Eddie Bauer Vendor

Eddie Bauer Vendor

How to Sell to Eddie Bauer Stores and Become a Eddie Bauer Vendor

Eddie Bauer has long provided America with outdoor apparel and gear that aims to inspire adventure. For over 100 years now, they’ve been outfitting America for time spent outdoors! The brand aims to inspire and enable adventurers with its apparel and gear offerings.

Eddie Bauer retail stores were typically found in middle to upper scale regional malls and at one time their customer base comprised 70% women. Eddie Bauer also sells through its catalog service.

Product Selection

Eddie Bauer brand apparel has long been trusted by outdoor adventurers to endure even the harshest environments, for over 100 years. Today, this legacy continues by selling apparel at retail and outlet stores, catalogs and the web; offering gear rental service; as well as, beginning in April 2019, providing resale platform service.

Stores located at middle to upper scale regional malls cater to active, married customers in their 40s or older. Women account for 70% of customers at retail locations while sales from women’s lines account for 45% of sales. Customers shopping catalogs may be younger but still share similar characteristics as customers visiting retail stores.

Product offerings of the company are tailored to appeal to both men and women, with casual lifestyle apparel being its main focus. Alongside outerwear, shirts, sweaters, jeans and pants there are footwear, accessories and gear as well. Luggage travel bags as well as backpacks sleeping bags and tents can also be found here.

In 1970, Niemi opened their inaugural large store in downtown Seattle. By 1974, ownership had changed hands, with Niemi shifting focus from casual clothing to upscale products in its stores and catalogs.

Eddie Bauer Edition Ford vehicles also marked an exciting innovation. Working alongside Ford, Eddie Bauer collaborated to produce Expedition and Explorer models featuring exclusive exterior and interior styling as well as accessories.

Eddie Bauer uses its catalog as its primary marketing tool to attract new customers and encourage them to visit local retail stores. Each catalog displays on its back cover the location of its nearest retail store – encouraging dual shopping experience while driving revenue growth through increased customer purchases in store that weren’t featured in their catalog order.


Eddie Bauer retail stores can be found throughout the U.S. in malls, and are known for attracting middle to upper class customers who appreciate outdoor adventure. Women are an especially prominent segment of this customer base and frequently shop the brand for top quality apparel that suits their active lifestyles.

Eddie Bauer retail stores attract 10 million people per year and 7 million of these make a purchase, providing Eddie Bauer with considerable exposure. To take full advantage of this opportunity, Eddie Bauer uses catalogs to reach new customers while driving retail store sales.

Catalogs can be an essential asset in ensuring sales of all sizes across stores are maximized, since not every size might be in stock in every store and therefore, if a customer needs something not available there, they may turn to online ordering or the catalog instead. In these instances, retailers risk losing out on potential revenue.

With their newly announced Resale Program, which was announced Monday, they are making it easier for shoppers to purchase and sell used products on (Re)Adventure site. This initiative fits within their sustainability goals as part of designing for versatility and longevity.

Eddie Bauer began as one store in Seattle called Eddie Bauer Tennis Shop and quickly gained notoriety for its cold-weather outerwear and outdoor sporting gear. By the 1980s, however, their expansion into mall stores with street wear offerings for men and women proved popular and they expanded further – ultimately opening 800 nationwide locations.

In 2018, the brand was sold to Authentic Brands Group (ABG) and SPARC Group – owned by mall operator Simon Property Group SPG -0.24% – which will provide it with new ownership and an opportunity to expand offerings and distribution channels. This deal gave the brand new direction with plans in place to grow the business further.

The new owners are optimistic about the business and are confident it can thrive even in an increasingly challenging retail environment. There have already been signs of improvement and progress is being made.


Eddie Bauer has long provided rugged outdoor wear designed to withstand the elements. Their motto, “Live Your Adventure,” transcends mere marketing; it represents their entire business philosophy.

Eddie Bauer founded Eddie Bauer Inc in Seattle, Washington in 1920 as an outdoor enthusiast. As an avid hunter and outdoorsman himself, Eddie wanted to offer new levels of service for outdoor gear customers.

By the early 1980s, the company expanded and opened its first retail stores in malls. Furthermore, they started carrying streetwear and accessories in addition to outdoor gear which helped expand their brand and ultimately increase profitability for them. This expansion contributed significantly to brand expansion as well as profitability for them.

At first, the business struggled to meet demand for their products, which necessitated creating an efficient distribution system that allowed for faster processing and shipping of merchandise. Over time however, as business expanded they established a distribution center in Groveport Ohio to centralize this function and meet customer demands more easily.

To maintain an outstanding level of service for their customers, the company instituted the One Brand, One Voice, One Customer policy. This ensures that regardless of which channel a customer uses to shop they receive equal quality of care from all channels used.

Eddie Bauer strives to offer their customers a uniform shopping experience across stores and catalogs, as well as offering online versions that allow customers to quickly locate items they desire.

(Re)Adventure program from this company also offers apparel at reduced resale prices to meet today’s consumer needs and is tailored to offer them great selection of outdoor clothing and gear at reasonable prices. Arrive Outdoors, a tech and logistics firm, is helping launch this initiative to support this program.

Customer Service

Eddie Bauer specializes in outdoor sportswear for men, women and children. Their retail stores can be found across North America; Canada; and Mexico with catalog and online sales channels available to them as well. Furthermore, Eddie Bauer operates two distribution centers located in Groveport Ohio and Westmont Illinois to meet customer needs.

Eddie Bauer offers comprehensive customer support via phone, email and live chat. Their website makes it easy to locate contact information for each location as well as quickly find their representative or the answer to any of your questions quickly. In addition to its customer support team and extensive FAQ section, Eddie Bauer also has an expansive FAQ section which may help quickly provide answers.

The company follows a “One Brand, One Voice, One Customer” policy to ensure unified communications across channels and ensure customers receive equal treatment while having an optimal experience.

Eddie Bauer has been providing quality outdoor clothing and equipment retail services since 1920. Their goal is to inspire people to explore nature by providing high-quality products at great value; creating an outdoor culture open to everyone. Eddie Bauer stores can be found throughout malls and outlet centers nationwide while they also operate catalog sales channels and an international shipping center.

Eddie Bauer offers both premium merchandise at its retail stores and overstock items through online and catalog sales channels, while offering additional services such as shipping direct to home, gift cards, and online account management.

Eddie Bauer has their corporate office located at 10401 NE 8th St Suite 500 Bellevue WA 98004 United States with their phone number being 425-838-4100 for any inquiries or issues with orders they have placed with Eddie Bauer. Customers may contact this office if any issues or questions arise with regards to their order(s).

The primary marketing tool of the company is their catalog, used to acquire new customers, drive store visits and ultimately direct sales. Their website serves as another effective promotional vehicle; used to drive e-commerce sales while simultaneously attracting new ones. Lastly, there’s also their mobile application which allows customers to shop while on the move!

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