AT&T Wireless


AT&T Wireless Offers a Variety of Plans and Devices

AT&T wireless stands out among America’s premier networks with an expansive selection of plans and devices, as well as offering an attractive prepaid option suitable for individuals or families with limited data requirements.

AT&T’s Unlimited Extra and Elite plans provide great international benefits and HD streaming, but these features come at a higher price tag.


AT&T Wireless gives you access to one of the nation’s largest and fastest mobile broadband networks, making AT&T Wireless ideal for bundling with cable TV, internet service, landline phones, smart home services and landline phone plans. AT&T Mobile Network covers both the United States and Puerto Rico; you can view coverage maps online. The company also offers various plans such as unlimited data or high-end 5G, depending on your individual needs.

Coverage should always be the top consideration when selecting a mobile carrier, especially when choosing one for personal use. Faster data speeds may help, but their value becomes irrelevant if there’s no signal where you regularly go. Check AT&T’s coverage maps to make sure it covers your hometown and all the places where you travel frequently; ask friends and family members their experience with AT&T coverage as well.

AT&T leads all major carriers when it comes to 4G LTE coverage in rural areas. Unfortunately, its urban coverage lags behind that of Verizon despite having superior 5G service – though AT&T may close that gap by upgrading their current 5G frequency band to faster C-band frequencies which provide shorter range coverage.

T-Mobile’s 5G network also outshines AT&T due to the mid-band spectrum acquired with Sprint. This provides better coverage in densely populated areas than AT&T or Verizon’s use of millimeter wave spectrum for their 5G networks.

AT&T’s plans for the future focus heavily on connectivity through its planned acquisition of WarnerMedia and increased focus on fiber. Analysts have observed that customers who take both AT&T fiber and wireless services tend to be happier than those who opt only for wireless service alone.

AT&T also offers fixed wireless services like AT&T Internet Connect that provide up to 75 Mbps download speeds in most areas, though you may be able to experience faster downloads in certain places. You can also sign up for AT&T Gigabit Pass which offers speeds up to 1 Gbps in select areas or get an AT&T WiFi router that can bring wireless access directly into your home or business.


AT&T offers phone plans designed to fit every situation. Best known for its unlimited data plans, AT&T also provides several prepaid plans as well as its AT&T Lifeline plan aimed at seniors on fixed incomes or those receiving government assistance.

AT&T’s most affordable unlimited data plan is its Single Line Unlimited plan, priced at $65 for one line or $60 per line for three. This option is more cost-effective than Verizon’s equivalent plan while T-Mobile’s top-tier Unlimited Premium plan costs an eye-watering $85.

AT&T’s Unlimited Extra and Unlimited Premium plans provide more generous data caps with additional perks such as priority network access, free HBO Max subscriptions and security features. Furthermore, AT&T’s Premium plan adds mobile hotspot data – which may appeal to families that enjoy streaming movies or viewing online video on phones and tablets.

AT&T also offers the AT&T Business Unlimited Elite plan, designed for companies that mix business with personal use. It features high data caps as with other plans but adds 5G technology, faster tracking for improved service, 100GB hotspot data per line, HD video streaming capabilities, and much more besides.

Although AT&T provides affordable unlimited data plans, it’s important to remember that its prepaid plans may not offer as good a value compared to competitors such as T-Mobile’s or Verizon postpaid plans. AT&T’s self-branded prepaid plan may not offer value when compared with T-Mobile offerings and is only slightly cheaper than Verizon plans.

AT&T provides a diverse selection of handsets at its prices, from Apple and Samsung models to lesser-known ones. Customers have two purchasing options for these phones – either pay upfront for it all up front or set up an installment plan whereby the cost will be added onto monthly cellular bills and paid off in approximately 30 months or less.


To maximize the experience of your AT&T wireless plan, a stable internet connection is key. Internet speeds impact everything from browsing the web to streaming video and gaming – our free AT&T internet speed test tool can give you download, upload speed results as well as ping times!

The Ping Test measures how long it takes for signals from your device to travel from AT&T network server and back again. Keep in mind that AT&T operates an expansive network, and that certain parts may have slower or faster speeds than others. If you’re concerned about your AT&T internet speed, try running the Ping Test multiple times throughout the day in peak usage times to observe any fluctuations that might affect its accuracy.

AT&T provides several home Internet plans. Most are DSL, which uses copper and fiber technology for high-speed connectivity. AT&T also offers fixed wireless Internet service which requires installing antennae and equipment – though this connection won’t be as fast.

AT&T not only offers home Internet options but also mobile internet service for eligible customers. Their 4G LTE network has been upgraded with technologies such as carrier aggregation, unlicensed spectrum enhancements and more sophisticated modulation schemes that have resulted in significantly faster mobile internet speeds over the last year.

For a speed test from AT&T Internet Service Provider, simply disable WiFi on your mobile device and visit our website. Enter your address and click “Go,” and the AT&T Internet Speed Test will provide results of download, upload and ping speeds; as well as an average of these over time on its graph display. If your current AT&T connection speed falls short of expectations, consider upgrading or switching providers, or perhaps reduce device count to increase connectivity speed further.


AT&T stands out as an industry-leader US wireless carrier by consistently offering excellent value – especially with older plans like its legacy plans. Recently, however, AT&T announced price increases affecting legacy plans only and not its unlimited plans.

Money expert Clark Howard recently reviewed AT&T’s Value Plus plan and found it offers an exceptional deal: one line of unlimited talk, text and data–plus 5G support–for only $50 monthly. This price point compares favorably with its own cheapest unlimited plan that supports hotspot tethering (AT&T Unlimited Starter at $65) or T-Mobile’s entry-level plan with 5G capabilities (Essentials Plan or its new 5G Start plan), both priced at either $60 per line).

AT&T Value Plus plans provide customers with several perks, such as Rollover Data. Customers who do not use their monthly allowance in one billing cycle are eligible for extra data that rolls over into subsequent billing periods if it goes unused; that is in addition to being rounded down to the nearest MB before using overage data if applicable. In addition, AutoPay and paperless billing will earn you a $10 credit and there will be a complimentary AT&T Reward Card after adding any qualified device.

As an AT&T customer, upgrading to a newer smartphone without incurring an early termination fee can be done at any time without incurring an early termination fee. However, you will still owe any outstanding costs related to your contract agreement if this occurs. Discounted access charges only apply when purchased through AT&T Next or from other providers such as full-price smartphones purchased outright; discounts do not carry over when changing plans; they will however be nullified if upgrading onto 2-year contract plans or switching over to devices requiring upfront payments in full payment upfront payments or upgrades from another provider.

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