Spirit Halloween Supplier

spirit halloween supplier

Spirit Halloween Supplier

Spirit Halloween is the United States’ leading seasonal retailer for costumes and decorations. Established by Joe Marver as an offshoot of Spirit Women’s Discount Apparel in 1983, Spirit Halloween eventually expanded into 60 locations before being acquired by Spencer Gifts in 1999.

Spirit’s business model relies heavily on space. It finds vacant spaces in shopping malls and retail buildings that have closed or failed, which then become available.


Spirit Halloween is a retail chain best known for their pop-up shops that open annually in abandoned strip malls. However, their ambition goes beyond simply selling costumes and fake blood: their seasonal stores aggressively cultivate an atmospheric haunted house/horror movie aesthetic that now extends into feature films.

Spirit Halloween: The Movie was directed and written by David Poag and features Donovan Colan, Jaiden J. Smith, and Dylan Martin Frankel as three kids who make a dare to sneak into a newly opened Spirit Halloween store located within an unsettling strip mall and spend the night. Unfortunately for them, however, the store appears haunted and its animatronic figures appear possessed by an evil spirit.

This film draws its influences from everything from ’80s tween horror flicks to Netflix’s recent Stranger Things reboot and everything in between, featuring Rachel Leigh Cook who gives off distinct Nickelodeon vibes as the central protagonist of this story.

The film has already made waves on social media due to its low-key teaser trailer and star Lance Bass – known for being known as the self-proclaimed “King of Halloween” on YouTube – who has created engaging Halloween-related content since 2009. Set for release this fall but available year-round streaming through all platforms, the movie can already be found worldwide.

Video Game & Anime

At Kotaku, we’ve come to expect two-bit knockoffs when it comes to video game-themed costumes; thus we were pleased when Spirit Halloween’s gaming selection wasn’t all two-bit knockoffs when we visited one of its stores this year. While they lacked costumes related to 2021’s biggest releases like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Hitman 2, Spirit Halloween had plenty of offerings such as a highly detailed Hylian shield from The Legend of Zelda as well as pixelated swords from Minecraft as well as masks from fighting games like Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 4.

Spirit’s has you covered when it comes to recreating your favorite TV or movie characters or scenes from Spirit has got you covered here, too, with looks from hit TV series like Stranger Things and Ted Lasso, plus movies including Sonic the Hedgehog and Beetlejuice. Kids can live out their dress up fantasies with characters from popular video game and anime titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Ball Z and Fallout. Plus there are even props available like Deluxe Hanging Ghoulish Grabber and Rotting Ralph Head on Stake – take these costume ideas to take the next level and turn these costume ideas into full costumes that take them all the way!


Clowns are comic performers who employ slapstick or similar forms of physical humor and have long been part of cultural traditions worldwide. Clowns are most famously associated with wearing colorful wigs and extravagant costumes; performing various tricks such as juggling, magic or acrobatics may also be part of their repertoire. While clowns typically perform at circus entertainment shows, they also can make appearances at live events like children’s birthday parties.

Backstage, clowns spend much of their time prepping for performances by applying makeup and donning their costume. Some clowns may have their own private dressing room; others might share one with other performers. Some clowns even employ their own makeup/costume designer; other professionals work collaboratively on creating characters.

Clowns often rely on a framework or script as a starting point for their creativity when performing, whether that means just having an outline with general beginning and end points, or writing an extremely detailed script with no room for spontaneous moments.

Clown gags have long been associated with clowns. A classic example is “too many clowns coming out of a tiny car”, though other methods can include: spitting water or confetti on audiences, dropping trousers while running toward them, squirting water at audiences or even tripple-tripping over feet to fake an imaginary blemish in the floor!

Group Costumes

There’s something exciting and joyful about dressing up as part of a group for Halloween – whether that means dressing as your significant other, friends, or family! Spirit Halloween offers an extensive selection of couple and group costumes sure to make everyone look fantastic on Halloween.

Spirit’s 2022 collection offers costumes inspired by popular video games and anime such as Kingdom Hearts, Assassin’s Creed and Minecraft; fan-favorites from Overwatch (such as Reaper or Mercy); plus Fortnite Frenzy costumes to help your squad battle to victory!

Jack Skellington and Sally, along with the rest of Halloweentown will enjoy dressing as these official costumes from The Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloweentown this year. Children will especially delight in reenacting Toy Story when dressed as Woody, Buzz or Toy Story characters like Elmo! For DIYers interested in taking on makeup/prosthetic application themselves themselves, Spirit Halloween offers numerous tutorials to assist – just remember their return policy as many stores may only allow a limited return period!


Spirit Halloween is your one-stop shop for all things scary – be it office costume contests or haunted house decor. Boasting over 1,400 stores throughout North America, they provide decorations, costumes, props, makeup and accessories at highly competitive prices. While physical locations typically open only prior to Halloween and close shortly thereafter, their website remains accessible all year long, stocking similar products as in their physical locations; fans can even find licensed merchandise from Friday the 13th, Chucky, Disney and Pink Fong’s Baby Shark movies and shows!

If you prefer shopping online, keep an eye out for emails offering coupons that could save up to 25%. Paper coupons may also be distributed as Halloween approaches; though these may not stack with others, they could still help secure you an amazing bargain!

Spirit Halloween stands apart from other retailers by being the sole provider of officially licensed Halloween costumes and decorations, featuring characters from movie and television franchises such as Barbie, Harry Potter, Wednesday Pokemon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fall Guy Poppy Playtime Poppy Playtime Poppy Playtime as well as popular video games anime horror icons and more! Additionally, they have their unique Spirit of Children program, which partners with 147 hospitals to bring festive joy to sick kids this Halloween.

Family Pajamas

Matching pajamas are an easy and festive way to commemorate an event or simply add some variety to family sleepwear, whether that’s celebrating an important holiday or making it feel more like Christmas year-round! There’s a set for moms, dads, kids, toddlers and babies in every spring, summer, fall and winter theme available – from Hanukkah-themed ones through 4th of July sets and even year-round flannel sets that bring back that festive feeling year after year!

After its initial popularity from a viral video featuring a North Carolina family, social media has revived it through #ChristmasJammmies hashtag and an outpouring of families sharing matching PJ-themed snaps on Instagram. No matter the occasion or celebration, matching PJs provide more than just fun; they create memories to look back upon later as your kids grow older.

Savannah-based Lake offers luxurious-feeling pima cotton sets for babies to men in sizes XL; Target and Walmart carry similar selections with holiday prints available too, for an added special touch Hanna Andersson lets you add monogramming for that personalized touch! Plus don’t forget the latest Spirit Halloween supplies in Wyomissing or online with eligible purchases eligible to be picked up locally at any location!

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