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Do you have a product that is perfect for and You Want to Become a And Target Stores Vendor?

Are you interested in selling your product through and Target Stores? In this short training video, we will provide you with insights and considerations when it comes to selling to and its physical stores! and its stores are renowned as one of the discount retailers. With over 1850 stores their retail spaces are incredibly vast and massive. One of the reasons why people prefer working with Target is because they offer a range of products spanning from bedding to toys, food and accessories.

One significant advantage of considering as a sales channel is their capacity to accommodate a variety of products due to their store layouts. In comparison smaller retailers like GNC face limitations in terms of product placement due to their store sizes. This can present challenges when attempting to get your product featured in establishments. However with Target’s stores and greater expansion opportunities you have chances for visibility.

Target Selections

It’s worth noting that has a reputation for being selective in their business dealings. They have streamlined communication channels compared to retailers when it comes to engaging with suppliers. While you can still reach out via email or phone calls it is likely that your initial contact might be directed towards voicemail.

On a note one benefit of partnering, with is that they typically don’t limit themselves to purchasing one product from suppliers.

Target offers a section, in their stores for selling jewelry, which means they are open to purchasing pieces from you. This opportunity allows you to sell your products across Target locations. Even if each store buys a quantity of 10 30 pieces the sheer number of Target stores (1850) translates into cash buying power.

Selling to

When collaborating with they typically start by testing your product in their selling stores and on their website. They may not make purchases but once they see positive results and know that your product is converting well they will gradually increase the quantities they buy from you.

If you’re interested in mastering the art of approaching, pitching and selling to Target or any other chain retailers, I recommend exploring They provide resources including systems and processes designed to help people expedite the process of getting their products into stores. Their offerings include content, training systems live events and retail matchmaking services.

Seizing the opportunity to sell your products at Target can greatly contribute to your success. With preparation and effective strategies in place there is potential, for financial gains.

Wishing you all the best!

Karen Waksman
Retail MBA

"One good thing about Target is that they don't usually just buy one product. They buy many more products for an entire section of the store"

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Target and stands out as one of the discount stores overseeing a whopping 1,850 stores and boasting an impressive average retail and online presence of 135 square feet, per store. It serves as a go to hub for an array of products spanning from toys and food to accessories, jewelry and much more. The sheer size of Targets store floors enables them to experiment with a range of products making it an appealing choice for businesses seeking to grow their footprint.

If you have a consumer product that you believe should grace the shelves of Target this article aims to provide you with guidance on how to sell to the company. However be aware that collaborating with Target is no feat; it demands planning and execution. Nonetheless it presents an opportunity for businesses that approach it in the way.

Significant Advantage

One significant advantage of partnering with Target is their provision of spaces. This means they can test a number of products compared to stores like GNC where space is limited and gaining shelf presence can be more challenging. The generous retail space offered by Target allows for growth and expansion making it a preferable choice, for businesses aiming to broaden their product offerings.
When it comes to working with Target there are a things you should be aware of regarding their communication approach. In the past reaching out to a buyer was as simple, as making a phone call or sending an email. However Target has recently made some changes that have made communication more challenging and less accessible. It seems that Target may have been overwhelmed with the number of people trying to contact them leading them to limit their communication channels. But don’t worry this doesn’t mean that you can’t get your product into Target stores. You still have the option of pitching your product through their vendor websites. Additionally there are methods we’ll discuss later in this article for getting your products on Targets shelves.

One great thing about partnering with Target is that they don’t just buy one or two products from you; they actually provide you with a section in their store. So lets say you want to sell jewelry – of purchasing a few pieces from you they’ll give you a substantial space within the store to showcase and sell your products. This is news, for businesses because it allows them to offer products through Target thereby increasing their potential sales opportunities.

Target Quantities

If Target purchases your product in quantities of 10, 20 or even 30, per store taking into account their network of 1,850 stores it presents an opportunity for your business to grow.

It’s important to note that if you do strike a deal with Target they will initially test your product in their performing stores. They won’t immediately make large scale purchases. Like retailers Target prefers to start with tests in their smaller stores to gauge the performance and conversion rates of the product before proceeding with larger orders.

Selling your product through Target is indeed an opportunity for businesses. However it does come with its set of challenges. Therefore it is crucial to approach the company with a prepared strategy. Below are some tips on how to approach, pitch and sell your product not to Target but also other similar retailers in the chainsaw industry.

Understanding your product and target audience is key when selling to Target. Take the time to thoroughly comprehend the features and benefits of your product. Why they resonate with your target audience. This knowledge will enable you to tailor your pitch for Target and make your product more enticing, for their buyers.
To effectively analyze your competitors it is essential to conduct research and identify the distinguishing factors that make your product stand out. Understand what sets your product apart, from offerings available, in the market and be ready to articulate why your product is exceptional. I highly recommend watching the training video provided above for insights and information. Vendor - How to Sell on
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In this training, I will discuss some of the things to think about when approaching a retailer to sell your products and become a vendor. Hope it helps! 🙂

Karen Waksman,
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