Retail Purchase Order


Retail Purchase Order

How do I increase chances of getting a retail purchase order from a major chain stores? Watch this short training video to find out!

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Retail Purchase Order – So people obviously always want to know how to increase your chances of getting a retail purchase order. You want to grow your business, you want to get into these stores, and you want to know what to do. And so obviously I spent 15 hours of how to exactly approach, pitch, and sell to these big box retailers, so it takes me a long time. But I’m going to give you some food for thought here today in the short segment. So what you really need to think about when approaching these big box stores is how can I prove to them that my product is going to make them money? Because at the end of the day, what’s a retailer? A retailer is a retailer that sells products. It’s all about revenue, it’s all about revenue generation. So whatever they’re doing and putting in their stores, it’s about making them money.

And so they only put products in the stores that are ultimately going to make them money. And if they’re not making money, they get rid of those products and they find another product that will generate revenue for them. So if you know that that’s ultimately what a big box retailer wants then you need to create a story around why your product is going to make money. And how do you do that? There’re all sorts of ways to do that, but one of the things that you need to think about is, can you sell your products other places and show that there’s some proven sales. And there’s obviously some of you who are really panicked, you haven’t sold it anywhere else before, so what I’m saying is that you don’t necessarily need to have proven sale to sell to big box stores, but you do, if you want to improve your chances, go after a lot of the smaller retailers, or start growing your business a little bit, or find a way to show that your product makes money somewhere.

Because ultimately that’s more interesting to the buyer because it means that if someone bought your product then they might buy it at that store. And so by helping yourself, by learning how to get your products in the stores, by growing that business a little bit, at least getting it going to show proof that maybe their ideal audience is buying your product, then you have more of a chance of selling to these big box stores. So if you can help yourself, there’s obviously so many other ways to do it, but the easiest, most proven way is to show proof of sales, which will ultimately give you more of an option, heads up into getting your products into these stores. So I hope that helps.

Thanks so much.

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