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sally beauty supply

Sally Beauty Supplier

Sally Beauty Supply is one of the nation’s premier beauty product retailers, opening for business in 1964 and located in Denton, Texas. They provide both consumers and salon professionals with access to an expansive selection of beauty products.

Recent increases in costs and selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) expenses have seriously reduced earnings at one major retailer, prompting its management to provide an unfavorable outlook for fiscal 2023.


Sally Beauty is a beauty product supplier serving licensed professionals and consumers, with more than 2,500 stores throughout the US and 10 other countries. As the world’s largest distributor of salon products, they also provide online ordering and delivery services as well as loyalty programs that reward them for purchasing items.

Sally Beauty began as one store in New Orleans in 1964. Alberto-Culver, a consumer products company, purchased it and named it after its founder’s daughter Sally in 1969. Sally Beauty wasn’t immediately successful under its new owners; so in 1972 they gave Michael Renzulli, a trained pharmacist, responsibility for its management division. Renzulli described his early days with the company as one of “jack-of-all-trades,” driving from store to store delivering beauty products in his station wagon.

As the 1970s progressed, Sally Beauty flourished rapidly. Stores were situated within strip malls where customers could drive up and purchase hair supplies directly. By 1987, their offerings had expanded beyond hair care into cosmetics and skin care as well. Managers at Denton headquarters supported local franchisees with marketing by sending flyers out to thousands of licensed beauty professionals within an area for each new store opening.

Sally Beauty became a primary force behind its parent company’s expansion during the mid-1990s, accounting for 60% of sales and 70% of profits. Furthermore, Sally Beauty continued expanding during this period; adding over 1,000 stores throughout Florida and adding an enormous warehouse/distribution center there.

Sally Beauty expanded internationally during the 1990s. Their first foray overseas came when they purchased Ogee Hair & Beauty Supply stores from Ogee Hair & Beauty Supply Limited (OHBS Ltd) in England in 1994, followed by further acquisitions in both England and Germany through Embassy Ltd. By 1997, Sally Beauty had opened over 100 stores each in Japan and the United Kingdom; by 2000 there had been 1,800 store openings with Mexico and Canada being considered expansion plans.


Sally Beauty has you covered for everything you need from at-home hair dye kits and nail polish to salon quality styling tools and professional tools like curling irons. Plus they carry foundation, lipstick, eye shadow and mascara! The company is well known for offering an impressive variety of products such as shampoos and conditioners to curling irons and blow dryers; as well as professional styling tools designed specifically for salons and cosmetologists! Sally also stocks cosmetics such as foundation, lipstick eye shadow and mascara!

Sally Beauty opened its inaugural store in New Orleans, Louisiana as a single franchise before rapidly expanding across Louisiana and surrounding states. By the time Alberto-Culver relinquished management to Michael Renzulli in 1978, there had been over 440 Sally Beauty locations nationwide with many conveniently situated within strip malls where customers could drive right in and fill up their cars with beauty supplies.

By the early 2000s, Sally Beauty had amassed close to 2,750 stores throughout the United States and had expanded overseas with locations in England, Brazil and Chile as well as an acquisition of Armstrong-McCall as a competitor chain. Meanwhile, sales had continued their rapid rise, reaching nearly $2 billion per annum by then.

Sally Beauty provides products tailored specifically for people of all ages and genders to elevate their look and boost their self-confidence. They sell everything from hair dye and semi-permanent hair color kits to makeup kits and brushes.

Sally Beauty can be overwhelming for consumers unfamiliar with beauty products. To assist their shoppers, Sally has provided product guides that help identify suitable products based on specific categories like shampoos and conditioners; additionally these guides offer guidance as to their usage.

Sally Beauty customer service employees are expertly trained to answer questions about its products. Their staff can be especially useful when selecting products suited for specific situations – for instance if you are considering getting hair extensions such as Bellami Hair or Glam Seamless extensions for instance they will recommend specific brands that can make your experience with extensions longer-lived and tips about how best to take care of and extend their lifespan.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are one of the most vital marketing tools a business can employ to retain customers and increase revenue. Loyalty programs have long been utilized by a range of industries – they’re even effective for beauty brands! An ideal beauty loyalty program should make joining easy for customers, offer meaningful rewards, and be easily usable by employees; one such such program that stands out is Sally Beauty’s is considered top-of-the-line in this regard.

Sally Beauty introduced a new app in March that allows customers to keep track of reward points, redeem certificates and make purchases both online and in stores. According to Sally Beauty’s description, this new offering provides a “simple and streamlined way for beauty enthusiasts to experience Sally Beauty brand”. Available as free download on both iOS and Android devices.

Sally Beauty also offers its Beauty Club Credit Card as a loyalty program to their members, which can earn 2.5 extra points on every purchase and provides free birthday presents. In addition, this credit card can also be used at participating restaurants and hotels when making Sally Beauty purchases.

Sally Beauty currently boasts over 32 million active beauty rewards members worldwide and 95% of sales comprise the two highest tiers, Preferred and Elite, of their customer loyalty program; average customer spend per customer in these tiers averages out to approximately $1,700.

MAC Beauty also offers a tiered rewards program called MAC Lover that lets customers earn points via its website, mobile app and in-store stores. In order to move from Lover status to Devoted status in one year’s time; to reach Obsessed level requires spending $500 within that same year.

Sally Beauty reserves the right to amend or modify these Conditions and Rights at any time, without prior notice, including changing the number of Points or Rewards Coupons accrued as well as type or amount of any Rewards Program Reward and benefits available. Any such change will become effective upon posting to Sally Beauty website unless prohibited by law.


Sally Beauty Supply is a specialty retailer that specializes in selling salon-grade hair, nail and beauty products to both retail consumers as well as licensed professional stylists. Sally offers its own exclusive-label product lines as well as third-party offerings from third parties; additionally it provides services like color treatments for hair styling treatments as well as haircuts and manicures at various stores located both domestically and internationally.

Sally Beauty first made its debut in 1964 in New Orleans, Louisiana under C. Ray Farber’s ownership, named for his daughter Sally. As its popularity spread nationwide and international expansion opportunities emerged during the 80s, Sally Beauty ventured overseas via Beauty Systems Group by purchasing Ogee Hair & Beauty Supply of Scotland as its parent company.

After purchasing Ogee, Sally Beauty began making strategic acquisitions in Europe and Japan, although expansion was slower than domestic. By the 1990s, Sally Beauty had over 400 locations within the US as well as a distribution center located in Jacksonville, Florida.

Sally Beauty flourished throughout the early 2000s in new and creative ways. It began focusing on both average consumers and licensed professionals for its customer base. Sally also started investing heavily in advertising; hiring a Texas-based marketing firm to develop an advertising campaign specifically for them.

As a result, Sally Beauty has continued its ascent within the industry and stands today as one of the premier providers of beauty supplies worldwide. Sally is particularly notable in America and boasts over 4,000 locations globally; additionally, their subsidiary Beauty Systems Group works to supply exclusive salon brands to licensees.

If you want to gain more information on Sally Beauty, visiting their website will provide all of the answers that you require. In particular, here you will be able to locate all the locations with directions and maps as well as addresses and phone numbers provided for each location.

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