International Retail Sales Secrets – Live Upcoming Webinar!

Upcoming LIVE FREE Webinar – International Retail Sales Secrets – How International Companies Can Sell to the US Retail Market. No experience Required!

LIVE Webinar With Karen Waksman called "International Retail Secrets - How to Sell to U.S. Retailers If You Live Overseas!" on Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

I just wanted to let you know about our FREE Webinar Training on October 20th, 2021!

International Retail Secrets 

No sales experience, existing buyer relationships or patents required!

This FREE LIVE Webinar will be held this Wednesday - October 20th, 2021 at 1pm and 5pm PST. Two time slots available!

NOW is the time to go after chain stores. Find out WHY! 

If you can't make this time - sign up anyhow! We will be providing a limited time webinar replay. Although I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you joining us on the call as we will be having a very interactive experience and answering questions. Plus you will get extra bonuses for being on the live call. 

We will be sharing exact tips and strategies on how to approach, pitch and sell to chain store retailers if you live overseas! 

So be prepared to take a lot of notes!

Here's the link:

Either way, I wish you lots of happiness and success. 

We are capping the number of attendees. So sign up NOW! 

Karen Waksman

Retail MBA

P.S. CLICK HERE to sign up for the ‘International Retail Secrets - Free  Webinar!

P.S.S. If you know of anyone who needs to get into stores - feel free to let them know about this upcoming epic event! Thank you!