Bass Pro Vendor – How to Sell to Bass Pro and Become a Bass Pro Supplier

New Training on Bass Pro Vendor – How to Sell to Bass Pro and Become a Bass Pro Supplier!

Bass Pro Vendor

 Bass Pro Vendor - How to Sell to Bass Pro and Become a Bass Pro Supplier
Everyone knows Bass Pro as a retail store for fishing, hunting, and boating. But did you know that they sell products other than outdoor sporting goods? That’s right. If you have the perfect product that you want to sell, you can sell it there and be on of their store supplier.

In this new training, I’m going to talk about how you can become a bass pro Stores Vendor and I’m going to give you good reasons on why you should definitely consider selling your products in this massive store. If you go and check out their online store, you will be able to tell right away it’s a good retail store to sell at.

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Today I want to talk about a retailer, Bass Pro. A lot of people are thinking “why would you create a video for fish store?” Well, honestly, because they have over a hundred stores and they have everything in that store. They are much more than just stuff for fishing. They have camping gears, sporting goods, and all sorts of stuff in their stores. They’re a destination retailer so they’re really massive.

If you’ve ever been to Bass Pro, you will see that they really create a full experience in those stores. They have a lot of room to buy things. They may not have a lot of stores they are responsible for, meaning they only have a hundred stores, but their stores are huge which basically means that they have the opportunity to add new products.

So, one of the reasons why I created this video is because most people don’t think about Bass Pro as one of the retailers to consider going after. Also, if you have a product that’s not even necessarily a sporting good product, you might be able to get your product to their stores as well. If you go to Bass Pro’s website, you’ll see that they have all sorts of other products there. It might be worth exploring. Your competitors are probably not thinking about selling to Bass Pro so that’s something to consider.

Bass Pro definitely has a lot of other products and again it’s a massive store so they have room to put in new products. So I always like retailers like that. I always like to see if they have products, you know, sections in their store that would make sense for my product type. The other thing that I want to mention about Bass Pro and the reason why I created this video is because Bass Pro does a phenomenal job online. Not all retailers are really kind of doing so well online.

Bass Pro is rate up there pretty high for all sorts of different types of products. And so I like that because if you are to go after retail chains and you want to get a lot of eyeballs to your site, you want to work with retailers that have spent a lot of time growing their revenue base online. Bass Pro, in terms of searches, is doing phenomenally well. So, I won’t ignore them especially if you have a product that has a great imagery, like if you take great photos of your product.

Not all products look good in photos but if you have a product that just looks great in photos, you definitely might want to consider Bass Pro for the online division as well. Because again, they have several eyeballs and so forth. But ultimately, if you have somebody to create great videos or photos of your products, also the copy as well, what you say about the product, that definitely makes a difference. If your product essentially looks good online, you might want to consider exploring Bass Pro, it’s another retailer to go after. And again, it’s way beyond fishing.

This is Karen Waksman with Retail MBA. Hoped that help. If you want learn how to actually pitch to them, like the words to say to these buyers and how to get them interested in your products, take a look at my website I actually have a free training video that you can sign up for. Just put in your email address. It’s a six-part training series on selling to big chain stores like Bass Pro.

You definitely want to explore that, it’s really powerful as I have a full Retail MBA training program that in a weekend will give you the exact words to say to buyers to get them to buy. All I’ve said is in my website and I’d love to continue the conversation with you with selling to retail chain. 

Bass Pro Vendor

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