Nordstrom Vendors

nordstrom vendors

Nordstrom Vendors

Nordstrom differs from other prominent retailers by employing buyers for each region or store to purchase products for each product category.

Infocon Systems has extensive experience assisting businesses to become Nordstrom EDI compliant, including helping them navigate the listing review process and automating business documents such as purchase order, advance shipping notice and invoice creation.

Getting Started

Are You Looking to Join Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack as a Supplier? Infocon Systems has all of the expertise and technology necessary for successful EDI with Nordstrom including helping through their testing phase.

TrueCommerce’s world-class EDI solution can help you establish a reliable and secure connection with Nordstrom. We manage the sending and receiving of all EDI documents such as purchase orders, advance shipping notices and invoices – our service meets all Nordstrom’s specific guidelines while being supported by their team of EDI experts.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows businesses to communicate more seamlessly by digitizing documents that would have otherwise been sent by post or courier service back and forth, eliminating mistakes while speeding up processes and saving administrative costs. Implementing EDI can even save businesses money through reduced administrative expenses.

As big retailers and suppliers know well, even minor mistakes can have costly repercussions. Miscommunication, incorrect shipments and other errors put customer relationships in jeopardy – with the aid of EDI these can all be avoided so businesses can focus their energy on satisfying customers instead. Reach out to Cin7 now to see how EDI can assist your business – request a demo now.

Inventory Management

Inventory management involves ensuring that an adequate stock of goods are in stock at all times to fulfill orders, which requires an accurate demand forecast and a robust inventory control system with replenishment strategies, order processing automation and organized storage capabilities. Negotiations with key suppliers must also occur so as to receive products at sufficient quantities at competitive pricing; investing time in developing strong relationships with them can pay huge dividends for your business by improving supply chain efficiency and overall financial performance.

Inventory management allows companies to maximize sales while minimizing holding costs for excess products, helping reduce risks such as out-of-stock messages that damage brand image and customer relationships. A well-managed inventory also reduces lead times while saving costs related to shipping, storage, warehousing, labor, third-party logistics (3PL) services and returns handling.

First and foremost in inventory management is keeping tabs on inventory data. This can be accomplished manually using spreadsheets or software as a service (SaaS)/enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions; either way, keeping an eye on raw materials all the way to finished goods helps ensure sufficient quantities are always on hand – from receiving goods from suppliers through delivery and customer sales.

Ecommerce brands can find managing inventory difficult due to fluctuating demands, economic shifts, seasonality and other influences that impact product demand. A successful inventory control strategy addresses these fluctuations by optimizing warehouse holding capacities while keeping costs low through effective demand forecasting and replenishment methods.

ABC analysis allows a company to classify its inventory according to factors like price, production stage and turnover speed. This process helps companies quickly determine which goods need to be ordered frequently, which ones take too long and which are least costly.

Inventory management also encompasses making sure products are situated in their correct places in a warehouse and store(s). A disorganized stockroom wastes time and reduces employee productivity, leading to decreased revenues and increasing storage fees, with adverse customer experiences likely.

Order Management

Order management refers to the process by which orders are fulfilled and shipped out from an online store, beginning from taking an order from customers through accepting them, verifying receipt, determining inventory stocking locations or production facilities capable of fulfilling them and shipping each one directly to customers’ doorsteps. A comprehensive order management system can help businesses meet customer satisfaction goals more easily than their competition.

An OMS can assist a business in eliminating bottlenecks that arise as it grows its sales channels, adds new products, and expands their customer base. A strong OMS will integrate all sale channel ordering, fulfillment, and shipping systems into one central online dashboard where orders are stored and processed; then route each order directly to its closest warehouse for fastest and cost-effective delivery; in addition to offering comprehensive analytics as well as “jeopardy” alerts so as to proactively detect orders that may miss their promise dates.

An OMS can also assist a business in managing seasonal orders based on customer purchasing history, helping safeguard against both overstocking and understocking which could have detrimental impacts on cash flow and profitability. Overstocking can result in idle inventory sitting on shelves for too long resulting in lost revenue and storage fees while understocking may delay customers receiving their products purchased from your store.

Nordstrom is one of the premier department store chains for fashion, beauty and home. They offer free shipping and returns as well as access to Nordstrom Rack (a discount version of their full-line stores), making their site user-friendly with wide array of brands easily navigable and an extensive size selection. Established in 1901 they are now nationally known fashion specialty retailer known for providing exceptional services and generous size ranges.

At 213 stores across the U.S., Kohl’s is the second-largest department store chain and offers an array of apparel, shoes, handbags, accessories and gifts.


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nordstrom vendors