might not be considering it yet it’s definitely worth exploring. Make sure to take advantage of Karens video training series and comprehensive retailer training program to gain insights on how to effectively pitch your product to Fedex and secure placement in their stores.

If you’re interested in learning how to sell to Fedex today and become a certified vendor without needing sales experience or buyer relationships then this new training is perfect for you! The transcript for this video can be found below.

How to Sell to Fedex Stores - Transcript Outline!

Have you ever thought about exploring the opportunities offered by FedEx Office (formerly known as FedEx Kinkos)? As a product entrepreneur it’s essential to stay open, to avenues. With a network of over 1,900 stores in the US FedEx Office holds significant buying power. Surprisingly many people overlook them as a retailer. However this presents a chance for you.

In this short video training, we will get into why considering FedEx Office as a retailer for your product is worthwhile. We’ll also explore the range of products they offer and provide insights on how to present your product to their buyers.

Why Should You Contemplate Becoming a Vendor at FedEx Stores?

In retail the number of stores directly correlates with buying power. With over 1,900 stores across the US FedEx Office holds influence in the market. Moreover since they are not typically perceived as a retailer by individuals your competitors may not be targeting them specifically. This creates an opportunity for you to differentiate yourself and potentially secure shelf space for your product.

What Can You Find at FedEx Office?

While shipping services are their focus it’s worth noting that FedEx Office also offers other products such, as office supplies, books, gift items and snack foods.
This makes them suitable, for a variety of product types. Moreover certain FedEx Office locations even offer consumer electronics for sale, which opens up opportunities for product placement.

When considering whether your product aligns with FedEx Office it’s crucial to think about the kinds of products they sell and how your product can fit into their existing range.

How to Present Your Product to FedEx Office Buyers

When presenting your product to any retailer it’s essential to understand their purchasing process. What they seek in a product. FedEx Office buyers are no exception.

To begin with having an understanding of your products selling proposition (USP) and how it can benefit the retailer is important. Does your offering introduce a product category that fills a gap in their existing range? Can your product help drive foot traffic to their stores? Recognizing what makes your product valuable to the retailer is key, to capturing their attention.

When approaching FedEx Office buyers maintaining professionalism and delivering a pitch are crucial. This involves having a concise and well crafted elevator pitch, a product package design well as any relevant marketing materials or sales data that can support your presentation.
After delivering your pitch it’s crucial to follow up with buyers. Keep in mind that buyers receive product pitches so it might require attempts to grab their attention. However persistence pays off. If your product aligns with their stores needs it can lead to an opportunity, for your business.

Ways to Enhance Your Knowledge About Pitching to Retailers

If you’re new to pitching products or want to enhance your skills in this area there are resources. One such resource is Retail MBA, a training program designed for entrepreneurs aiming to get their products into retail chains like FedEx Office. Their comprehensive weekend course covers aspects ranging from creating a product package to effectively pitching your ideas to potential buyers. Additionally they offer a six part training series as a starting point.

Initiating Sales with FedEx Stores

As a product entrepreneur it’s essential to be open minded about retail opportunities. While FedEx Office may not be the retailer that comes to mind initially it’s worth considering as an outlet for your product. With its presence and significant purchasing power FedEx Office holds the potential for prospects for your business. With a pitch and thorough preparation on your part you could secure a spot, on their shelves. Become the next successful addition.

How to Sell to Fedex Stores
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