Become a Claire's Supplier - How to Sell to Claire's Stores

Sell to Claire’s Stores & Become a Claire’s Vendor


Do you have a product that is perfect for Claire’s Stores and You Want to Become a Claire’s Vendor?

Are you interested in becoming a vendor for Claire’s? If you have a consumer product that you believe should be stocked on their store shelves this short video training will provide you with some considerations when it comes to selling to Claire’s!

Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA offers insights into what it takes to become a vendor for Claire’s.

Claire’s Vendor

Claires is a jewelry and accessory store found in airports and malls across the country. With over 2,300 stores securing an order from them is akin to hitting the jackpot. If your product actually gets chosen it has the potential to generate millions of dollars in revenue. It holds significance within the jewelry and accessory industry.

Given that Claires caters to an audience and stocks small products at competitive prices working with them can be highly challenging. It is crucial to ensure that partnering with a retailer like Claires aligns with your capabilities.

Tips for Selling to Claires

Icing Stores – Additionally if you have a product but face resistance from Claires exploring opportunities, with their brand Icing might be worth considering.They have customers. You can reach out to them and try to become a supplier, for their products.
Supplier Registration; If you become a supplier for Icing you can get registered in their system as a vendor. This will allow you to go through their processes smoothly. You will be required to complete forms and establish your presence as a recognized vendor in their system.
International Market; Claires has 300 franchises located in the Middle East and South Africa. If you’re facing challenges with selling to Claires in the United States it might be worth exploring opportunities to sell your products in those countries. Each country typically has its set of buyers separate from those in the United States.

Private Label Arrangements

In cases you’ll likely be dealing with label agreements. This means that you’ll be selling your products under the Claires brand name without displaying your branding. If this arrangement suits you working with Claires could present an opportunity.

Getting Started with Selling Products at Claires Stores

Selling your jewelry or accessories at Claires stores is a prospect for anyone in the industry. However it is important to consider that it is a market so ensure that partnering with a retailer like Claires aligns, with your financial capabilities.

Here are a few factors to consider that may increase your chances of placing an order.

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"Claire's has 300 franchises in the Middle East and South Africa. If you're not getting anywhere with Claire's in the United States, you might want to explore selling to those different countries."

Outline for "Claire's Vendor - How to Sell to Claire's Stores" Video Training Here...

Are you interested, in getting your product sold at Claires stores? Karen Waksman, the founder of Retail MBA has some insights and advice on how to make that a reality.

Claires is a known jewelry and accessory store with a presence across the country boasting over 2,300 stores. Being able to secure a spot on their shelves can be quite competitive within the jewelry and accessory industry. During this training session Karen will provide insights into what it takes to become a vendor for Claires.

Key Points to Consider When Selling to Claires

Claires primarily focuses on the jewelry and accessory market. If you have a product that aligns with their offerings it’s crucial to ensure that you can accommodate their requirements regarding pricing. With their target audience and abundance of discounted products it is essential for your pricing strategy to be suitable, for them.

Karen brings her experience of selling products to Claires. She acknowledges that navigating this business can be complex since many vendors attempt to offer products in large quantities. To stand out from the crowd you’ll need either items or unbeatable prices that they simply cannot resist. Alternatively ensuring manufacturing standards can also give you an edge.

To have the opportunity to place orders, with Claires one approach is to become a vendor for their affiliate retailer, Icing. By becoming an Icing vendor you can establish yourself in their system. Acquire a vendor number. This number allows for processing through their systems.

Shared Systems

It’s worth noting that Claires and Icing share the software system for vendors. So once you become an Icing vendor you can inform Claires that you are already part of their system. This can be advantageous as it eliminates the need for paperwork by the buyer.

If encountering difficulties selling to Claires within the United States exploring sales opportunities in countries might be worthwhile. Claire’s operates 300 franchises in both the Middle East and South Africa. Keep in mind that each country has its set of buyers so trying your luck may yield better results.

When conducting business with Claires it is important to understand that they primarily deal with label products. This means that you would be selling your items under their brand name while your packaging won’t be utilized. If you are comfortable with this arrangement partnering with Claire’s could present an opportunity, for your business.
To successfully work with Claires you’ll need to obtain their packaging along with all the design elements. Then use their packaging for your products. This is the approach they take for labels.

Getting Started with Selling to Claires

Selling to Claires presents an opportunity, for those in the jewelry and accessory industry. It’s crucial to ensure that your pricing aligns with their requirements and that you have the means to collaborate with them. It might also be worth considering becoming a vendor for Icing as this could open doors to placing orders through Claires. Additionally exploring sales opportunities with their franchises in the Middle East and South Africa could be worthwhile. Finally keep in mind that dealing with labels will be part of the process so its essential to confirm your comfort level before pursuing this venture.

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Become a Claire's Supplier - How to Sell to Claire's Stores
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